Electrolux Perfect Steam with LuxCare Review

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Electrolux Perfect Steam with LuxCare washing machine
Electrolux Perfect Steam with LuxCare washing machine black control panel
Electrolux Perfect Steam with LuxCare washing machine black control panel

8.7 / 10


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  • Straightforward controls, the control panel is well organized
  • Energy efficient
  • Very good at removing stains and cleaning in general
  • The SmartBoost technology
  • 15 minutes fast wash cycle


  • No WiFi or app
  • The wash-cycles are long; in some cases they go over the promised time
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The Electrolux Perfect Steam with LuxCare is a front-load washer with a 4.4 cu. ft. drum capacity. It has a straightforward and organized control panel, a simple but modern design and it is very efficient at removing stains. It doesn’t have as many wash cycles as other washing machines or as many features, but it is good at the most important thing a washer should be: thoroughly cleaning your laundry.



The Electrolux Perfect Steam with LuxCare is manufactured by Electrolux, a Swedish home appliance company. Electrolux is among the largest appliance manufacturers in the world. In addition to selling washing machines, they also commercialize vacuum cleaners, kitchen appliances and more.

The Perfect Steam with LuxCare model is a front-load washer with a capacity of 4.4 cu. ft.

Here are its main specifications:

  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 53” (w/15” pedestal) x 27” x 50-3/5” (w/90 degrees door open)
  • Weight: 237 lbs.
  • Drum capacity: 4.4 cu. ft.
  • Energy Star Certified
  • Wash cycles: 9
  • Spin Speed Selections: 5
  • KWh/year: 85
  • Delay Start
  • Add Steam feature

The Perfect Steam Washer from Electrolux has a matching dryer that can be purchased to go with it: the Perfect Steam Electric Dryer, with Instant Refresh and 9 cycles.   

The design of the washer is clean and simple, yet modern. There’s no WiFi, no app or smart features. The controls are not cluttered and the control panel is really user-friendly. The machine has a LED display that shows the duration of the wash cycle and the buttons are displayed on 3 rows. Each row has different options for setting the temperature, soil level and the spin speed. The drum is illuminated for 3 minutes after the cycle is over, to help you take out all the laundry. After that it turns off and you can still leave the door open until you do your next wash. 

The Perfect Steam washer is not the most complex and fanciest machine you can buy, but it comes with a few essential features that really make all the difference.

The washer uses StainSoak and SmartBoost technology, which ensure a better cleaning of your laundry. They work by premixing detergent with stain remover and the water before the cycle starts, thus creating a more powerful mix, using a third pump. The Smart Boost also makes sure that if you are using bleach or softener, they won’t concentrate in a single area and affect the colors of your laundry. In addition to those there is also the Perfect Steam feature, which is another plus. What is special about the steaming feature of this washer is that it steams your laundry from the bottom of the drum, not the top, as it is the case with most washing machines. This way, steam rises up and gets to all the laundry, not just the ones on the top.

To put it simple, removing stains and the overall cleaning quality are the best strengths of this Perfect Steam washing machine.

The Sanitize option is another useful function that eliminates 99% of bacteria and 95% of the allergens in your laundry.

The Electrolux Perfect Steam doesn’t have as many wash cycles as other washers: it has only 8 cycles + one for cleaning the washing machine itself. The rest of the cycles are: normal, heavy duty, whitest whites, casual, colors, 15 min. fast wash, delicates and rinse & spin.

Other options that are worth mentioning are the lock, delay start, extra rinse and wrinkle release.

One thing we weren’t that impressed with was the duration of the cycles. Aside for the 15 minutes fast wash cycle, which is indeed very useful as long as you have a smaller, less dirty load of laundry, the rest of the cycles are pretty lengthy. Even the Normal cycle, which is supposed to last for 47 minutes, took over 50 to complete, while the heavy duty cycle takes longer than the promised 90 minutes.

Overall though, we were impressed by the cleaning abilities of the Electrolux Perfect Steam LuxCare. The washer does a remarkable job when it comes to removing stains and it is also energy efficient. It is Energy Star certified and it has an energy consumption of 85 kWh/year.


You can order the Electrolux Perfect Steam LuxCare on Amazon for $887.


Phone: (877) 435-3287; Monday-Friday, from 8 am to 8 pm (EST); Saturday, from 9 am to 6 pm (EST)

Contact form: https://www.electroluxappliances.com/Owner-Support/Contact-Us/

Social media: Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Houzz

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ElectroluxUS

You can also consult the FAQ and other support resources on their website.

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Our editorial staff evaluates products and services independently, but Best Review Guide may earn money when you click on links. Read our advertising disclosure.


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