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MobileHelp Classic medical alert systems base station help buttons pendants

9.6 / 10


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  • 2 help buttons included
  • Free medication alerts
  • The pendants are waterproof
  • Good response times
  • LCD screen that displays the time/date and temperature


  • Not the most impressive pendant range or battery life (for the backup battery)
  • Fall detection button is an extra $10/month
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MobileHelp offers several medical alert services, for home and on the go. The MobileHelp Classic uses cellular connection and works anywhere there is AT&T coverage. In addition to the base station, the system includes 2 help buttons, which are waterproof and have a range of 600m. Response times are really good and the system is extremely easy to install and use.



MobileHelp is a reputable company and has an A+ rating with the BBB. All its equipment is FDA-compliant and the company offers several medical alert services. MobileHelp boasts on answering calls for help every 4.3 minutes and they claim their services are suited for people from 19 to 110 years old.

MobileHelp has 4 products to choose from: the MobileHelp Duo, the MobileHelp Classic (which is the one we are going to detail for you), MobileHelp Solo and the MobileHelp Smart (wearable).

MobileHelp Duo is their most complex product, as it offers protection both at home and on the go.

MobileHelp Classic is suited for home use and it is a cellular system with AT&T coverage.

MobileHelp Solo is tailored for people on the go and works through cellular and GPS tracking.

MobileHelp Smart is their fourth product and it is basically a smartwatch which uses 4G cellular networks and GPS tracking.

The MobileHelp Classic comes with 4 payment plans to choose from: an annual plan, a semi-annual plan, a quarterly plan and the monthly plan. You can check their prices under our “Pricing” section below.

Each plan comes with some common benefits such as free activation, free help button and free ground shipping (except for the monthly plan, which doesn’t include the free ground shipping; the monthly plan compensates through its free medication reminders).

Design and features

The MobileHelp Classic consists of a large base station and 2 help buttons which you can either wear on your wrist or around your neck.

The base station has the following dimensions (H X W X D): 3 x 7 x 6 inches. It comes with an LCD display (2.2 in. /width and 0.75 in/height).

The base station features 2 large buttons: an Emergency button (backlit red) and a Reset button (backlit blue). There is also a small Test button below them.

On the LCD screen you can see the time and date, the room temperature, the cellular signal and a battery level, because the system also has a backup battery. The backup battery lasts for up to 30 hours in case of any power outages. On the bottom of the LCD display you also have touch based controls for the volume of the speaker.

The range of the MobileHelp Classic is 600 feet, which is not impressive. The help buttons are waterproof so you can wear them with you in the shower, pool, etc. The MobileHelp Classic works anywhere there is AT&T coverage.

If you also want a fall detection button, you have to pay $10/month.

One useful bonus feature of the MobileHelp Classic is the free medication reminder, which is included with this product. You have to do the scheduling online first and then you’ll receive alerts directly on your base station.

The MobileHelp Connect suite allows you to administrate your online account. You can do it both from a browser or using their app, which is compatible with iOS and Android devices. You also get free e-mail/text messages with system status alerts, you can check your events history and more.

The installation process in basically inexistent. You just plug in the base and turn it on and wait for a few seconds for the system to become ready for use.

When it comes to MobileHelp’s response times, they are really good, with an average of under 40 seconds to be connected to one of their reps.

MobileHelp Classic is a good option for home use and the fact that you don’t need a landline and you can use the system anywhere there’s AT&T coverage is a plus for this service. Their prices are also decent and they include some useful features and freebies with each of their plan. The MobileHelp Classic doesn’t have the best range or the most impressive backup battery life, but MobileHelp compensates through great response times.


MobileHelp offers 4 products to choose from: MobileHelp Duo, MobileHelp Classic, MobileHelp Solo and MobileHelp Smart.

MobileHelp Duo costs $41.95/month.

MobileHelp Classic is $29.95/month.

MobileHelp Solo is $37.95/month.

The MobileHelp Smart is $349.95 for the watch and an additional $24.95/month for monitoring.

The MobileHelp Classic has 4 payment plans to choose from: Annual ($324.40/year), Semi-annual ($159.70/6 months), Quarterly Plan ($83.85/3 months) and Monthly ($29.95/month).


Phone: 877-827-6207

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Our editorial staff evaluates products and services independently, but Best Review Guide may earn money when you click on links. Read our advertising disclosure.


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