TOP Internet Security

BullGuard  Product Image


  • Many great features with the basic suite
  • Secures up to 3 devices
  • Cross-platform security
  • Has online backup
  • Great price

BullGuard Internet Security suite is a top of the line package of fast and efficient software. It got excellent results on the AV-Test evaluations in the areas of protection, usability and performance. BullGuard has many premium features included in its basic suite package. You can back-up your sensitive data to a cloud, check the vulnerability of your system or monitor your kids’ online activities. With a very competitive price and the possibility to secure up to 3 of your devices, BullGuard Internet Security suite is a great option for someone looking for an affordable and reliable security software package.  



Kaspersky Labs Product Image

Kaspersky Labs

  • Fast
  • Advanced features in the basic suite
  • Offers protection for Windows, Mac OS and Android

Kaspersky Internet Security has many great features and will protect your PC from real-time threats. It will protect you from online identity theft and it will keep your online transactions safe. It automatically updates itself periodically so you always have the newest virus database available. Kaspersky scored the highest marks for usability and protection while causing a minor lag on the PC it was tested on.



Avast Product Image


  • Great value for money
  • Protects against ransomware
  • SafeZone Browser
  • High usability and protection test results

Avast Internet Security suite comes with an incredible number of features designed to raise your PCs protection to a whole new level. It got great results on the AV-Test evaluation for usability and protection, although it did cause significant lag to its host PC. With features like the exclusive Cyber Capture and home network security, Avast Internet Security is a great software package at a reasonable price.



Panda Product Image


  • Great parental control feature
  • Perfect protection score
  • Panda Safe Browser
  • It offers online data backup

Panda has a great database of various useful information in its knowledge base as well as the FAQ section. The site also has a community forum where you can hear other users’ opinions about Panda products. You can contact a customer support representative at any time via phone, email or live chat.



Norton Security Deluxe Product Image

Norton Security Deluxe

  • Great value for money
  • Secures up to 5 device under a single license
  • Anti-ransomware feature
  • Offers online backup

Norton Security Deluxe offers excellent protection for up to five of your devices. This means you can be sure that five of your devices have absolute protection under one main license. When it was tested by the AV-Test lab, Norton Security Deluxe scored highly in protection and usability, with a lower score in the performance area of the test. It offers many useful features such as parental control, on line back up and an anti-ransomware software.



Trend Micro Product Image

Trend Micro

  • It has ransomware protection
  • It is reasonably priced
  • Many premium features with the basic security suite package

Trend Micro received a stellar result on the AV-Test evaluation performed in 2016. It got perfect marks for protection and usability, while slowing down its host PC by only 2s, which is well below the industry standard. With this great overall result and an amazing bundle of features across the basic and premium suites, Trend Micro Internet Security offers full protection coverage across your devices.


Very Good

ESET Product Image


  • Protects against ransomware
  • Offers free support
  • Secures your webcam
  • Laptop tracker
  • Easy to use

ESET Smart Security suite is excellent if you are looking for a software package that will cover all your internet security needs. Even though the suite only protects your PC, you can buy additional licenses at any time. ESET got solid results on the AV-Test evaluation coming on top with a perfect mark in usability and an above the average score in protection.


Very Good

Bitdefender Internet Security Product Image

Bitdefender Internet Security

  • Intuitive features
  • Fast
  • Extra firewall protection

Bitdefender Internet Security scored perfectly in all tests performed by the AV-Test lab. It received above average scores in protection, usability and performance. The suite offers a wide range of high-tech, intuitive features such as the cloud anti-spam tool, parental controls or an additional firewall. Without an online back-up option in its basic offer, the package does have a rescue CD option to return your computer to its state before a virus attack. There are also some features like the virtual keyboard and a file shredder that are exclusive to the Bitdefender Premium Security Suite.


Very Good

F-Secure Product Image


  • Great protection
  • Gamer mode
  • Free downloadable features
  • Protects against ransomware

F-Secure Internet Security suite comes with less features than most other top tier internet security suites. Even though it lacks some essentials like an integrated password manager or a file shredder, it compensates with the features it does have. F-Secure did great on all AV-Test evaluations and it proved to be a great protector of your PC.


Very Good

G Data Product Image

G Data

  • Around the clock support
  • Firewall included
  • Anti-phishing protection

G Data Internet Security suite has many great features. Together with a highly efficient antivirus program, this security package ensures complete protection. G Data got great results on the usability and protection tests, although it did cause significant lag to the PC it was tested on.


Very Good

Last updated May 14, 2024

All About Internet Security

Internet Security

Living in the age of internet is an amazing opportunity to discover anything with just a few clicks on the right links. Unfortunately, in its vast expanse, the web is also full of threats lurking behind “amazing offers” or files you downloaded. In this harsh online environment it’s important to be adequately prepared for any threats you might encounter. This is why it’s never been more important to secure your and your family’s online presence with an internet security suite.

If you’re not too tech savvy, you probably don’t know the difference between a security suite and an antivirus software. What everyone traditionally refers to when they talk about it is actually a small package of security tools together with a base antivirus program. Basic antivirus protection is used when you need to protect your home computer and cover the elementary features. If you’re running a Windows operated PC, your computer already has a basic level of protection provided by the Windows Defender software. Unfortunately, testing has showed that even though it does provide solid protection, it only does so against the most basic threats. To patch its many holes, most users usually decide to add a little extra security with an antivirus software.

Depending on which you choose, an antivirus software can get rid of most common internet threats. The best in our line-up was Bitdefender Antivirus Plus which passed many rigorous tests to end up in the first place. Bitdefender had the highest general score in its category and it proved the most effective in discovering and eliminating known and new malware that hasn’t yet been logged as such. It comes with many useful security add-ons and it’s very easy to use. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus provides full online protection for your PC, it scans your home network for vulnerabilities and it protects from spam and ransomware.

When we considered software for our top 10 internet security list, we heavily relied on the results by AV-Test evaluations. AV-Test is an independent software testing facility that is recognized as objective and thorough. Every year, the lab makes a selection of 20-30 most influential internet security software on the market and puts it to the test. The testing is rigorous and it’s conducted in the three most important areas for this kind of software: protection, usability and performance. Each test is carefully designed to measure different aspects of the software’s endurance. The internet security software needs to be able to recognize new and already known malware, to be able to differentiate between good and harmful content as well as to use the resources of your PC economically so it doesn’t slow it down.

Internet security suites are meant for users who want a higher level of protection and demand more advanced features such as a virtual keyboard or a file shredder. A suite is a package of security features together with the basic antivirus software the company offers. Since internet security suites usually come at a much higher price than basic online security programs, most allow you to secure more than one device. The top three internet security suites on our list – Bitdefender Internet Security, Kaspersky Internet Security and Trend Micro Internet Security offer to secure up to three of your computers or portable devices. While most other companies do have the option, Kaspersky and McAfee extend the antivirus protection to you phone, at no extra charge.

As it did in the best antivirus software category, Bitdefender took the internet security throne as well. This well-deserved victory comes after Bitdefender Internet Security received the highest scores in all areas it was tested. All features in the security suite work harmoniously in order to provide impenetrable protection against the vilest threats on the internet. Bitdefender has its own firewall as its first line of defense, it scans you emails and IMs for suspicious files, it automatically scans any USB drives inserted into your computer and it offers a bootable rescue CD. Even though parental controls are a standard feature with most internet security suites, Bitdefender Internet Security took this basic control feature to another level by adding a social networking tool that allows you a more immersive way of controlling what your kids see or who they talk with online.

Various internet filters, firewalls and a parental control hub are what the best internet security suites have and they are what stands between you and hackers trying to steal your data or from your children accessing certain areas of the internet that are inappropriate for their age. Different software packages come with different offers, but almost all of them offer some kind of password protection software that helps keep your passwords safe from prying eyes. All ten programs we listed have an anti-spam feature that automatically scans your emails and IMs for any unwanted mail. The anti-malware software updates itself regularly to hold the newest information about new threats. This is imperative in order to ensure you always have the freshest virus database available.

Even though having the most complete protection available is what most people would like, the truth is not everyone has the need for an internet security suite. One of the reasons is that, usually, security suites are considerably more expensive than basic antivirus packages. If you don’t have multiple devices and you don’t handle sensitive data on your PC daily, any antivirus software from our best antivirus software category should be enough to keep you safe from any online threats. Nevertheless, if you feel that your entry level security software still isn’t enough, you can always upgrade your subscription to a higher internet security package.

Internet Security - What to Look For

Internet Security

To reduce your decision making time to a minimum and provide you with an adequate list of great internet security solutions, we came up with a list of the top ten internet security suites currently available. Even though most users have some variant of protection software installed, it’s important to recognize when it’s time to upgrade your internet security level to a higher degree. To help you decide we carefully analyzed different security suites and ranked them according to their testing results by AV-Test lab and the features they offer.

In order to be sure your PC’s defenses don’t have any cracks, it’s a good idea if the internet security suite you purchased had some kind of additional firewall protection. Although almost all of the packages in our line-up have it, F-Secure Internet Security suite came in last on our list, partially because it excludes an extra firewall protection layer.

If you’re making regular online transactions it’s important you are protected from possible data theft or any other kind of intrusion that would leave you at a financial loss. This is where a good password manager or a virtual keyboard feature come in. The password manager keeps your password protected while you’re online and allows you to create a local secured folder with all your passwords in one place. The virtual keyboard provides protection against a more intricate type of malware – keylogger software. Keyloggers detect and record every entry you physically input through your keyboard in order to steel your log-in information, personal data etc. A virtual keyboard allows you to bring up an on-screen keyboard and type in the information you are afraid might be stolen without pressing any buttons.

To ensure your children are always on the safe side of the internet, your chosen internet security suite should have a good and easy-to use parental control feature. This tool allows you to restrict your kids from accessing different parts of the web as well as to limit the time they spend using the computer. It allows you to lock certain desktop apps or simply change passwords on the ones already secured. The basics of the feature are commonly the same, although they vary with some internet security suites offering some extra protection allowing you to further monitor who your kids speak to and, in some instances, even what they say.

Right now, backing up your files to an online cloud might seem unnecessary but thinking ahead can save you from a lot of trouble down the road. If a newly emerged virus manages to penetrate all your PCs defenses and brings down your system, it would be good if you had all your data safely stored offsite. The online backup feature allows you to restore your computer’s setting to what they were before the crash as well as to download data that might have gone missing during the malware attack. However, most security suites we reviewed don’t include this feature, or they do, but for an extra charge. These programs usually allow you to create a bootable CD with as a backup for your system data instead.

Internet security suites will always provide a higher level of protection for your devices. They are usually more expensive than entry level security antivirus packages, but provide a more layered defense. Internet security suites have many advanced features and tools and are thus suitable for users who have a more demanding standard for internet security products.