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8x8 Review

By: Miroslav | Last updated July 10, 2019

  • Great flexibility of options, highly customizable plans
  • Does not require IP phones nor any other additional hardware besides computers and headsets
  • Very user-friendly software interface on desktop and mobile
  • Virtual call center solution: the entire infrastructure is put on the cloud
  • Very intolerant with lags and high ping, so for a proper operation and clear calls your Internet connections have to be impeccable
  • No abroad mobile calling included in any plan Free calls to landlines abroad include no more than 40 countries
  • All-inclusive plans might be more expensive than comparable offers from competitors

8x8 is a major cloud-based VoIP solution which emphasizes customizability through a wide range of plans and add-ons. Customers are encouraged to build their own communication plans with appropriate pricing for every service, but owing to that, many features other providers normally include in their plans only come here as separately charged extras.


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Some companies are strictly taking care of their resources: they just want to pay for things they will actually use. That's the core principle and purpose of 8x8. Every customer is encouraged to order a tailored VoIP business solution to perfectly match their business needs. That means – no excess costs for plans which include plenty of features and gimmicks you will never use. 8X8 is ideal for anyone able to draft a precise telecommunications plan of their company.

The tech support team of 8x8 is the key component of this VoIP provider. They know tailoring a customized plan requires more time from clients and are eager to assist in creating an adequate subscription.

Service Overview

8x8 is not the only cloud-based VoIP provider, but it might be only to put every aspect of a VoIP network on the cloud. It means you can set up a Virtual Contact Center service, inbound or outbound. A unique solution - the virtual call center service with 8x8 does not require buying and installing any additional hardware, nor purchasing software licenses. It is fully executed on the cloud and the monthly service fee is your only cost. Call center agents can be based anywhere, even home, and you do not have to buy them anything, all they need to do is to log in to a web-based application, wear a headset and start working.

The main solution from this provider is Business Phone System (BPS). It is a standard VoIP network for businesses of any size and structure. Features included with every subscription include: call auto attendant, conference bridge, hold music, auto attendant, softphone, presence detection and unlimited calling within the US, Canada and several European countries if an Unlimited plan is chosen. Call and system management is also based on the cloud, allowing the master users to create and manage ring groups and hunt groups for optimal distribution of inbound calls among agents and voicemail-to-email notifications.

The Business Phone System (BPS) and Virtual Contact Center solutions from 8x8 along with CRM integrations are available as a bundled service called Unified Communications.


A mobile app featuring softphone and some managerial features is available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The company recommends using the 4G connection or Wi-Fi wherever available, rather than 3G. Developers of the 8x8 system used all capabilities of the cloud to bring some novel features such as call parking - an inbound call can be parked in the cloud so any other employee can pick it up instead of you. Not to mention call transfers which can be warm (announced to the target agent before transferring) or cold (transferring without a prior notice).

For all the services you will only need computers and headsets for making calls. However, if you prefer hardware solutions you can purchase Polycom, Cisco and Yealink IP phones, conference phones and accessories directly from the provider or use any other hardware listed on the Compatible Equipment Matrix page on their website.

For those needing a solution with a long list of supported integrations, 8x8 is one of the best choices. Salesforce, Salesforce Desk, Microsoft services (Outlook, Office365, Skype), Zendesk, SugarCRM and NetSuite support makes 8x8 one of the most compatible CRM telephony solutions.

However, to make the solution ideal for you, it is needed to have a high quality of Internet connection. 8X8 calls will be working very fine if the line is stable and there is no lag. Otherwise, your call will encounter noise and possible disconnection. Direct fiber connection for desktops and 4G for mobile devices is recommended.

The 8x8 Business Phone System is available through two plans – Virtual Office and Virtual Office Pro. The extras of the latter include call recording, video web conferencing and Internet faxing. There are also tree tiers of outbound calling plans: metered, Unlimited Domestic and Unlimited Global extensions. Note that the Unlimited Global will just allow for free-of-charge calls to landlines in some 40 countries, mainly in Europe and East Asia. For calling any other country you will be charged standard international call rates. Mobile and special number calls to anywhere in the world is also charged additionally.

Since there is no need to use hardware IP phones, signing up for the service and putting it to work is a breeze. Everything is configured through The Web, including even some hardware options. You will need to download free Virtual Office Desktop suite to access all features of an 8x8 subscription.

The main goal of 8x8 is offering customers exactly what they need regardless the facts about the organization. Aon, NetSuite, and Shimano are some of their notable users. 8X8 is also the choice of an array of small and medium enterprises as well as government and nonprofit organizations. Case studies for restaurant chains, dental practices, airports and school districts as users of this provider are available on the website.


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Being highly customizable, 8x8 relies much on appropriate tech support. The support section of the website contains plenty of documentation to help you familiarize with any aspect of 8x8 solutions. If you struggle with finding right answers, log in to your account and contact tech support directly from the Web or call the support directly from your extension. Additionally, there is a community-based help group of 8x8 Experts, advanced users of the service who are eager to assist other users of this service through live chat. Also, you or your employees can also become Expert Users one day, for which you would receive discounts and other rewards from the provider.


Our editorial staff evaluates products and services independently, but Best Review Guide may earn money when you click on links. Learn more.