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Lotus Travel Crib with travel case
Lotus Travel crib comes with a side zipper that is easy to use.
Lotus Travel Crib Backpack Carry Case
Lotus Travel cribs dimensions
Lotus Travel Crib setup
Lotus Travel Crib Non Toxic certification
Lotus Travel Crib with side meshing

8.6 / 10


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  • High-quality materials that are lightweight and safe
  • GREENGUARD certified
  • Easy to carry around in airports



  • Need to buy a separate baby mattress
  • More of a secondary crib than an everyday crib


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The Guava Family Lotus Travel crib is a lightweight high-quality travel crib made for airport and travelling.  Setting up and dissembling it is also easy because of its intuitively built parts. Overall it is a good crib with a nice structure that is easily taken apart for a baby and parents on the go. As good as it is as a travel crib it should be viewed as this, and not as a crib to use for everyday/ everynight. 



Guava Family

Guava Family is a company known for their travel friendly baby products. Their company’s mission is to provide innovative features for baby cribs to make it stand out in the market. Included in their popular products are the Lotus Crib, Bassinet Conversion, and Roam Crossover Strollers. They take safety as one of their main priorities, ensuring that the highest quality of materials and third-party safety compliance will be ensured for their products. They receive good feedback and reviews from satisfied customers and are consistent with the quality of their products based on their ratings. 

Guava Family Lotus Travel Crib

The Lotus Travel Crib is a simple crib that mixes high-quality meshes with durable plastic for its lightweight quality. The crib has received a lot of good reviews that praise its ease in being carried around for trips in comparison to similar products. Most of its innovations can be seen with the safety of the attachment of the cribs to the aluminum support that makes it sturdy and light at the same time. Upon first opening the unit, users will immediately notice that the materials have a high quality based on its texture.

Using the crib

A common complaint about travel cribs is how hard it is to assemble. Because of the abundance of lightweight parts that come with it, users may have a hard time in attaching piece by piece. Fortunately, the Lotus Crib is one of the easiest travel cribs to set up. Users simply need to open the space for the mattress and then extend the aluminum legs which will then make the top rail click into place. Lastly, they only need to place the mattress. This will be secured using Velcro attached to the base of the crib. This ensures that it will not separate from the frame no matter how active the baby is while sleeping. 

The parts of the crib are also built intuitively to make it easier to remember to assemble. Each part fit into its place perfectly and firmly. We particularly liked the Velcro parts of the mattress that were easy to attach and which made the mattress very firm in its place.

Travelling with the crib

The main highlight of using the crib is how easy it is to be carried around. Its parts are all lightweight but solid which makes it easy to dissemble too. For this, users simply need to unfasten the mattress, pull the levers for the frames, and then fold the mattress and close it with a clip. Setting up and folding it takes only about 2-4 minutes at most which makes it very convenient to carry around. The crib can then be carried like a backpack after being completely folded. It can also be carried like a large handbag. 

The best part about the crib was that it was easy to carry around in the airport. Because of its light weight and its bag appearance, it can easily blend in with your other luggage which means less fees to pay. It is also easy to walk around with the crib. 

The crib has a measurement of 46 x 32 inches which is just perfect for both travelling around and for the baby’s sleep. 


Given that it may be used for outdoor travel and outdoor playing, the grey and black color motif of the product was perfect. It also adds a modern and sleek feeling to the unit. This image is further promoted by the high-quality of the materials used for building it that made it good to the touch. The black bag where the crib can be stored also has a good design. 

The crib has a zipper door on its side that makes it easy to interact with the baby or to fit them inside for them to sleep without having to arch your back too much. 


The Lotus’ cover is made from mesh which makes it very breathable yet secure at the same time. This extends from the bottom of the mattress up to all the sides. This also gives easy visibility for the parents. In most climates, the crib will give adequate heat for the baby. The construction of the aluminum parts is high-quality which makes it secure against moderate blows of wind and accidental bumping. The Velcro was also capable of securing the mattress into place. 

Last but not the least is that the product is GREENGUARD Certified. This means that the materials used for making it are free from toxic chemicals such as flame retardants, PVC, phthalates, and the likes. After all, the presence of these may cause respiratory issues for the baby and even the parents who come near it. 

Is it recommended for you?

The Guava Family Lotus Crib is definitely recommended for those looking for a travel crib that is both safe and convenient to carry around. Made with high-quality yet lightweight materials, it is easy to assemble and disassemble. It is GREENGUARD certified and made with strong Velcro and mesh which makes it very safe to use.


This crib goes on sale on Amazon once in a while. We found it to be at $209 right now, with a regular price of $249.99 .


Overall this crib is a great accessory crib, as in it is amazing to have when you are travelling away from home; however we can't suggest getting this as your primary crib as it just wouldn't work for everyday use.

When looking at it solely as a travel crib, you can see that it is very well made and easy to set up and takedown. Combined with their safety certifications we suggest this crib as the best travel crib option.




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Our editorial staff evaluates products and services independently, but Best Review Guide may earn money when you click on links. Read our advertising disclosure.


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