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9.4 / 10


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  • Gold-tone filter
  • Built-in water filter
  • Two Auto on settings
  • Makes 12 cups


  • Doesn’t retain heat very well
  • Doesn’t have a stainless-steel carafe
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The KRUPS Savoy EC314 is a medium-sized 12-cup drip coffee maker. For those that like to customize their coffee, this brewer offers a handful of options that are easily programmable. For those, on the other hand, that just want a delicious quick cup of coffee, the KRUPS Savoy EC314 will prove to be a great solution.



The KRUPS Savoy EC314 is a coffee enthusiast’s coffee maker dream come true. It allows for a high level of customization, it’s elegant and it’s simple enough to use. This brewer can make a full carafe that will fill 12 cups, or if you have a smaller company you can make between one and four cups. And while this is a drip coffee maker, the coffee it brews is superb in aroma and quality.

This coffee maker is medium-sized and it comes in a standard black – metallic combination meaning it will fit in with any counter top decorum. On its front panel, the EC314 features a LED display where you can observe the different settings you choose, four round buttons that activate different features and a round protruding button that can be either pressed or rotated. Since there are only so many buttons, this coffee machine is very simple to use.

When it comes to customizing your next cup of coffee, you can choose between a regular or bold brew, select a smaller one to four batch to be brewed, run the cleaning cycle or adjust the Auto on features. And while many coffee makers let you set a specific time for your coffee to start brewing, the KRUPS Savoy EC314 lets you memorize two different settings (e.g. weekdays and the weekend) with the Auto On 1/2 feature. Additionally, you can set up the Keep warm feature to keep your coffee warm on the heating plate to exactly the temperature you prefer. You can select a Low, Medium or High setting depending on your preference.

And since you can time the machine to start the brewing at a specific time, if you get home earlier and can’t wait to get your hands on that warm mug, you can pull the carafe out while the coffee maker is still brewing and steal a cup. The EC314 will automatically pause the brewing and restart once you put the carafe back. One nice touch about the carafe itself is that it’s specifically designed for less spillage with its mouth slightly more curved so that every pouring can go without any accidents.

This coffee maker uses a gold-tone reusable coffee filter that can be replaced with paper filters if you prefer using those. If you know your coffee, you’ll notice that the coffee basket is cone shaped which many coffee aficionados claim boosts the flavor of the coffee by naturally suppressing it on the bottom thus extracting its fullest flavor.

The KRUPS Savoy EC314 brews coffee at an optimal temperature of 176 degrees F, a level popular among different coffee maker brands. And while this is a nice temperature to have your coffee, coffee lovers who prefer their drinks much warmer will be disappointed since the temperature will only drop when the brewing process is done. Nevertheless, this coffee maker produces delicious tasting coffee that is hard to say no to.

Ease of use

Since it has only a few buttons you need to master, the KRUPS Savoy EC314 is very simple to use and it has a very small learning curve that can be overcome easily. Since this coffee maker has a built in water filter and a gold-tone coffee filter you won’t have to worry about cleaning it as often as you might have to with some other similar products.

Once the machine needs to be cleaned, the Clean button will come on and you will need to make a solution of water and white vinegar. Run it through the brewer and half-way through the cycle stop it by turning off the machine. Let it sit for one hour and then restart the EC314. After the solution has gone through the machine, run a few fresh water cycles to make sure there’s no vinegar residue left.

This simple, yet efficient 12-cup coffee maker makes delicious coffee in average time. It comes with a built-in water and gold-tone filters and it offers several different options you can use in order to personalize your coffee drinking experience.



This 12-cup coffee maker can be bought for a bargain price of $50.18 on The KRUPS website, however will suggest buying from Walmart, and while their $83.59 price is also fair, it is somewhat more expensive. This product comes with a two-year warranty from KRUPS.


Phone number: 1-800-526-5377




The KRUPS website offers many ways for you to find any info you might be missing. There is a FAQ section and a blog you can go through for some basic answers. The site also has an updated recipe database which you can browse for new coffee making ideas. Each product page also comes with a conveniently placed manual and instructions page so you don’t have to look around the site for long. Their customer service can be reached through phone or email during operating hours on weekdays.

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Our editorial staff evaluates products and services independently, but Best Review Guide may earn money when you click on links. Read our advertising disclosure.


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