Delta Lancaster Convertible Crib Review

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Different setup options for the crib
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Delta certifications

8.7 / 10


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  • Ability to change as your child grows
  • Good quality materials should last for a childhood or two
  • Sturdy feel
  • Mid tier pricing is in line with quality of crib
  • Eco friendly certifications


  • Less finish options than other cribs
  • Does not have the same quality of finish/carpentry as higher tier cribs
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The Delta Lancaster Convertible Crib is a nice piece of furniture that would look right at home in any household. It is well built on a sturdy base and can grow along with your child. It can start as a crib, to a full sized child bed, and finally to a foldable sofa bed. With these options it can continue to provide value as your baby grows, and does a good job at it. Although the crib is well built and not ugly by any means it just doesn't compare to the beauty we see in our top picks. Albeit that the price is a fraction of the top choice, it really comes down to what you value. For a crib this is a great product, but if money is no option our top pick is for you.




When choosing a baby crib, it is best to be especially picky with certain factors such as safety, comfort levels, and design. This is because the best sleeping quality should be ensured for the baby for them to have proper development in their early years. When looking for a baby crib, some may even prefer the convertible ones which make purchasing these units a good investment. Convertible cribs are those that can be transformed into a daybed, a toddler bed, and more which makes the unit usable for more years after being used as a baby crib.


Delta is a known baby company that has been around for 50 years now. They have developed a lot of parent-recommended products that stand out because of its high-quality and reliability. Besides baby cribs, they also sell strollers, wagons, and other baby products. They have a good reputation, constantly earning high review grades on Amazon. Customers usually praise their products’ durability, eco-friendliness, and sleek designs that make it a good fit for any home. Among their products, the Delta Lancaster is one of the most popular for many parents. 

Delta Lancaster Convertible Crib

The Delta Lancaster is one of their convertible cribs. It is different from the others with its soft and rounded edges mixed with the simple lines for its slats that give it a clean and comfortable look. Its soft white paint makes it very sophisticated and sleek. It is also easy to pair with modern minimalist designs that many house interiors follow today. Users can also pair most fabrics with the unit. It also comes in two other colors namely Grey and Dark Chocolate. 

The crib is part of the Lancaster Nursery Set which also has a nightstand, a changing table, a rocking chair, and more.


One of the selling points of Lancaster is its convertibility. When purchased, it can initially be used as a baby crib for the first months of the baby. Next, it can be used as a toddler bed that has only half of its slats by the sides. Next, it can also be daybed once one of the slats is completely removed. Finally, it can be converted into a full bed when used with additionally purchased items.

The mattress height can also be changed for it to become more comfortable for your baby. This also makes it easier to pick up or lay your baby down in case the parent is one the shorter side in terms of height. This can be done easily and safely.

The baby crib comes with assembly instructions that guides users through the process of converting it. It also comes with its own baby mattress that is safe for the skin of the baby.


Delta takes pride in their use of Radiata pine which is an industry-standard material for baby cribs. It is made from 100% wood which ensures the quality and safety of the unit. This also makes it possible for its components to last longer in case it will be converted in the future. Upon testing, the crib is also very durable and resistant from shaking and scratches. We expect the unit to last at least 10 years or more because of its good materials. 


Delta has a GREENGUARD Gold Certification which is only given to companies that produce products safe for children. GREENGUARD is an organization that checks the carbon emission quality of producing the products along with the chemicals used for creating it. For Delta, they have checked the adhesives, the wood, the paint, and the dye to see any signs of harmful chemicals such as VOCs and flame retardants. This is because the mentioned products can be carcinogenic or harmful for the breathing of the baby. With the Gold Certification, users are ensured that the product is free from these.

Aside from this, the crib is also given certifications by JPMA, CPSC, and ASTM which ensures that it can be safely used by children. These certifications were given after strict compliance testing and analysis. 


Being a baby crib, the safety of the unit should always be prioritized. With Delta Lancaster, users are ensured of a very good durability and safety design. Even when kicked or violently shaken, the unit barely makes a response. This means that the baby’s safety inside the unit is ensured even if they are particularly active at night or if the unit is accidentally kicked. 


The main pro of the unit is its convertibility that makes it a good purchase in the long run. This makes it still usable even if the child outgrows the baby crib. This convertibility and long-lasting quality are only made possible by the materials of the crib. As mentioned above, the unit can last for years and can accommodate a child as they grow up.


So far, most customers will be satisfied with the baby crib’s quality. This can even be seen with the 5-star rating of the product in Amazon where a lot of compliments are given by the customers. The only problem that some would find is the limited color options of the furniture which can be mainly explained by its minimalist design. Apart from this, everything else is recommendable with the product.

Is it recommended?

Delta Lancaster is a very recommendable crib for all parents. Its convertibility allows it to last for up to ten years and more which makes it usable for the child as they grow up. The materials of the crib are certified to be eco-friendly which makes it safe to use for both the baby and the parents. These are also guaranteed to last long because of its high-quality. The countless features of the baby crib also extend the convenience for the parents.


We have seen this crib in the $310-$330 usd price range on Amazon.


Sturdily built crib that should last your babies childhood. Delta is a well known brand with a good track record of making dependable products.



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Our editorial staff evaluates products and services independently, but Best Review Guide may earn money when you click on links. Read our advertising disclosure.


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