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OnSIP Review

By: Miroslav | Last updated May 4, 2019

  • Completely customizable plans where clients can only order things they’re going to use
  • Metered and unlimited plans at fair prices
  • Plenty of separately sold features and addons, that can be subscribed to and later canceled any time
  • This company doesn’t sell nor lease IP phones or other hardware directly
  • Number porting is charged no matter the plan 
  • No mobile app, though it does support third party softphone apps for calling

Some people simply don't want a fixed monthly fee which includes features and gimmicks that they will never use or never know of. They don't like contracts, long-term commitment, and want to be free from paying anything they don't use. OnSIP is one of just a few companies to offer a free plan where you pay only for minutes you spend or features you enable. Taking a month-long vacation and closing your business will mean you may not pay anything for the VoIP phone service.


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Telecommunication services offered by OnSIP appeal to small companies with a couple of employees and phone users, and also some large companies who want to have a full control of their resources. A great example would be a company whose business is project-oriented, and where partners, stakeholders, and freelance workers need to be engaged on a temporary basis. Frequent changes in network scope, capacity, complexity, and purpose is something for what this fully customizable service might be ideal.

OnSIP Service Overview

Businesses – mainly those small and medium which need just basic telephony service with just a couple of features and don't spend many minutes hanging on the phone will really like what OnSIP would offer to them. Their Free plan is like taking a tray in a fast food restaurant: just go to the counter, order just what you need, pay and bring it with yourself. Your bill will not include anything that you'd discard, being it local, national, and international calls, or inbound calls via a standard or a toll-free number.

Those who want to add some “spices” to their VoIP telephony network “meals” can put some A La Carte addons ranging from conference suites, call parking, music on hold, auto attendant and other stuff.

This all doesn't mean OnSIP doesn't care about those who prefer metered and unlimited plans. This provider offers these solutions, too, and some of the addons from the A La Carte lists may be already included in these plans.

OnSip Features

OnSip offers a full set of features, including even some exotic and uncommon elsewhere. This pertains to smart queue management system and busy lamp field. These features are not offered by most of their competitors, and those who offer them may be charging much more for it or bundle it with plenty of other features you would never even ask for.

Features that come included in every plan without additional payment, including even free plans, are business hour rules, intra-network calls, web phone app, Chrome browser extensions, Zendesk and Slack integrations, SIP domain hosting, web call links and up to 100 users.

Additional features which are charged separately and can be activated or canceled anytime include: auto attendant, hold music, voicemail to email, dial by name directory, call recording, conference suite, smart queue agent with or without a dashboard, busy lamp field, Salesforce InstaPhone, call parking, announcements and other.

Some of these A La Carte features are included only in metered or unlimited plans.

OnSIP’s software support consists of a free browser extension desktop app which allows you to make, receive and manage calls, adjust call preferences, presence and appearance. There is no mobile app from the provider. Mobile calling is still possible using any third-party softphone which can be configured for access to an OnSIP network. Theoretically, the desktop app can be used as a softphone on a tablet or perhaps a larger screen smartphone, though even then a fully responsive mobile softphone will be a better solution.

This provider does not sell nor lease any hardware. The service supports any IP phone, but OnSIP recommends certain devices from Polycom, Yealink, Grandstream, Cisco and Panasonic.

Once you sign up for an OnSIP network you will get a free 30-day trial of virtually all extra features. The completely free plan only allows internal network and other Internet calls.

Any paid plan, metered or unlimited, may be used only for networks with five or more users. Those who want something more advanced, be spared of this network size condition and save a considerable amount of money can opt for the Pay As You Go plan where the condition is to subscribe to $50 worth of A La Carte features, and will be rewarded with some extras, such as multiple auto attendants, ring groups, hold music channels and a call recording user. This plan enables access to the external telephony network.

The Metered plan, which goes for $9 per user monthly includes a dial group, auto attendant, hold music, announcement message option, dialing by name and voice to email box. Calling rate per minute is 2.9 cents, both inbound and outbound, 3.9 cents for toll-free inbound calls. Number setup costs $7, and maintaining it is $2 monthly.

Unlimited plan ($25 per user per month) allows free standard area calls and call recording along with other features included in the Metered plan.

OnSIP’s service is aimed at small and medium enterprises. This is why they boast no success stories with any large corporations. Those success stories on their website come from businesses from different fields, non-profits and schools which can serve as useful examples for any future prospects. OnSIP claims having served 70.000 organizations so far. Reviews of this provider on most rating websites are mainly favorable.


Phone: 1.800.801.3381

Social media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube


Tech support is available to all except for the Free plan users who are able to use free resources from the company's website. The rest of the subscribers can count on the live phone, email and instant messaging support, as well as a web-based ticket system. The US-based OnSIP Customer Success Team works in full capacity on business days, while during off-hours, weekends and holidays, you can count on the ticket system support engineers on duty. There are also live webinars held every week where subscribers can ask questions and get instant answers from the team members. Additionally, anyone can reach out this provider through Facebook and Twitter.


Our editorial staff evaluates products and services independently, but Best Review Guide may earn money when you click on links. Learn more.