AMKE Baby Bassinet Review

Mitch By: Mitch | Last updated May 25, 2021

AMKE baby bassinet
AMKE with adjustable slope
AMKE height levels
AKME bassinet with built in wheels
Open mesh design

8.0 / 10


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  • High quality aluminim  design
  • Mesh design allows air to move freely
  • Adjustable slope prevents issues with accidnets
  • Built in wheels are a must have


  • Some customers have advised the limit is 20lbs not stated 33
  • Some parents have had issues with the zippers and their placement
  • No wood trim
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The AMKE Baby Bassinet is a straightforward unit that users can immediately be comfortable with given its grey design. The product is made from cotton, with railings and handles made from aluminum which ensures both comfort and safety for the baby. Being a bassinet, it can fit almost any room of the house. This is also made possible by its simple and muted colors.

The bassinet can be converted into three modes. First is the default mode of a stable baby crib that can be used while the baby sleeps on one side of the room. Next is as a baby bedside sleeper. The unit can be attached to the side of the bed securely. This is seen as safer than putting the baby directly beside the parent. Last is a baby bassinet which can be pushed gently in different rooms with the use of its wheels. 




With the product, users are ensured of its security. First, it follows the regulation requirement set by the Consumer Product Safety Administration (CPSC) and American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). This means that their product can be relied on for the safety of the baby because of the good materials used for creating along with its manufacturing process. This ensures that the product is free from any toxic chemicals that may be harmful for the air inside the nursery which irritates the breathing of both the baby and the parent.

To ensure this, the product’s hard parts are made from premium aviation aluminum which is known to be especially sturdy and secure. Upon testing, the unit did not violently shake when kicked which shows solid craftsmanship. 

The sides of the bassinet also use a breathable yet secure mesh. This can also be easily removed and attached again in case you need to put it beside your bed. 


The first feature of the crib is its cradle mode. In its regular standing mode, the sturdy legs allow parents to gently rock the crib. With its sturdy aluminum, users do not need to worry about very active babies falling as their safety is ensured.

The baby bassinet also has an adjustable design. With its use of “scientific six gear adjustment”, users can change the levels of the bassinet. It can be changed from 12.7 up to 19.5 inches which make it match any height of the parent. This can be done easily by simply removing the locks by its sides and returning them again. Once locked, it will be in place very securely to ensure that the baby will be safe inside the unit.

When we tested the bedside sleeper mode, we were not disappointed with the components provided by the product. It can be easily tightened to the body of an average queen-sized bed which is one of the most common beds among couples. It also stayed securely in place which is especially handy for parents who move a lot while they sleep. 

One of the best parts about the bassinet is its easy disassembly and assembly process. Within a minute, both of this can be done because of the intuitive designs of each of its parts. For this, users do not need any tools. This makes it easy to do even if outside the house. The durable parts of the unit also fit perfectly into each of its parts and stay securely which makes it very easy to assemble.

The unit can also be stored in a travel bag that makes it easier to put inside cars.

As mentioned, its sides can be removed in case you want to attach it to your bed. This also makes it possible to use it as a sofa or a day bed once the baby grows up. 


The bassinet has a very comfortable mattress made with high-quality materials that can be seen in its sponge, fabric, and more. It is also easy to remove and return whenever it needs to be washed.

The bassinet also comes with a storage at its bottom where parents can easily store essentials such as diapers and baby bottles for quick reach.


Right now this bassinet is on sale for $209.99, which in all honesty is a bit expensive for what it is. This is partially why the ranking of this product is lower than expected based on the amazon reviews.


Baby bassinets are preferred by some parents instead of cribs because of their softer materials and their smaller sizes. These come in multiple forms including wheeled ones, stationary ones, and those that can be gently cradled. When purchasing one, parents must take into consideration factors such as safety, materials, and the price of the unit to make it a worthwhile investment. Although only used in their earlier years, a bassinet contributes a lot to the development of the baby as they will be spending most of their time inside it. AMKE’s Baby Bassinet is a popular choice for many.


AMKE is a general merchandise company who also provides baby necessities such as bassinets, toys, and mattress. They also offer clothes and bags. Although not among the popular baby brands, they have consistently high ratings in Amazon that are not lower than 4 stars for most of their baby products. Most customers praise their products’ reliability, safety, and high-quality. Their baby bassinet is among their products that is consistently praised by their customers.

AMKE Baby Bassinet is a recommended product because of its high-quality. First, its safety is ensured with its aluminum support along with its good safety locks. Next, the comfort level of the crib is also reliable because of the materials of the mattress along with its bedside mode that makes it easier for parents to catch some sleep in the earlier months of taking care of the baby. The design of the baby that is primarily brown along with wood patterns makes it easy to pair with any design of the house. It also makes it light to the eyes. Overall, the product is a pretty good piece of equipment, but does fall below the competitors as far as long term value for true baby cribs. Perhaps this is unfair, as it is a bassinet, but we looked at the top rating products from the entire category.


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Our editorial staff evaluates products and services independently, but Best Review Guide may earn money when you click on links. Read our advertising disclosure.


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