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9.7 / 10


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  • High customizability, small businesses pay only for what they are going to use
  • Advanced management platform NextOS enables a plenty of settings and functionality for users and administrators from anywhere
  • Highly praised customer care


  • Setup may be a bit complicated if you’re looking for advanced features
  • Their plans may not be the cheapest on the market
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Nextiva’s business model is based on the simple fact that most small and medium businesses use IP based phones with the primary intention to save on phone bills, expressing little interest in advanced features. It, however, doesn’t mean this provider has limited capabilities. There are feature rich plans and addons, but what makes Nextiva distinctive is its focus on the actual needs of most businesses to only send and receive calls, and exchange text messages occasionally.



Those who want to pay only what they use are target customers of all Nextiva’s plans. It comes as one of the most flexible VoIP providers for businesses. If your small business needs just some basic features of a VoIP network, you may not get the best price, but you will pay for one of the most praised customer support teams and perhaps the best interface. Nextiva boasts seriousness in its business model – that means you will get the best from this service if you’re already familiar with VoIP solutions for businesses and know what you can get from them. Prices vary depending on the network size and contract length, and larger businesses who want feature-rich plans with a lot of user numbers will find one of the most valuable services with this provider. Nextiva has around ten servers across North America, assuring quality, reliability and backup.

Another thing small businesses need to know about is the lack of any metered plans, so those who don’t handle many calls would be advised to go with another provider. On the other hand, if you do receive an excessive amount of inbound calls, the advanced NextOS management system will allow you a plethora of call routing options. Overall, an ideal customer is a small or medium sized company which performs a lot of its everyday business via phone.

Nextiva requires the usage of hardware IP phones. These, along with conference phones and other equipment can be ordered from the provider. Alternatively, you can use whichever IP phone, even non-IP phones paired with ATA adapters.

Service Overview

If you have a specific call handling departments such as customer support or remote sales, Nextiva will be one of the best choices, thanks to its five call routing options with plenty of other advanced options.

  • Regular: Rings in a customized order once

  • Circular: Rings in a customized order until someone picks up

  • Uniform: Rings in an order they’ve been waiting to receive a call.

  • Simultaneous: rings at once everywhere.

  • Weighted: distributes all calls throughout a day evenly.

An auto attendant is available to all subscribers and setting it up is a breeze. The same way you can set up voicemail and fax.

Conferencing is also included: you can run multiple conference bridges at once, and every bridge can support up to 9 users, which can both be either your employees or anyone outside the company.

Call scheduling and call forwarding are included in every Nextiva plan. These features come with plenty of options, too. Call recording and voicemail-to-email are not available to all subscriptions. For call recording you will need an Enterprise plan, while transcribed voicemail will be emailed to users at $3 per user.

Upon signing up to Nextiva you need to secure hardware IP phones for all your users. Porting your existing numbers can take up to 4 weeks.


If you are an advanced user of business VoIP solutions or someone who requires plenty of settings and options, Nextiva is the right choice for you. The NextOS management platform is a fully web-based system which allows plenty of integrations and customization. The network can be administered anywhere, even from a smartphone or a tablet.

It utilizes the Tenfold platform to make plenty of CRM integrations. While other providers only support several CRM solutions, Nextiva NextOS powered by Tenfold can integrate a larger number of CRM services. There is a direct integration with ZenDesk and extension for Firefox, Outlook and Internet Explorer.

The mobile softphone app is available for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile devices, but it is not included in the entry level plan.


Base pricing depends on the number of users and length of the contract.

Office Pro is the entry plan which can be yours for $34.95 months (1-5 users), $29.95 for networks sized 5-19, $24.95 for networks with 20-99 users and $21.95 for any networks larger than that. Prices are per user. Those who sign a 36-month contract will get a $2 discount per user per month regardless the plan.

This plan includes unlimited calling, toll free number, audio voicemail to email, free unlimited facing, barging-in calls and all phone management features. Voicemail auto transcriber comes as an option for $2.95/Mo. per user.

Office Pro Plus is $3 pricier than any comparable Office Pro plan. It adds the softphone mobile app, conference bridge, team presence and a very useful feature allowing visitors of your website to call you directly to your Nextiva number.

Office Enterprise is the top-tier, full suite plan enabling users to connect their Nextiva number to any non-Nextiva phone and call recording. This plan adds $7 to a comparable Office Pro Plus plan.


Small businesses, at least those who want to pay for a top tier VoIP service are getting exactly what they need. Large businesses who need to connect tens or hundreds of phones will get it at a really affordable price. On its website Nextiva boasts success stories of small and large businesses, from health practices, through colleges to large insurance companies. Nextiva is an award-winning service: among them the Customer Service Leadership Award from Frost & Sullivan is the most notable one. Nextiva is based in Arizona and most their users are also located in the Southwest, though it doesn’t mean that the service is weaker elsewhere thanks to one of the largest server networks.


Phone: (800) 285-7995

Social media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube


As stated above, customer care department is the cornerstone of Nextiva as a company and their market strategy is based upon it. Tech support is based in the US and available 24/7. The website contains plenty of help documentation to familiarize users with the set up process and all aspects of the service in every day use. Nextiva’s support also includes email and Web based live chat.

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Our editorial staff evaluates products and services independently, but Best Review Guide may earn money when you click on links. Read our advertising disclosure.


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