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Dialpad Review

By: Miroslav | Last updated April 17, 2017

  • Largely software-based user interface, the company doesn’t insist on using hardware IP phones, though you can use them if there is a need
  • Affordable and clear plans
  • Quick and easy configuration
  • Free 30-day trial
  • Voice quality may not be as good on devices connected through Wi-Fi
  • Lack of CRM integrations other than Salesforce
  • Live support availability depends on which plan you’re using, the cheapest plan doesn’t include phone support at all
  • No call monitoring features such as supervision or barging in

Dialpad emphasizes software-based solutions. The company believes this approach gives more flexibility to their customers and saves their money. Powerful software solutions enable plenty of collaboration tools. Dialpad's software is awesome for those who can't easily predict their communication needs in the near future.


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Dialpad is a completely "VoIP-as-a-service" oriented company. All the resources are kept in the cloud and accessed via software and Web apps for desktop and mobile devices. It's not needed to have IP phones, though you can order a SIP phone from the provider or use your own ones. Note that the use of these phones may not offer all the communication features the software solution does.

Service Overview

Relying on softphones is great for flexible companies, such as those who hire remote or temporary workers on tasks involving phone communication. And these workers will not have to get any IP phones. A good headset and a web camera are pretty enough to unleash the power of the software offered by this provider. The desktop and mobile apps don't have a quite softphone-ish look, those interfaces rather resemble Skype, indicating to any new user that it boasts strong multimedia capabilities, provided that your Internet connection works very well. If your Internet connection is not perfect the call quality will be affected and it is where Dialpad is behind many of its competitors. For any other issues, you will have to rely on a limited customer support. Those who opt for the cheapest plan will be suited with email support only. On the other side, the configuration is quite easy and setting up a network is a breeze when compared with some other companies in the industry.

Dialpad offers a free 30-day trial which is pretty enough time to try out all of its features as well as the readiness of your carrier network to make your calls clear.

Dialpad offers a broad array of features for relatively little money per user. All plans enable for unlimited calls within the US and Canada, and it can be as cheap as metered plans with some other providers. Call recording is also included in all plans, and it may partly suffice for a complete absence of call monitoring and supervision features such as listening to live calls, barging in or whispering to a side. There are no bandwidth limits for storing call records.

Among the other included features you can find the auto attendant, hold music, PSTN support, and complete call analytics. Of course, features which are normally free with most providers, such as a free company mainline, porting, toll-free number support and a handful of integrations are all included. Voicemail is there too and higher tier plans include voicemail transcript-to-email.

The software suite for this service includes a desktop app for Windows and MacOS, a Chrome browser extension, and a mobile app for iOS and Android. The whole service is designed as an all-inclusive communications platform. Instant messaging, SMS, MMS and Group MMS is what you can send and receive with mobile and desktop apps.

Audio and video calls are HD and it’s great you don’t need an expensive IP phone to experience that.


Since it is largely software-based and actually Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) VoIP provider, everything can be done directly from the web interface. You get almost all the service and call management features you can imagine: calls can be forwarded and routed within the network without limitations, and many adjustments are available. It can be done very quickly. Same goes for custom content such as auto attendant, hold music and greetings.

The service provides plenty of analytic tools for every user/extension.

Salesforce is the only CRM platform integrated with Dialpad, whilst other integrations include LinkedIn, Dialpad for G Suite and Dialpad for Office 365.


The Dialpad team is notable for creating the Google Voice. This provider's key staff and developers still cooperate with Google on some projects related to voice communication and cloud. Dialpad itself mentions "35.000 companies which killed the desk phone with Dialpad" and some of the major companies mentioned on their website as customers are Motorola Solutions, Uber, The Financial Times, Quora, Netflix, Reddit and several other, mainly technology giants.

Dialpad offers a choice among three plans. A great news is that the most important features are included in every plan, whilst the pricier two offer only features which elsewhere come as extras or simply don’t exist.

  • Standard plan ($15, billed monthly or annually). Includes all of the aforementioned features, though support is limited to email and resources from the website.
  • Pro plan ($25, billed annually) adds call queuing, Salesforce CRM integrations, the support for a greater number of departments and offices, support for international offices, Polycom SIP phone support and auto department recording. Tech support for this plan besides email offers 24-hour phone support Monday-Friday and live chat.
  • Enterprise ($35) is a rare example of a real turnkey VoIP service, which is set up and configured for the users. There are no department and office limitations, and live phone support is 24/7 plus account management. Service-level agreement and admin API drew the attention of some Fortune500 companies and tech giants.

All prices are per user per month. Contracts start with a free 1-month trial, so you can test everything and even familiarize with the service even before you start paying for it.


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One of the major downwards of this service is tech support accessibility limitation which depends on the chosen plan. However, for more versed users web-based documentation and email support might be enough. The solutions from this provider appear to be a bit geared towards tech companies with people able to figure out and get along with feature-rich interfaces quickly.

Mid-tier plan support is equal to standard tech support offered by the competition. The top tier plan support is industry-leading and includes dedicated support staff familiar with your company with all its VoIP-related circumstances and issues. These staff members can be considered as external parts of the client company teams.


Our editorial staff evaluates products and services independently, but Best Review Guide may earn money when you click on links. Learn more.