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10.0 / 10


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  • Follows an eco-friendly manufacturing process
  • Uses organic and safe materials for adhesives and finishing
  • Comes in multiple muted and minimalist colors
  • Has a vintage and minimalist design
  • Can be tufted and added with a guard rail 
  • Its height can be adjusted
  • Can be converted into a toddler bed


  • More expensive compared to other brands


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Romina’s Uptown Crib is an excellent choice for all homes because of its durability, its design, and its features. The product is a favorite by many because of its abundant color choices and the aesthetic of the Uptown product series. Users can attach a toddler rail to the unit for additional protection along with tuft. Boasting eco-friendly materials and production process, the unit is also a good choice for environmentally conscious buyers. Lastly, the product is free from any toxic chemicals in its finishing and adhesives which makes it safe to use for all.




When it comes to premier furniture supplied with eco-friendly materials and production, Romina is the best choice for you. This is because the company especially takes pride in its high-quality materials and products that follow eco-friendly standards. The company was launched back in 2008 and has since produced countless wooden furniture that are favorites among many. With them, users can expect all of the wood to be made from beech. They do not use any MDF, rubberwood, or veneers for their products. A special highlight with their products is the ease of using them, with drawers having smooth gliding and tufted sides for cribs. Their products are created in Europe.

The Romina Uptown crib is a premier furniture made with the best materials. It is included in the Uptown collection of Romina which was designed with the aesthetics of the 1950’s which have lately seen a revival. This is mainly because of the rise of minimalism in architecture nowadays which favor clean lines and the materials that were popular back in that era. Most customers will be delighted with the Romina Uptown Crib because of its simplicity and how it easily blends in with any modern home interior. Even with this classic design in mind, it still has modern touches that makes its components viable for today’s needs.


Pricing varies depending on the specific Uptown crib that is purchased.


The crib has the dimensions of 1360mm width and a height of 915 mm. The crib is designed to allow users to convert it into a toddler bed. They can also put a toddler rail on its side which is purchased separately. The mattress can be converted into 3 height settings. The sides can be tufted as to provide maximum comfort for the baby, all of which are made organically as to prevent any chemical allergic reactions. These are designed with symmetrical sides as to make it easily fit any room. The spaces between the wooden grills of the crib are large enough for the parents and the baby to peak through. Its colors range from dove, solid white, navy, bianco satinito, oil grey, vintage gray, and washed gray

Upon testing, we found the crib to be designed minimally which is why it is easy to display in any nurseries. The color options were also muted and were not distracting to the eye while staying true to its aesthetic. The crib was of optimal size for ensuring that the baby will not accidentally fall while standing while also easy to reach from. The wood used for the unit was very durable and enough to last at least two generations of babies in the family. It can also be designed with a tufted panel where users can have 4 options for the fabric.

The crib is currently certified by GREENGUARD because of its low volatile emission rate which can help lessen the harms of the environment made in the manufacturing of the product. This also ensures that your child will not be exposed to toxins and harmful chemicals with the crib.

If you have the budget for Romina, there is no question that you should purchase the product. The main highlight of the Uptown Crib is its durability and the quality of the wood used for it which ensures that it can be used for more than one generation. Aside from this, its modern and minimalist design mixed with the aesthetics of the 1950’s makes it an easy fit for almost all homes. The abundant color designs are also a good thing to consider. Lastly, the eco-friendly procedure of creating the product, the all-natural materials used for creating it, and the assurance of non-toxicity makes it one of the best options in the market currently.


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Our editorial staff evaluates products and services independently, but Best Review Guide may earn money when you click on links. Read our advertising disclosure.


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