Delta Emery 4-in-1 Convertible Crib Review

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8.4 / 10


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  • Mid-priced unit of Delta
  • Small size and convertibility
  • Simple and sleek design
  • GREENGUARD Certification
  • A good value 


  • It is just not as nicely finished as the other cribs 
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The Delta’s Emery Mini Convertible Crib does not disappoint in any aspect. It has a very safe design that comes with a convertibility that makes it a worthwhile purchase. Its designs are all simple yet elegant at the same time. For a mid-priced crib, users can use it for more than 10 years because of the quality of its wood and construction which makes it a worthwhile purchase which makes it very recommendable if you are looking for a product at its price range. If users want more convertibility and features for a higher price, though, they may be interested in Delta’s other products including Bentley and Abby. 



The Emery is the mid-tier choice of Delta. Being a mini-crib, the unit is designed for those living in studio apartments or those who want to put the unit in their bedrooms who only have small spaces. With the dimensions of 38 x 24 x 2.75 inches, it is small enough to fit almost any room. It also provides adequate mattress space for the baby to be comfortable while they sleep.


Before purchasing the baby crib, parents should take note that even if it is a convertible crib, it is only convertible to a single other version which is a headboard of a twin size bed. For this, users need to purchase an additional bed frame and parts from their shop. This is contrary to the usual convertible crib deal which includes a daybed and toddler sofa convertibility. 

Still, the unit is still reliable for those looking for a unit that can be used for up to ten years or more and those who want to get the most out of their money. This is because of the quality of the woodwork and it's easy convertibility with its intuitively built parts.


The main inspiration of the crib seems to be from an industrial and ergonomic perspective. The slats offer adequate space for ventilation to easily enter. Parents can also have a good view of their baby at the sides. It has arched panels at its side to avoid accidents from bumping and the likes.

The crib has an adjustable height setting available for up to two levels.  This can accommodate the height of the parent and also adjust once the baby starts standing or crawling inside the unit. The height setting can easily be adjusted by the user, with the mattress being firmly in its place once locked. 

The crib comes in three colors. First is the grey design that gives it a better industrial look because of its metallic hue. Next is the elegant and simple Bianca White. The last color choice is the Dark Chocolate that will be a favorite for those who want a color that can easily blend in with any room and will be resistant from stains. 

The crib is great against scratches and bumps because of its high-quality of paint and dyes. 


Among most factors, safety should always be the priority of parents. Contrary to popular belief, just because a baby is in a crib does not mean that they are safe. This is because of the disturbingly high rates of baby deaths brought by asphyxiation because of having too much pillows in their crib or having a mattress that accommodates the shape of their head. 

Delta Children’s Emory scores high in safeness. First, the mattress provides good firmness and quality to ensure the best comfort while still being safe to use. Next, even if it is a mini crib, the mattress gives adequate space for the breathing of the baby. However, parents need to ensure that there will be no big plushies or pillows inside it just to be secure. 

They are also certified by JPMA or the Juvenile Products Manufacturer’s Association. They also comply with the standards of CPSC and ASTM.

Environmental friendliness

Another great factor to consider is how environmentally friendly the crib is. As furniture companies are  a big part of the carbon footprint of humans in the world, it is important to consider investing for those who are actively reducing their emissions. Aside from this, having an environmentally-friendly way of doing business ensures that the materials they use for the cribs will be free from toxic chemicals. This means that the dyes, the paints, and adhesives will be safe to be inhaled by the baby and the parents that will be frequently visiting near it. Included in the chemicals that should be avoided are VOCs, chemical flame retardants, and the likes. 

Delta Cribs are known to be made from New Zealand Pine which is renewable and very sturdy at the same time. 

Delta is also GREENGUARD Gold Certified. This certification is only given for products that are geared towards children. To be given this, companies need to undergo thorough inspection and testing for the safety of their products, the chemicals used, along with the environmental impacts of their products. Delta has a high score for all of these aspects which make them very safe to use.



$169.99 is the general cost of the crib, and we have not seen it go on sale for a while. It provides a good value for its price so I wouldn't expect huge discounts to be seen. 


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Our editorial staff evaluates products and services independently, but Best Review Guide may earn money when you click on links. Read our advertising disclosure.


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