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bullguard internet security
bullguard internet security screenshot
bullguard internet security screenshot
bullguard internet security screenshot
bullguard internet security screenshot

9.8 / 10


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  • Many great features with the basic suite
  • Secures up to 3 devices
  • Cross-platform security
  • Has online backup
  • Great price


  • No Virtual keyboard
  • No Password manager feature
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BullGuard Internet Security suite is a top of the line package of fast and efficient software. It got excellent results on the AV-Test evaluations in the areas of protection, usability and performance. BullGuard has many premium features included in its basic suite package. You can back-up your sensitive data to a cloud, check the vulnerability of your system or monitor your kids’ online activities. With a very competitive price and the possibility to secure up to 3 of your devices, BullGuard Internet Security suite is a great option for someone looking for an affordable and reliable security software package.  



In addition to a great antivirus software, BullGuard Internet Security has many great features for the complete protection of your PC, including an integrated firewall. It also has an abundance of advanced features at a very competitive price. On independent tests it performed above industry standards and proved to be efficient in protecting from various different malware attacks.


The list of features available in the BullGuard Internet Security suite is extensive. BullGuard effectively stops most known and new threats from infecting your PC. Its deep scanning capabilities penetrate the deepest depths of your PC in order to find any lurking threats. Your first encounter with the security software will be its speedy installation process. Unlike its predecessors, the newest version of BullGuard installs fairly easy with not much for you to do. Before it finishes its installation, BullGuard will run a quick scan and delete any possible threats before assimilating itself to your PCs specifications.

BullGuard is great if you wish to secure more than just your PC. The BullGuard Internet Security package allows for the protection of up to three of your devices including phones, tablets and laptops. The new security suite comes with a redesigned look and an even easier control panel that even those who are not that tech savvy can use. Another great feature included in the suite is the Parental control tool that lets you monitor your children’s activity online. You can restrict them from accessing certain parts of the internet or from using certain desktop applications. If you’re having trouble with receiving emails and messages you never signed up for, the suite includes a spam filter that scans your emails and deletes any unwanted mail.

BullGuard Internet Security also has an encrypted cloud backup option that allows you to upload and backup your sensitive data to Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive accounts in a secured transfer. To add extra protection to your PCs defenses, BullGuard fortifies Windows Defenders default firewall with its own, more advanced, protection layer. A great way to be sure there are no holes in your PCs defenses is to run the vulnerability scan from time to time. The scan checks apps and passwords for any possible weak spots and alerts you if it finds any.

Maybe it’s because they included so many features in the basic security suite, but the BullGuard Premium Protection suite seems to lack some of the essential premium features included in similar level packages. An absence of a virtual keyboard as well as any type of password manager is very noticeable when you consider the price the premium package is sold at. Even though it does lack certain tools other similar security suites hold standard, BullGuard Premium Protection suite does have a much needed social networking security tool. Aside from protecting your entries on social media sites, BullGuard also offer a safe way to surf the internet since it scans links and applications for possible threats.


Price: $20.99


In early 2016, BullGuard was included in the 22 best internet security software on the market. This result was concluded after four weeks of high pressure testing at the independent testing facility AV-Test lab. The software was tested in three areas: protection, usability and performance. BullGuard was among the highest scorers in the protection test having detected 99 percent of the 22,000 threats set against it. When it was set upon detecting new malware, it did a bit worse by recording the result of 97 percent. This score puts BullGuard among the software with the highest protection rates.

The performance area of the test measured how much the software would slow down its test PC while testers would download, install and copy/paste different files on it. BullGuard satisfied the industry standard by causing only 15 seconds of delay on its host PC.

The usability test was rigorous with more than 1.2 million different samples set against the security software. In this part of the test, BullGuard was evaluated on just how accurately it can differentiate between good and malicious files or websites. With just four misdiagnosis, BullGuard is one of the more precise internet security software.


Email: You can request email contact via this link: www.bullguard.com/support

Facebook: www.facebook.com/BullGuard

Community: www.bullguard.com/community

Live Chat: You can request live chat support in your preferred (available) language through this link: www.bullguard.com/support.aspx

Website: www.bullguard.com

BullGuard offers around the clock customer support via phone, email or live chat. If you prefer to look for the solution yourself, the website offers a massive FAQ database as well as a searchable knowledgebase with many useful information. The website also offers a community with many active users in case you wish to exchange experiences.

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Our editorial staff evaluates products and services independently, but Best Review Guide may earn money when you click on links. Read our advertising disclosure.


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