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eFax Review

By: Matt | Last updated June 1, 2017

  • All-inclusive mobile app
  • Digital Signature and HIPAA Compliance included
  • 24/7 phone support
  • MS Office integration
  • Low value per included page
  • Setup fees
  • High overage cost
  • Messenger suite not compatible with Mac computers

There is a high competition among online faxing services so it’s no wonder there are premium, top-notch services which include almost everything a fax provider can offer, and charge for that service accordingly. When a company’s faxing needs to be impeccable, without compromises regarding prices, eFax might be a good choice.


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The eFax approach to online faxing is simple: they charge a bit more but no customer should be left dissatisfied at all. It pertains to both service reliability and feature versatility. People who can budget eFax won’t regret anything, as besides pricing there is too little that can be remarked.

Overall, the whole conception is very simple: there are only two plans for small/medium enterprises and home users. The interface is also straightforward and doesn’t require much time to familiarize with the service. For cover pages, there is a free template library in the web app.

A subscription can be started with a 30-day free trial, where you can enjoy all features and test the usability of the service. Alternatively, subscriptions can begin with a very limited Free plan, that only allows for receiving up to 20 pages, after which the users will be prompted to upgrade to any paid plan should they continue using eFax. This opportunity is only good to make sure your eFax pages will go through when corresponding with some of your most important contacts.

There is no possibility to send a fax to multiple users, but inbound faxes will be sent to a pool of up to five email addresses. Sending is possible from the Web app and email. A great perk is an included online file sharing service, where up to 20 users can access fairly large files, sized up to 3 Gb, which are too large to be emailed.


With eFax, every user gets a free number which can be located in 48 US states and Washington DC. It can also be a toll-free number: 800, 866, 877, 888. International numbers are available in 45 countries other than the US. The list includes all EU and EEA member states, India, the Philippines, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand and others.

Fax numbers can be chosen online in the beginning of the registration process. Whichever number you choose, it will be able to receive faxes from all users never giving a busy signal. As with most other providers, you also port any of your existing numbers to eFax.


eFax gains a lot of pride in their mobile app. It allows access to virtually everything the service offers. It does even support adding or creating digital signatures which can be added by taking a photo of it from a camera or even simpler: swiping on the touchscreen. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

This service brings you an extension for Microsoft Word that lets you send all doc. and docx. decuments as fax without switching among running programs. The extension is free and significantly speeds up most mass faxing operations. Efax is one of few online faxing providers which offers an API opportunity letting customers create custom integrations and tools.

Four ways to send fax exist with eFax: through the Web service, from the mobile app, and from email. The fourth is the aforementioned MS Word extension. Speaking of supported file types, this is one of the leading services, as up to 200 file types are supported: MS Office filetypes, PDF, HTML, plain text and image files, there is support for CAD drawings, CSV, EPS, IFF, TIFF, image files like JPEG, PNG, BMP or GIF, as well as files used in less common office software such as OpenDocument and StarOffice. Efax even has its own file format which brings a greater level of security.


Since the security and confidence of fax messaging is the major concern and, today when we have email – the major reason for fax, premium provider like eFax gets to offer the highest level of security.

Every eFax subscriber, regardless of the chosen plan and product, gets free unlimited and lifetime cloud archiving for all inbound and outbound fax messages exchanged through it.


In the markets of most goods and services there are luxury, “boutique” providers and brands which strive to excel in every aspect of the industry, but the offer gets a hefty price tag. If you are looking for an absolute premium provider in online faxing, and want to pay for an impeccable service, you should consider eFax.

The pricing structure of eFax is extremely simple. There are two product tiers: small business one and corporate. Remember that the “corporate” notion doesn’t mean that only large or publicly traded companies have access to it, virtually any organization with more than 10 employees qualifies for it.

As plenty of features are already included in the small business plans, the eFax Corporate only offers additional regulatory and interface benefits, industry-defined faxing products for healthcare, law, accounting, retail, education, transport and real estate businesses and institutions and custom pricing.

Small business product tier consists of just two plan options:

  • eFax Plus: 150 outbound and 150 inbound pages included for $17. There is a $10 one-time setup fee.
  • Efax Pro: 200 outbound and 200 inbound pages included for $20. The one-time setup fee is also $20.

The pages in overage cost $0.10. Beyond this, there are no additional costs, being visible or hidden.


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The last, but not the latest, eFax justifies its pricing when it comes to support features and capabilities. It normally runs a 24/7 including phone support which is based in the US for North American customers, the UK and Ireland for European and other international customers. Other than that users can count on live chat, email and Facebook support.

The knowledge base is found on the Resources section of eFax Corporate website. All the video tutorials, webinars, whitepapers, data sheets, case studies and podcasts are available to virtually everyone who visits the website.


Our editorial staff evaluates products and services independently, but Best Review Guide may earn money when you click on links. Learn more.