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RingByName Review

By: Miroslav | Last updated April 17, 2017

  • Advanced call routing enables greeting callers by name
  • Simple and comprehensive pricing
  • A lot of affordable addons and promotions
  • Hardware phones included in the plan
  • Inexpensive international calling options
  • Base cost is a bit high
  • No call queues
  • Limited call management and call monitoring options

In the highly competitive market of business VoIP services some providers take extensive efforts to stand out from others. Originally a software company, RingByName brings a completely different perspective and approach to business phone networks. Why not use routing options to refer to the caller by name? Deliver an already built-in CRM rather than integrating a third-party one? The features that make this service different are actually useful, not just gimmicks made just to attract prospects.


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Today, we have a lot of look-a-like VoIP providers but RingByName succeeds in being different in a useful way. The specific features and approach to pricing may not be liked by many, but some businesses will really recognize their true telephony needs in some of RingByName plans and addons. For example, a newborn business which has yet to install any kind of phone system can quickly get this cloud-based service, without thinking about details such as which IP phones to buy or which CRM to implement – it all comes packed in the bundle.

RingByName is not quite cheap, but some of the addons will come at a really low price, so if you need a full set of features, the cost will be on par with competitor offers. Since they believe in market research, RingByName knows that many businesses looking for affordable telephony solutions serve only their own locale. For them, there is a really cheap LocalDial plan which is among the cheapest plans on the market to feature unlimited calling of any kind.

Those who came into conclusion that RingByName is not for them can rely on a 30-day money back guarantee. RingByName has a broad range of promotions at any given time, making the service not much more pricey than the top-tier plans of other providers. Currently, they will send free phones to anyone purchasing at least three phone lines through a two years contract. This company offers VTech Eristerminal IP phones and ErisStation conference phones. The service, however, supports any SIP phone you can have.

RingByName Features

RingByName’s offer consists of a base plan where the price per user depends on the network size. The plan may not be cheap but is comparable with higher tiers of some other providers. There are plenty of addons as well, and you can count on unlimited calls to anywhere in the US and Canada.

Whilst personalized greetings and an in-built CRM are a great advantage of RingByName when compared to others, there is a set of standard features normally present in most VoIP business solutions on the market: call screening, cloud PBX, virtual receptionist, business hours rules, call presence, hold music and many others. RingByBame will also distribute a missed call alert to all phones in the network, if you need, and turn this option on.

Text to Speech, Voicemail-to-email, free phones, and full analytics, which elsewhere are either extra addons or parts of top tier plans, here come already included.

Interface and Customizability

RingByName offers a Web platform with full management features and calling option, and a mobile app for iOS and Android which includes a softphone and plenty of advanced and management features and settings. For a desktop softphone, you can use third-party software, and the provider recommends CounterPath X-Lite free softphone.

This service’s integrated CRM is a great solution for anyone who wants to improve and better manage their productivity and customer care. However, if your company is already using Salesforce, Sugar CRM, Zoho, as well as Outlook, Google Contacts or Quickbook, you can seamlessly integrate anything of these with your RingByName network.

There are two standard solutions offered by RingByName. The price of the Standard, which includes all of the aforementioned features starts from $40 for 1-5 users, $35 for 6-10 users and $30 for networks sized 11-20 users. Prices are per user per month. For any networks larger than that your company can negotiate the price with the provider.

The LocalDial plan, which allows for unlimited calling within an area, costs around $15 per user monthly. It includes all other features of the Standard plan, except the nationwide free calling.

RingByName offers plenty of addons, most of which cost less than what other providers should charge. A toll-free number can be added for just $5, the same price tag goes for an extension. For $10 per user monthly, you can get free unlimited calls to 67 countries worldwide – which is perhaps the highest count of countries available for free calling among all major VoIP providers. Teleconferencing has flexible pricing which starts at $15 and unlimited faxing comes for $10 per line.

Currently, those who opt for a three-month prepayment for the service will get a lifetime 20% discount for the RingByName service.

Note that these offers are often advertised as promotions and may not be permanent, though some other promotions and discounts can appear with time. For all services, RingByName offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

RingByName claims their service is used by thousands of various organizations, including large and small businesses, healthcare, government, religious and other. RingByName does not boast the largest server network, but it is properly managed and they promise a 99% uptime. Unfortunately, there is no service-level agreement so users have to rely on the free 30-day money-back guarantee.

Phone: 855-345-7464

Social media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube


RingByName is one of the most versatile VoIP providers when it comes to availability and convenience of customer support. All users can count on 24/7 live web chat, web-based ticket system, email ticket system, physical mail reach, as well as 60 hours a week of phone support (Monday through Friday 9 am – 9 pm Eastern Standard Time). All means of tech support are available only to network administrators, so larger companies would invest in training administrators who would act as tech support for other staff in the client company and prompt the RingByName support only when they render needed.


Our editorial staff evaluates products and services independently, but Best Review Guide may earn money when you click on links. Learn more.