Big Boss Cooklite Aero Fryer Review

Tamara By: Tamara | Last updated January 23, 2021

Big Boss Cooklite Aero Fryer red color

8.8 / 10


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  • Easy to use
  • Self-cleaning
  • Affordable


  • Longer cooking times
  • Poor customer support options
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This air fryer is a perfect solution for households looking for a simple, stylish appliance that might take a bit longer, but it cooks your favorite food to perfection. Most parts are dishwasher safe and the appliance itself is very easy to use, with a manual and a recipe book to clear any confusion.




  • Three heat sources
  • Recipe book
  • Cleans easily
  • Heat resistant, non-stick cooking bowl
  • Glass cover

Big Boss Cooklite Aero Fryer deserved its place in our top three air fryers because it’s as efficient as it is good looking. This appliance boasts itself by cooking your food with three different heat sources, thus eliminating the need for oil and making your meals much healthier. This fat-free fryer is a great option to consider for medium-sized families because of the food volume it can prepare as well as its price range.

Ease of use

This air fryer is relatively easy to use. It comes with clear and simple instructions and operating it doesn’t require any specific know-how. All you need to do is put in the food you’d like to fry, close the lid and choose a specific time and temperature for your food type. To help you make the right choice, there is a recipe book that comes with the fryer and holds all relevant info about cooking specific food types. To make things even simpler, there are labels with recommended cooking conditions for chicken, fish, French fries and onion rings.

Cleaning this appliance is as simple as using it. Like many other air fryers, the mesh basket, cooking rack and the cooking bowl are dishwasher safe so you can save a lot of time and effort by simply placing them into the washer. Nevertheless, if there’s hardened food on the bottom or sides of the non-stick bowl you can do a self-cleaning by pouring some water and mild dish soap into the glass bowl and then running a cleaning cycle. When the bowl is completely cool, rinse it with fresh water and you’re done.

The Big Boss Cooklite Aero Fryer is a simple, inexpensive yet healthy alternative to your ordinary fryer. It cooks with little or no oil and it utilizes three different cooking methods to prepare your food perfectly each time. It requires very little skill to handle and it’s very easy to clean.


The Big Boss Cooklite Aero Fryer goes for $154.14 on Amazon while it can be found at Walmart for $111.26, and Overstock for $81.17. This product comes with a three-year limited warranty and a 30-day Money Back Guarantee. All three retailers carrying this product offer additional protection plans for different amounts.


The Big Boss Cooklite Aero Fryer is a one of a kind air fryer on the market today. It uses three different heat sources to fry your favorite food while using minimum to no oil in the process. And while you should always have a heathy dose of caution when buying things advertised on daytime TV, this air fryer lives up to its name.

The Cooklite Aero Fryer cooks your food to perfection using three different heat sources: halogen, convection and infrared heat. The first heating “layer” are the halogen lamps. As you may know, these types of lamps need to hold serious wattage in order to produce enough heat to cook food. Since the manufacturer doesn’t provide this specific information, we’re going to have to assume the lights are strong enough to give that special outside crisp on your French fries or wings. The lights slowly cook the outside layer of your favorite food giving it the same coat of crisp as a regular oil fryer would.

The second layer of cooking is the convection which essentially circulates hot air around your food decreasing its cooking time and making sure everything in the frying basket cooks evenly. The last, but not least, is the infrared heat that cooks “inside out” by giving out different wavelengths of light which are then absorbed by your food. This method has proven to be the best for moisture retention since many consumers claim air fryers dry out meat and vegetables put in the appliance. Combining all three cooking methods, the The Big Boss Cooklite Aero Fryer insures your meals are cooked perfectly every time.

This air fryer comes with a mesh basket and reversible racks so you can cook multiple things at once. The 4.6L/4.8 QT capacity is standard and can hold enough food for a medium-sized family’s lunch or dinner. The Big Boss Cooklite Aero Fryer comes somewhat weaker than most other air fryers in our review with just 1000 watts, but thanks to three different cooking methods it cooks your food thoroughly. Nevertheless, the relatively small wattage can be associated with longer cooking times so you might have to wait a few minutes more with this air fryer.

When it comes to the design, although big and bulky like most fryers on the market, The Big Boss Cooklite Aero Fryer holds a certain charm in its simple design. The appliance is round with several detachable parts. It has two round buttons that can be rotated in order to choose a specific cooking time and temperature. This air fryer comes in red and black and there’s usually only a few dollars difference between the two models. What makes this appliance especially attractive is its impregnated, heat resistant glass cover that lets you observe your food while it’s cooking.




Big Boss doesn’t really offer much support to its customers. The website itself is very simple with only the basic information shown about each of the products presented. There’s a manual and a recipe book that can be downloaded if you’ve lost yours from the original packaging. Disappointingly, customer service can only be reached through a form on the company’s website while calling, emailing or even live chatting aren’t an option.

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Our editorial staff evaluates products and services independently, but Best Review Guide may earn money when you click on links. Read our advertising disclosure.


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