Dream On Me Bellport 4 in 1 Convertible Mini/Portable Crib I Mini Baby Crib Review

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Front view of Bellport crib
Convertible crib as a bed
Front view of Bellport crib in nursery
Front facing Bellport crib in room

8.2 / 10


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  • Well built with New Zealand wood 
  • Minimilist design 
  • Eco Friendly


  • Some customers reported a chemical smell that lingered
  • Some people have said the mattress provided is too thin
  • Being a mini crib it might be too small
  • Must purchase rails for usage in twin bed mode
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As babies spend most of the day inside their cribs, purchasing this should be thoroughly planned by the parents. This is to ensure that they will receive the best sleeping experience every night, with their comfort and safety always a priority. For this, users simply need to consult different review websites and expand their choices before purchasing one. Out of all aspects to consider though, the price, the quality of the materials, and the safety of the baby crib should always be prioritized over others. 

Dream On Me’s Bellport is a very recommendable product for all parents. Being a mini crib, it has just the perfect size to fit in most rooms while still allowing a lot of space for the baby. The eco-friendly construction of the crib makes it even better as more and more parents become conscious of the potential harm that may come from purchasing non-certified cribs from the market. Lastly, the quality of the product along with its convertibility makes it a good investment for long-term usage.



Dream On Me is a New Jersey baby product company that is trusted and recommended by a lot of parents across the United States. Founded back in 1988, they have continued to produce high-quality baby products such as baby cribs, changing stations, and mattresses that are known for its comfort levels, sturdiness, and more. They are available in most baby boutiques and online stores. For them, the most important factors to prioritize are quality and safety which can be seen with their products. One of their highlight products is the 4-in-1 convertible Bellport.


Bellport is a mini baby crib that is convertible to 4 versions. It can initially be bought as a mini crib which a growing baby can use. It can then be converted into a daybed or a baby sofa where they can rest during the day. Finally, it can be turned into a twin-size bed. The last version is made possible by purchasing a separate rail from the same shop. This convertibility makes them a top choice for many who are looking for an all-around investment that can last long for their child. 


Since it is a mini crib, it can fit in most spaces such as small nurseries or even the bedroom in case you always want to keep it close to you. With the dimensions of 40L, 25W, 33H in inches, the unit can fit almost any room. 

The unit sports a minimalist-inspired design that favors straight and clean lines, with edges smoothed to avoid any accidents. This can be seen with the straight design of the slats where air can easily enter while still providing enough coverage to avoid the baby from having any dangling limbs. Because of its design, parents will not have a hard time with pairing it to any room of the house. 

Users have four options for the colors including light seafoam green, pebble grey, safari green, and white. Staying true to its minimalist inspiration, these colors are mostly muted and sleek, making them easy to the eyes and free from any annoying designs.


One of the most important qualities to remember is the quality of the wood, its durability, and the likes. 

First, the baby crib uses New Zealand pinewood which is durable for up to 10 or 15 years and can even last longer than this depending on the production quality. The baby crib was very sturdy and solid even when kicked and rattled which makes it very advisable for babies who may be prone to tantrums and active movement at night. 

The crib is advertised to be a long-term buy which is justified by its reliable sturdiness and quality. 


One of the factors about baby cribs that is often forgotten by most buyers is its eco-friendliness. This pertains to the materials used for making it along with the manufacturing process. With Dream On Me, users are ensured of its eco-friendliness because of their GREENGUARD Certification.

GREENGUARD Certification

GREENGUARD is an organization that awards companies who have passed rigorous testing which measures the amount of chemical emission released in their factories along with the toxic content of their products. With this certification, Dream On me is certified to be free from harmful chemicals such as VOCs, flame retardants, and such. This ensures that the air quality inside the nursery will be free from any toxic materials and also ensures that the baby will not suffer from any respiratory or development issues because of their products. The eco-friendliness of Dream On Me can be seen with the wood, the adhesives, their dyes, and their paint, with the latter two being water-based. 


The crib is certified to be in accordance with the CPSC and ASTM standards, with 50 pounds as its maximum weight limit. 


While smaller than the average crib, the unit offers a roomy interior by making the most of its bed frame, allowing the mattress to take most of its space. 

The baby crib comes with a 1-inch mattress. The mattress height can then be changed to up to 3 positions to accommodate the baby as they grow up and to make it easier for parents who have a short height to easily lay or pick their baby up. Adjusting the mattress is also very easy to do.

Converting the crib

As mentioned, the crib can be converted into a daybed and into a twin bed. Converting it into a daybed was very easy. This can be done by removing the slats by its side, allowing more space for tumblers who want to take a nap or to simply rest on it. 

To convert it into a twin bed, users need to purchase a twin-size rail along with a full mattress for this. Although this may take more work, it is also very doable because of the intuitive design of the separate components when purchased. 


The crib stays pretty steady at the $149.99 price point which seems to be pretty common with convertible cribs. 


Overall this bed was well reviewed by staff as well as the users who bought it on Amazon. There were some complaints as listed in the Cons section above but the overall consensus was that it was a good crib. Due to the mattress being a weak point it does rate lower than similiar cribs that came with better mattresses. 



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Our editorial staff evaluates products and services independently, but Best Review Guide may earn money when you click on links. Read our advertising disclosure.


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