Sonicare DailyClean 1100 electric toothbrush Review

Mitch By: Mitch | Last updated February 25, 2021

Sonicare DailyClean 1100 on charging base
Sonicare DailyClean 1100 2 week battery
Sonicare DailyClean 1100 cleaning head

7.1 / 10


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  • No-nonsense cleaning mode
  • Great priced for electric toothbrush
  • Precise timer and QuadPacer


  • No pressure sensor to protect gums
  • A bulky Sonicare model
  • Battery status and charge icon are not present
  • Missing some features that are standard on current models
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The Sonicare DailyClean 1100 lets you have a straightforward cleaning mode with its Clean mode, well-partnered with a built-in timer with QuadPacer to ensure all sections of your teeth are thoroughly brushed. 

We do not recommend this product if you like your electric toothbrush to have a lot of features. However, if you are looking for a low priced entry level electric toothbrush to try it out against your manual toothbrush this is a great option.

While using the electric toothbrush, you may run into some problems such as a missing pressure sensor, which could cause an uncomfortable cleaning if it’s your first time with an electric toothbrush. You might not even notice that there is a missing battery status and charging icon. If you do not mind at all, then the 1100 model is for you.

Overall, for the price and what you get for it we rate it pretty high as it does the job it needs to do and at a great price. 



Look/Toothbrush at a glance

Once you get the box in your hands you can open it up and you see how bare it is compared to what the newer models come with. It’s not to say that you are missing anything needed, but you are missing the travel case, multiple different heads etc. Nevertheless  you will still get the following:

  • Sonicare DailyClean 1100 Brush Handle
  • One piece of C1 ProResults brush head (cleans hard to reach areas of your teeth)
  • One piece travel cap
  • Charging stand
  • Electric toothbrush manual

The overall design of 1100 is nothing more than minimalist – something that some people might enjoy while others might hate. Looking and holding the white-colored electric toothbrush gives off a bulky feel, almost like an older car model compared to a newer sleek model. Most Sonicare electric toothbrushes have this comfy and easy to hold rubber grip present so it will not slip while brushing. Unfortunately, the same thing is not on the 1100 model, which you can somewhat expect on an entry level model. In any case, you can still make a grip out of the Power Button located beneath the printed Sonicare brand name.

What makes the DailyClean 1100 interesting is the free travel cap included. You can place it on your brush head to cover it which will protect it a bit when travelling; but by no means does it measure up to the travel cases that come with newer versions.


Brand Quality

Inspired by oral health care experts and aiming to provide a superior cleaning performance than a manual toothbrush, Sonicare finally joined the competitive market of toothbrushes in 1992 after many years of research. Throughout its career, Philips Sonicare has been regarded as one of the top-tier toothbrush manufacturers worldwide because of how well-compensated the price is for its amazing features and putting a lot of effort to improve its electric toothbrushes, including the DailyClean 1100.


Overall Amazon Reviews

Philips Sonicare’s DailyClean 1100 has been on Amazon for quite some time. And it’s no surprise that this model still has a really high rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 from 4,800+ Amazon customers. The majority of users say how perfect for beginners it is, and how straightforward the product is. Some also shared their thoughts about adding a fully functional pressure sensor for the next few variants. Overall, the DailyClean 1100 is surely enjoying the reputation it has earned as a great entry level electric toothbrush.



On Amazon we have seen the price between 19.99 up to 24.99.

You can pay via Amazon with supported payment methods listed below:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • Diners Club
  • JCB
  • store card
  • Amazon Pay


Keeping in line with its simplicity, the 1100 model uses an old school Nickel-metal hydride battery that can guarantee you two weeks of quality oral health care. Almost all new models are using lithium ion batteries, so that gives you an idea as to the dating feel that applies to this unit. After it runs empty of its charge, you must charge it for 24 hours to use it again. Either you leave it on the charging station or not, it is up to you. But one thing to keep in mind is that nickel metal hydride batteries do suffer from memory effects, which means if you continually charge the battery before it has run empty it will reduce the longevity of the batter and lead to battery failure a lot earlier than lithium ion batteries. Again this is to be expected with an entry level model, but can cause issues when your battery is half full and you need it for a trip.


The only disappointing downside we found for the 1100 model ( other than the battery composition) is the lack of battery status and icon. It makes it harder for users to know whether the electric toothbrush needs to replenish its battery life.

The only indicator you can get is based on several beeps and vibration listed below:

  • Three beeps and a vibration – five or less cleaning sessions left
  • 10 beeps and a vibration – one cleaning left
  • Three beeps and a vibration (once plugged in) – charging



  • Straightforward Cleaning Mode

DailyClean 1100 offers you a basic brushing experience but still generally better than a regular manual toothbrush. The process will take you two minutes to finish, and you will be guaranteed dirt and plaque-free teeth after that.

  • Two-minute timer and QuadPacer

The built-in timer and QuadPacer inside your 1100 model are indispensable in making efficient plaque and dirt buildup removal. Why two minutes? It is the dentist-recommended toothbrush time to remove tooth buildups effectively. The QuadPacer, however, ensures all four sections of your mouth are well-cleaned.

  • Angled Brush Head

Reaching awkward areas in your mouth with a manual toothbrush is difficult. Not with the angled C1 ProResults brush head, it ensures every corner of your mouth is thoroughly cleaned from plaque and dirt.

Unique Features

Considering the price, the DailyClean 1100 does not really have any interesting special features included. The electric toothbrush basically lives up for its simplicity and comes in at a great price point.


Have questions or issues to discuss about the DailyClean 1100 model? Feel free to visit the official Philips Sonicare customer care website, and you will find reliable agents that will happily entertain you through live chat or telephone.

The company website also lets you fix warranty-related issues about your toothbrush model.

If you are curious about your product model and want to learn more about it, you can see it on their official website by typing in the model number. They also have generous offers if you are looking for the perfect brush head replacements.

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Our editorial staff evaluates products and services independently, but Best Review Guide may earn money when you click on links. Read our advertising disclosure.


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