Advertising Disclosure

Best Review Guide Business Practices

Best Review Guide maintains a strict independence between the editorial process in which products/services are evaluated, ranked, and scored by Content staff, and the development of financial relationships by sales staff who have no involvement in the reviewing process or any influence over the resulting scores, reviews, and rankings. That same independence applies to products Best Review Guide evaluates that its e-commerce stores, such as Best Review Guide Marketplace, subsequently choose to sell directly to visitors to Best Review Guide’s own websites. Best Review Guide Marketplace or other Best Review Guide stores have no involvement in the process of selecting or evaluating the reviewed products. Vending arrangements are made only after the rankings are complete, and have no influence over the scores or rankings.

Financial Relationships and its owned and operated websites may have financial relationships with some of the merchants/vendors reviewed on the company’s websites. These relationships may include compensation to Best Review Guide or one of its websites when visitors click on links, located both within sponsored content and editorial content, to websites operated by the merchant/vendor and make a purchase on the merchant’s website. In addition, Best Review Guide may receive compensation when it shares with vendors information visitors have provided to us about their needs for a product or service, in order to allow the vendor the option to offer the visitor a quote for the product/service in question.