TOP Digital photo frames

Carver Digital Picture Frame Product Image

Carver Digital Picture Frame

  • Maximum user convenience with its mobile application
  • Has a smart digital assistant that can smartly crop and enhance photos
  • Has a minimalist architecture-inspired design
  • Very high quality of materials used for optimal look and feel
  • Can be controlled using a phone, voice-command, or through a touch bar
  • Its storage is fully digital and does not require an SD card

The Carver is Aura’s premier digital photo frame which comes with the best image display quality at its 1920x1200 resolution displayed in a 10.1-inch screen. The feeling and appearance of the Carver frame are by far the nicest that we have seen in any digital picture frame. The frame offers very large cloud storage that does not require additional fees to be used and files can be submitted by anyone that has the app on their smartphones. The user-friendly unit can easily be controlled using a voice, a touch bar, or through the phone.



Aura Digital Picture frame - Mason  Product Image

Aura Digital Picture frame - Mason

  • Very High quality of finish on the frame. Sleek and simple with a beautiful finish.
  • Display on the frame changes when moving the frame from length to width display.
  • Has IOS and Android apps that are easy to use and can send images directly from phone to display via home networks.
  • Automatic brightness detection for the perfect lighting no matter the rooms brightness.
  • Amazing resolution on the screen provides crystal clear photos. Even better than real life pictures.

The Aura Mason digital picture frame provides a great product and user experiance. The frame has a very high quality finish and the images are vibrant and clear in any situation. This picture frame really has everything you need to keep your digital memories around any room in your house. Easy to use and setup with the ability to send pre loaded for giving as a gift Aura has really thought of everything in this amazing frame.



Aluratek 10

Aluratek 10" WiFi

  • WiFi Connectivity
  • 8GB internal memory, USB port and SD card slot
  • Supports photos, audio and video
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Great display quality

The Aluratek 10 inch with touchscreen is in the same lineup with the big competitors on the digital photo frames market. It has WiFi connectivity, supports photo, video and audio, has a great, high-quality display and it is user-friendly. It is not cheap, but not the most expensive frame either.



Nixplay Seed 10  Product Image

Nixplay Seed 10

  • WiFi connectivity
  • User-friendly app
  • Slim design
  • Motion sensor
  • Available in 5 colors

The Nixplay Seed is a smart, WiFi digital photo frame, with a user-friendly interface and a useful mobile app. It connects to all your social media platforms, it has a HD resolution and can be customized and configured in various ways.



Nixplay Edge 8 Product Image

Nixplay Edge 8

  • WiFi connectivity
  • Good picture quality
  • Free 10GB of cloud storage included
  • It can play videos
  • External memory support: USB port and SD/SDHC card slot

Nixplay Edge is a WiFi digital frame with video capabilities and a user-friendly interface. While it may be a bit pricey ($145) for an 8 inch photo frame, it is smart, easy to use and has a lot of useful features.



Nixplay Iris Product Image

Nixplay Iris

  • Attractive design
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Built-in WiFi
  • Good sensors (activity and light)
  • Simple interface
  • Infra-red remote control included

The Nixplay Iris is an 8-inch frame with a traditional design but smart features. It comes in 3 colors, it has WiFi, an Android and iOS compatible app and an HD resolution. One drawback to it is the fact that it doesn’t support videos.



Nix Advance 10 inch (Widescreen) Product Image

Nix Advance 10 inch (Widescreen)

  • User friendly
  • Video playback
  • Headphones input
  • Also works as a clock and calendar
  • Motion sensor

The Nixplay Advance 10 inch is a simple, user-friendly digital frame. It doesn’t have a lot of fancy smart features, but it does have the essentials: it can play videos, it has a motion sensor and a clock and calendar. If you’re looking for something that can connect to the Internet or your mobile devices, this isn’t the digital frame for you. If, however, you just want a picture frame with a generous display, simple settings and a great image quality, you can’t go wrong with the Nix Advance.



PhotoSpring 10-inch  Product Image

PhotoSpring 10-inch

  • WiFi
  • Built-in rechargeable battery (battery life up to 4 hours)
  • HD resolution
  • Can also play videos
  • App compatible with iOS and Android

The PhotoSpring is a WiFi digital frame with a 10” display and HD resolution. It is easy portable thanks to its built-in rechargeable battery which lasts up to 4 hours on a single charge.


Very Good

iHoment Product Image


  • WiFi
  • Video call capabilities
  • Several storage options
  • Light sensor
  • Voice command
  • Quality display

The iHoment 10” frame is a very smart and complex gadget, packed with useful functions. It has WiFi, built-in camera, microphones and speakers, video call capabilities, voice command and several storage options (cloud, internal, SD Card, USB).


Very Good

Tenker 7-inch  Product Image

Tenker 7-inch

  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to use
  • Calendar and clock functions
  • Music and video playback

The Tenker 7-inch digital photo frame is a low-budget product. It doesn’t look premium, it doesn’t perform like a premium frame and it doesn’t have WiFi, Bluetooth or even internal storage. But it is affordable, it has a decent image quality and also comes with music and video capabilities.


Very Good

Pix-Star FotoConnect XD 10.4 Product Image

Pix-Star FotoConnect XD 10.4

  • WiFi connectivity
  • Internal memory, USB stick and SD/SDHC card slot
  • Extremely complex; has an impressive number of features
  • The app allows you to control up to 25 digital photo frames from the same account

The Pix-Star FotoConnect 10.4 is one of the most versatile and complex digital photo frames you can buy. It has a large and high-quality display and it’s loaded with an impressive number of features: it supports all image formats, audio and video playback. It has WiFi, it can show you the weather, allow you to set reminders and even play games or listen to online radio.


Very Good

Aura Digital Frame  Product Image

Aura Digital Frame

  • Premium, slim, elegant design
  • The highest resolution we’ve seen in a digital frame so far
  • Incredible picture quality
  • Loaded with smart features
  • Unlimited storage
  • Light & motion sensors
  • Nudity filter

The Aura 9.7” digital photo frame is the most elegant and attractive frame we’ve seen so far. It is so beautiful that it even looks good by itself, with no photos displayed on it. Everything about it is premium, from the design and finish to features and capabilities. It comes with WiFi connectivity, unlimited storage, plenty of filters, sensors and smart features. The only drawback of this gadget is its steep price.


Very Good

Last updated June 15, 2021

All About Digital Photo Frames
Digital Photo Frames

The days of delivering rolls and rolls of film to the store are long gone. We’ve gone digital in almost every aspect of our life and the way we create and keep visual memories makes no exception.

Old analogic cameras have been replaced by DSLRs or even our smartphones, which are packed with better and better cameras with every new model. Immortalizing a special moment is as easy as taking your phone out of your pocket and taking a snap. We no longer rely on paper and traditional photo albums to keep our photos. We now use the cloud and the digital memory of our devices.

There are a lot of benefits in using digital photo frames: as we already mentioned, you don’t need to use paper photos anymore, which saves both your money in the long run and the environment, you don’t need several photo frames all over your house for each and every photo, because you can display all your photos in one digital frame and you can personalize the way your images are displayed (use specific photos for specific occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries and so on).

What are digital photo frames, really?

Digital photo frames are an upgrade to the traditional photo frames, only much versatile and smarter. They consist of an LCD or OLED screen encased in a frame and they display your photos (or even videos) ‘computerless’, meaning they don’t need a laptop/computer or a printer. The frame that surrounds the screen can be made of different materials: metal, plastic, wood or sometimes glass.

Digital photo frames come in a variety of styles, types and sizes. In terms of how they load your photos, they can either have WiFi connectivity and display your photos directly from your cloud or they have an internal memory to store the pics, a USB port or SD card slot. Also, most photo frames come with Bluetooth connectivity as well. The most popular brands that make such gadgets are Pixal, NIX, Aluratek, Sony, Micca, Philips, Kodak, Ceiva, Polaroid, GiiNii and more.

Sizes, types and features

Digital picture frames (also called digital media frames) come in various sizes. They can be so small that they can be hanged on your key chain or they can be almost as large as your living room wall. However, most common sizes found on the market resemble traditional photo frames in size: they range from 7 to even 20 inches.

You can set them up according to your preferences, in a landscape or a portrait orientation. They either need to be plugged into an AC outlet or they have internal rechargeable batteries, which makes them portable.

They have internal memory of up to 4GB, 8GB or even more and they also come with card slots so you can extend that storage space.

Resolution differs from frame to frame. The most common displays are 800 x 600, 1024 x 768, 1024 x 600, 1920 x 1080 (full HD), especially for larger frames.

The aspect ratio of digital photo frames (the relationship between the height and weight of a photo) can vary, too. The most common ones are 4:3 (standard) and 16:9 (widescreen). As a reference, you should know that most smartphones have a 4:3 aspect ratio, while most professional cameras (DSLR included), a 16:9 one.


Digital photo frames include different features, depending on the model and price. They usually display the photos in a slideshow or manually. They can be programmed how and when to change the images. Some of them can even play videos.

Most of them come with Bluetooth connectivity and some with WiFi, which allows you to display on them images directly from your Instagram, Facebook account and so on.

Some photo frames come with a remote that lets you control the digital frame from the distance, others have physical buttons. You can also control them using the touchscreen display.

Another useful feature found in many digital picture frames is a motion sensor that makes the frame turn on and display the photos only when somebody enters the room.

And yet another feature is that of adding audio files to your slideshows, so that as the images change, there will also be music playing in the background.

When it comes to cost, digital photo frames start from under $20 and can go as high as a few hundred dollars.

Digital Photo Frames - What to Look For
Digital Photo Frames

The market is flooded with models of digital picture frames, from unknown to popular brands, from cheap to expensive, from smaller to larger sized and so on. It is kind of difficult to choose between hundreds of available products, especially if you don’t know what to look for.

Here are some factors to take in consideration when shopping for a digital picture frame:

Price. As you’ve already guessed it, it all starts with your budget. Do your math and see how much you can afford and are willing to spend and don’t go below that budget. You can easily be tempted to buy a digital frame that costs only $15, but don’t expect to get the most durable and high quality one for such an amount. Picture frames go from less than $20 up to a few hundreds of bucks. Make sure you fall at least somewhere in the middle, if you want to be able to enjoy your photo frame.

Specifications. All digital photo frames have their own specifications, such as screen size & resolution, compatibility, format, internal memory and external capacity (through the SD card or USB), aspect ratio, materials and color of the frame (aluminum, plastic, wood), connectivity, power source. While size and color is a subjective aspect and it is a matter of preferences, when it comes to screen resolution, materials and connectivity, there are more complex and premium options, and more basic ones, or ‘entry-level’ frames. If you are just planning to buy a digital photo frame as a gift for your grandparents for instance, there’s no need to confuse them and complicate their existence with smart functions. You can just go for a simple frame with an USB port or card slot and load all the pictures there. High resolution might also not be such a priority in this scenario. But perhaps you want a picture frame for you and your family, which has a crisp resolution and also WiFi connectivity so that you can send your Instagram or Facebook images straight into the digital frame. As a general recommendation, try not to buy anything with a lower resolution than 800 x 600. As for materials, plastic is of course lighter but cheaper and not as resistant as say aluminum frames. Wood frames convey a more stylish and ‘new meets old’ look. Browse through several models and see which one you like better. When it comes to aspect ratio, the most common ones are 4:3 (found especially in low-end cameras, such those in smartphones) and 16:9 (in top-end cameras such as DSLRs). You have to choose a picture frame that is suited to your camera. Otherwise you may end up with images that don’t fit your display and have empty, black spaces on both sides or your pics will be cropped against your wish. Also, don’t forget to check the supported image formats and make sure the frame supports the most common formats such as jpg, png, bmp and if you want audio and video playback capability, avi, mpeg, mp3, wmv. In terms of power source, you can go for a frame that only works when plugged in, others with rechargeable batteries. And last but not least, check the compatibility of the frame: some of them may only be compatible with Windows or just with Mac computers, others with both.

Features. If you read the Introduction to digital photo frames, you already know a thing or two about the most common features in digital picture frames. Depending on how much you want to spend and what matters most to you, you can enjoy some of the following benefits:

  • Bluetooth, WiFi and cellular connectivity
  • The ability to play videos and music in addition to images
  • Built-in accelerometer so that images will be displayed both in landscape and portrait mode, not just one
  • Activity/motion sensors to only turn the frame on when there’s activity in the room
  • Facial recognition and pet recognition: this feature automatically creates photo collections with your pet based on facial recognition or with people who appear the most in your pictures
  • Remote control
  • Built-in editing software that allows you to edit your photos
  • The ability to print the photos directly from the digital photo frame