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GoodHire Review

By: Tamara | Last updated August 17, 2018

  • Generous number of searches available
  • Accurate reports
  • Easy to use
  • Reputable company
  • Can perform international checks
  • A bit pricey and there are a lot of paid add-ons
  • Basic plan is a bit limited
  • Sometimes it takes longer than estimated to receive the report

GoodHire is a complex and trust-worthy background check service for employers from all types of businesses. It isn’t the most affordable provider on the market, but it is easy to use, delivers accurate reports, it is FCRA compliant and has an A+ rating with the BBB.


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GoodHire is a background check company headquartered in Redwood, California. It was founded in 2011 and it has an A+ rating with the BBB. The company offers mostly employment background checks for various clients. GoodHire boasts on over 75,000 employers using their background check services. The company is FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) compliant, meaning businesses can actually use the reports generated by GoodHire in order to determine candidates’ eligibility and make decisions regarding applicants.

One of the reasons why GoodHire stands out from the crowd is the fact that they can also perform international checks on education records and criminal history in more than 220 countries worldwide. This is a feature you rarely find in competitors.

GoodHire offers three types of pricing packages: Basic, Standard and Premium. All plans charge per report and they differ in terms of types of searches you can perform.

All three plans include Social Security Number trace and associated counties, national criminal database search and sex offender list search.

The Standard package also includes domestic terrorist watch list search and 7-year county criminal court search.

The Premium plan includes all the above plus education and employer verification.

In addition to these, you can also pay for add-on services: international checks, federal criminal databases search, global watch list search, drug screenings, healthcare sanctions and more. For a higher volume of checks (more than 50) and for specific needs, you can also go with their customized packages. You have to contact them, let them know what you need and get a quote.

While there are numerous searches you can perform, the fact that you have to pay extra for ‘add-ons’ is a downside with GoodHire. The available packages include only so much, and especially if you go with the less expensive packages, you’ll most likely need to pay for add-ons in order to get a more thorough report.

Most reports take 1 business day, but for more complex checks, completion time is 2 or 3 business days, although, sometimes the deadline is exceeded. During the process, you also get notifications via e-mail, informing you on each phase of the background check, so you know where it’s at without having to wait until the entire report is completed. While some might appreciate these notifications, others might find them annoying and useless, since you’re going to want to wait for the complete report anyway.

How to use GoodHire

The Good Hire interface is clean, straightforward and mobile friendly. Before you get started, you have to go through a one-time verification to prove that your business is legit. For that purpose, you have to provide them your company’s name, address, identification number, state of incorporation and in some cases, your business license.

Once the verification process is complete, you can start performing your check. You have to type in the name, SSN, date of birth and address of the person you want verified. Additional information will be required, depending on the type of check you perform.

The reports are accurate and easy to read. Once you receive them, you can forward them to the applicant right away, given that the law requires you to do so anyway, especially if you find out negative things that might affect their chances of being hired.

All reports are automatically saved online and you can also save them on your computer.

The cheapest option is Basic, which is $29.99/each check, plus a one-time setup fee. The Standard option is $54.99/each check and the Premium option is $79.99/each. You can also pay extra for several add-ons: international criminal records search (from $14.99/each), international education verification and drug screening ($59.99), healthcare sanctions (from $5.99), identity verification ($4.99), federal criminal databases search ($14.99) and more. You can find the complete list of services/add-ons here:

Phone: 1-888-906-4284; Monday – Friday, from 8 am to 8 pm EST

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Our editorial staff evaluates products and services independently, but Best Review Guide may earn money when you click on links. Learn more.