Carver Digital Picture Frame Review

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Carver Charcol Digital Picture Frame
Charcoal Carver frame beside the bed
Carver Charcoal frame on table
White digital picture frame from Aura Frames Carver model on a desk
White Carver digital frame on table
Picture of the back of white digital picture frame Carver Model
Carver White Digital Picture frame

9.9 / 10


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  • Maximum user convenience with its mobile application
  • Has a smart digital assistant that can smartly crop and enhance photos
  • Has a minimalist architecture-inspired design
  • Very high quality of materials used for optimal look and feel
  • Can be controlled using a phone, voice-command, or through a touch bar
  • Its storage is fully digital and does not require an SD card


  • Friendlier for landscape photos
  • Requires Internet Connection
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The Carver is Aura’s premier digital photo frame which comes with the best image display quality at its 1920x1200 resolution displayed in a 10.1-inch screen. The feeling and appearance of the Carver frame are by far the nicest that we have seen in any digital picture frame. The frame offers very large cloud storage that does not require additional fees to be used and files can be submitted by anyone that has the app on their smartphones. The user-friendly unit can easily be controlled using a voice, a touch bar, or through the phone.



Nowadays, physical photos and a large number of heavy albums are no longer practical for most homes given how cumbersome they can be to transport, organize, and take care of the photos. Luckily Aura digital photo frames have the solution to these issues with their newest release, the Carver digital picture frame. This piece of hardware, and its easy-to-use software, enable anyone to add photos to the album that is displayed without sacrificing the ambiance of your household. With its vivid display, everyone can easily see the pictures as they go through the album you upload, coupled with its high-quality finish that looks right at home in any environment.

Aura Digital Frames – Carver


The Carver digital frame is their premier choice made for those who like a minimalist architecture-inspired frame that is packed with a smart digital assistant and with limitless storage.


As mentioned, the main design inspiration for Carver is minimalist architecture. This can be seen with its geometric backing which has crisp and clean lines that make it easily blend in with any living room. It has a sturdy base that supports its slim body which makes it easy to carry around. The unit comes with a five-feet long power cord that makes it easy to reach any outlet inside any room. It also comes with a light sensor that automatically dims or brightens the screen depending on how bright a room is which makes it good to display for any rooms.

The frame comes in two colors: charcoal and white chalk, both at the same price. These colors are either partially black or white which allows it to fully blend in with minimalist color schemes and helps the images it displays to fully stand out. The color on the frame is something that just seems to blend in any environment, which goes a long way in adding a new piece of technology to your house without having it stand out of place and be an eyesore.

As soon as you turn on the photo frame the first thing you will notice is its high-resolution display that boasts an impressive 10.1-inch screen with 1920x1200 resolution. This makes it perfect for displaying landscape photos that can bring out the best details of a picture, from the slightest strands of hair, notable color contrasts, and more. The unit uses a smart digital assistant that can bring out the best features of an image no matter the gadget used for taking it.

Setting it up

The Carver is very easy to set up. Upon opening, its box comes with the following:

The digital frame unit

Power cord

Instruction manual

Quick start flyer

Upon opening the box, users are guided with the quick start flyer that has instructions for opening the unit and storing images inside it. Most users can easily understand the set-up process which makes the unit friendly even for the elders. It has a manual that comes in multiple languages including English, German, Spanish, and French.

The unit is a good choice for a present because of its gift mode. This allows the gifter to store images that can instantly be linked to the digital frame’s storage. This receiver can then receive the images for display upon opening the frame and connecting it to a Wi-Fi network. This makes it easier to be used for elder users and for those unfamiliar with the use of cloud storage and a surprise for people that are setting up the frame for the first time. It is like a scrapbook, which would usually take days to put together, for the person getting the present as they will turn the frame on and instantly get all the photos that have been pre-loaded.

Users will also be delighted to know about the frame’s intelligent photo curation software. This makes it easy for the frame to display multiple portrait-mode photos side-by-side. It is positioned and cropped to fit properly within the frame to allow two photos to be displayed at the same time.


One of the best parts about the Carver is its storage. Unlike most digital photo frames, the Carver does not require a microSD card for its storage which is usually not optimal for older users. This photo frame can display photos coming from a smartphone app. The application also comes with a photo enhancer that makes photo quality better once displayed in the frame.

In addition to not needing an SD card, the smartphone application allows multiple users to easily add photos from anywhere for it to display. They simply need to download the app and add photos through their phones. Through this, an unlimited number of family and friends can contribute to the Aura digital frame. In case the frame is gifted to older members who are not that familiar with technology, users can easily send photos to their family members if they want. Users can upload photos any time they want without the need to remove an SD card and go through the hassle of copying and pasting photos.

Lastly, the best part about their storage is that they do not require their users to pay for additional subscription fees. Because the storage uses cloud storage, some may think that they will need to pay for additional space or for a longer subscription. Aura promises its users that it will not charge for any add-ons and for any subscription fees.

This allows users to store thousands of photos for the digital photo frame at once without worrying about additional payments. Aside from this, the cloud storage they offer is secure and fully private for allowed users.


The Aura Carver can be manually controlled using a touch bar at its top side. From here, users can navigate through their images. They can also like certain images. Liked images will be compiled into a single album which can then be shown as a separate slideshow.

In case the unit is stored somewhere high or if the user simply too far from it, they can simply control it through their mobile application. Through here, users can browse through their images. They can also add any images instantly. Users can also remove certain images and adjust settings. This makes it easy to turn your phone into a remote control.

True to its goal of being displayable for any room, the frame comes with a feature that allows its users to schedule when it should start displaying pictures and when it should turn off to conserve energy. As stated earlier, it also has a light sensor that can automatically dim or brighten its screen depending on a room’s brightness.

The frame is compatible with both Android and iPhone. For the iPhone, it can only be used by devices with iOS 11 or later versions. For Android phones, it can only be used by those with Android 5.0 or later versions.

Another huge leap on the user side of technology is that the unit can be controlled using voice commands. Although this is available when linked with Amazons Alexa product. This allows users to control the frame no matter where they are inside a room and really adds to the ability of users to put the frame where they want, not only what works with the electrical outlets in their house.


Aura Carver was built to be a premier choice for those who would like the best quality for their photos along with a minimalist architecture-inspired design.

Unfortunately, there was a drawback that we did find in that there is no physical storage within the frame. This is a drawback because photos cannot be loaded for people without access to wifi. This is the only drawback that we were able to find in the frame as everything else was even better than their previous frames which is impressive to say the least.

Lastly, the Carver digital photo frame is priced at $189 on Amazon which puts it at the higher end of prices compared to other photo frames. Although a bit higher priced than other frames, the price is justified due to the high- quality of the product. The pictures look great in any light level, the software makes it easy to add and curate the pictures, and the look and feel of the frame itself are on a completely different level than any other picture frame we have reviewed.


The Aura Carver is an excellent digital photo frame that is recommended for all users.

It has an excellent display with its 1920x1200 photo resolution that displays high-quality photos that are digitally enhanced by its application which made giving this frame the #1 spot an easy choice. While others have tried to make a nice looking frame, and have forgotten about the primary reason of having this frame, Aura has excelled in not only making the frame look nice but ensured that the picture quality matched the appearance of the frame.

Its unlimited cloud storage allows maximum user convenience to continually upload and edit the photos in their account. This is a great aspect for those giving the frame to less tech-savvy users so they can upload images from wherever they are and never need to hassle with sd cards.

Lastly, the frame’s minimalist architecture-inspired design makes it an attractive photo frame that can easily blend in with any home. The choice of frame colors not only looks great in any home but also adds to the images as the colors complement photos. Their deep color tones are easy to see as the depth of paint color really sets this frame apart.

Overall the Carver has improved on the previous frames that Aura has released and easily grabs the #1 spot in our reviews. Without a doubt, this pairing of sleek elegance of the physical frame, and the high- quality of images displayed would make the perfect addition to anyone’s house as well as the perfect present for anyone.



$149.99 on both their website and


Phone: (646) 630-7237

Email: [email protected]

Social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest


The Aura Help Center is very comprehensive. You can browse through different sections such as installation, ‘how-to’ info, tips and tricks, troubleshooting and information on warranty and their return policy.

There is even a ‘Top Questions’ section on their website with answers to questions such as ‘how do I turn on the frame’, ‘how do I add photos’, ‘how do sensors work’ and many more. Moreover, you can also watch their helpful videos.

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Our editorial staff evaluates products and services independently, but Best Review Guide may earn money when you click on links. Read our advertising disclosure.


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