Samsung FlexWash (WV9900) Review

Tamara By: Tamara | Last updated February 15, 2021

Samsung FlexWash (WV9900) washing machine black stainless steel door open

9.9 / 10


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  • Beautiful design
  • Two washers in one: a main lower washer and an upper one
  • WiFi connectivity; works with Samsung’s Smart Home app
  • A large number of settings and presets


  • Expensive
  • Large and heavy
  • No voice control (Amazon Alexa, Google, etc.)
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The Samsung FlexWash is a double washer that features two separate drums, an upper and a lower one, which can be used together or separately. It comes in 2 versions: a 5.5 and a 6.0 cu. ft. total capacity, it has a modern and attractive design, a ton of features and settings and works with the Smart Home app. On the downside, it is quite large (it doesn’t fit just anywhere) and it is really pricey.



The FlexWash washing machine is an expensive but ingeniously designed washer. It is basically a double washing machine, because it is both a top loader and a front loader in one.

The FlexWash has a very beautiful design, it is smart and works with the Smart Home app from Samsung.

Here are the main specifications of the FlexWash:

  • Dimensions (D X H X W): 34 x 46.9 x 27 inches
  • Weight: 319 pounds
  • Total capacity: 6.0 cu. ft. (upper: 1.0 cu. ft.; 5.0 cu. ft. lower)
  • Full touch display
  • 12 wash cycles
  • WiFi connectivity
  • Energy consumption: 105 kWh/year (lower); 60 kWh/year (upper)
  • Lower washer is Energy Star Certified


The FlexWash has a modern design and a beautiful black stainless steel color. It is a quite large and heavy washer, weighing approx. 319 pounds and has smooth, polished corners. The blue LED display is touch sensitive and the washer is basically a combo with two independent drums. It has an upper washer that has a capacity of 1.0 cu. ft. and the main front/lower washer, with a capacity of 5.0 cu. ft. The lower washer is energy efficient and has a yearly consumption of 105 kWh. There is also a smaller version of FlexWash you can opt for, which has a total capacity of only 5.5 cu. ft. and costs about $350 less.

The washer can be paired with the FlexDry dryer.

The double drum design gives you flexibility. You can either use both washers at the same time for bigger loads of laundry or just one of the two, according to your needs. You can also wash your darks and whites at the same time.

Both drums have their own presets/specific cycles and you can also use the FlexWash in its manual mode, by setting yourself the temperature, spin speed, number of rinses and so on.

Features and performance

The FlexWash has a very crowded touch display with lots of settings on it. Moreover, the WiFi capabilities of this washer allows you to also control it through Samsung’s Smart Home app. The app is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

The FlexWash has separate controls for the upper and lower washer. For the upper washer you’ve got your Normal, Delicates, Active Wear and Rinse/Spin washing cycles while for the lower washer, there are 12 available cycles: the abovementioned ones plus a Whites cycle, one for Bedding, a Sanitize one and more.

Five of the cycles can use steam if you want to. The Sanitize cycle reaches a temperature of 153 degrees F, which is above average.

There are several temperature settings to choose from: cold, cool, warm, hot, extra hot and you can add up to 5 rinses to your cycle. You’ve got 5 spinning options: no spin, low, medium, high and extra high and soil settings (extra light, light, normal, heavy, extra heavy). There is also a Child Lock feature.

The Super Speed is another useful feature of the FlexWash, as it reduces your Normal 52minute cycle to a 30-minute one.

The FlexWash performs impressively when it comes to removing all the common stains and works flawlessly even when you are using both washers at the same time. You won’t experience any drops in the water pressure or annoying exaggerated vibrations.

As we’ve already mentioned it, the FlexWash is compatible with the Smart Home app which gives you more flexibility and additional features. You can start the washer even if you’re away from home, you receive notifications so you won’t forget about your laundry loads, you can watch the progress of the cycle on your smartphone, schedule a wash and more. One other useful feature is the Remaining Laundry which can be enabled even after your washing cycle has started and works by tumbling your laundry after the cycle ends, in order to keep the clothes fresh and without creases.

One thing that is missing though is smart home integration. The FlexWash doesn’t work with Alexa, Google and so on.

Aside from being quite large and expensive, there isn’t any reason not to go with the Samsung FlexWash. It is a modern, smart and complex washer and most importantly, it features two separate drums, which translates into a bigger load of laundry you can wash at the same time.


On the online Samsung shop, you can purchase the 6.0 cu. ft. FlexWash for $1,895. The 5.5 cu. ft. washer goes for $1,530.


Phone: 1-800-726-7864; Monday-Friday: 8 am -12 am (EST); Saturday-Sunday: 9 am – 11 pm (EST)

24/7 live chat

Social media support: Facebook, Twitter


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Our editorial staff evaluates products and services independently, but Best Review Guide may earn money when you click on links. Read our advertising disclosure.


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