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Vonage Review

By: Miroslav | Last updated May 4, 2019

  • Market leading company with an extensive network and powerful support
  • Plenty of contract deals which can save your company a lot of money
  • You can get a customized plan tailored for your needs
  • Some usually standard features are charged as extras with Vonage
  • Plan customization may look complex and requires a bit more time

Vonage is one of the leading providers by market share. It is primarily thanks to their extensive marketing campaigns. This provider seems to invest much in maintaining its market leadership through promotion, so every business is welcomed with promo plans.


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The freedom of customizability from Vonage appeals to resource-oriented businesses with a clearly defined telecommunications plan. Businesses can choose which extension will be unlimited, metered or virtual, also, every extension can get separate extra features. Seting up such a highly detailed network plan may require a bit more man-hours from your staff, but your company will soon be rewarded with great saves and full cost controls. Plenty of deals and promotions are what keeps Vonage afloat as a VoIP market leader. 

Since many features, such as call monitoring, call queues, call and paging groups are separately charged addons, you need to draft a precize plan for every phone in your company in order to see if you can handle the costs of Vonage or resort to another VoIP provider.

Service Overview

Entry level plans without any addons offer a great value for those with basic telephony needs. Setting up a network with this provider can be a bit more complicated for those unfamiliar with VoIP networks and their possibilities. However, you can rely on 24/7 tech support which is fully dedicated to their customers. The Vonage support team is one of the best rated among VoIP providers and is something this company pays much attention to.

Great voice quality is the reason why some small and medium enterprises still choose Vonage over some other, cheaper providers. Some of their competitors’ networks will require impeccable Internet connections for every extension, and these conditions simply can’t be met everywhere, so many businesses chose switching to Vonage once they realized other providers can’t perform well in areas where Internet connections aren’t perfect, rather than moving their premises elsewhere. Simply said, Vonage are not cheap for businesses that need a broad array of extra features, but the provider will reward with the quality of both service and support.

The service can be used with softphones and IP phones. The softphones are free and users can choose between the provider’s own desktop application for Windows PC or Mac computers and CounterPath X-Lite. Physical IP phones include Polycom, Yealink, Cisco and Panasonic devices. The cheapest IP phone available through Vonage is Yealink T21P-E2 at $50.


The list of Vonage features included in the basic plan is still large and sufficient for many businesses. Call attendant, caller ID/block, call waiting and call parking (leaving it on a “spot” so anyone else can pick it up), call block by list which can include area codes and numbers (a thing which is often charged as an extra).

Follow-me call forwarding sequence is another feature which might not be included in basic plans with other providers. There is also an ability to make custom hold music or messages. Virtual receptionist is only available with an Unlimited plan.

PBX level management features include Vonage Setup Portal (VSP) for account settings and configuring features, Admin Portal for managing all currently active features, busy lamp field showing which numbers of all in the network are currently in use.

The list of separately charged add-on features is long: call group, call monitoring, recording, call queues, conference bridge, paging and voicemail transcript-to email are some of the most notable features that can be added separately.


The management panel allows you to add or remove subscriptions, services and integrations whenever you need. Vonage’s integration suite enables Salesforce, Office 365, ConnectWise, JobDiva, Zoho CRM, G Suite, Clio practice management, Bullhorn and Microsoft Dynamics, as well as a custom web launcher.

Vonage MobileConnect is a powerful softphone app for Android and iOS devices. It allows auto syncing of all your contacts with devices and even switching ongoing calls from one device to another without interrupting them. Free instant messaging, presence and collaboration are also included.

Boasting a high level of user-defined customization, Vonage has a step-by-step signing up procedure resembling “wizards” used to install various software to computers. Vonage’s wizard has five steps:

  • Step 1: Choose your Main Company Number which may be a $10 local number or a $40 toll-free number.
  • Step 2: Choose additional extensions. $40 for unlimited extension, $15 for metered ($0.03/min in the US and Canada) or $15 for a virtual extension which ports an existing number to assigned employee’s mobile phone.
  • Step 3: Choose number add-ons: Here you pick local or international numbers, paperless or toll-free fax numbers to be added to your network.
  • Step 4: Select any needed add-ons and integrations. It includes all the aforementioned extras. At this step you also pick CRM and other business support service integrations you might need.
  •  Step 5: Choose phone devices. You can bring your own devices, order IP phones and equipment from Vonage or just download free softphones.

Vonage is praised by users for its outstanding voice quality. Thanks to one of the most extensive and evenly distributed server networks it maintains a persistent uptime with few outages locally. This company does not cite any of its clients and success stories.


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Resources for helping customers are kept on a separate website for support with step-by-step instructions, articles, help documentation, tips and tricks, as well as plenty of video tutorials, account management tools and system status check pages. Phone support is available 24/7.


Our editorial staff evaluates products and services independently, but Best Review Guide may earn money when you click on links. Learn more.