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Mitch By: Mitch | Last updated February 24, 2021

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8.2 / 10


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  • Six Different Cleaning Modes
  • Pressure Sensor
  • Timer and QuadPacer
  • Mobile Coach with Bluetooth
  • Packaged accessories are great


  • Battery Life is lackluster when taking price into consideration
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The Oral-B Pro 7000 is an excellent rechargeable electric toothbrush that offers both basic and premium features. This exceptionally reliable electric toothbrush is a better alternative to your manual toothbrush if you want a next-level brushing experience, all thanks to its six cleaning modes, brushing timer, and a pressure sensor that lights when you overbrushed. 

Aside from the basics, the electric toothbrush is also packed with an AI-assisted brushing experience and features an adorable Wireless Smart guide.

The Pro 7000 may not be an economical choice but it is the top of the line toothbrush that Oral B is currently offering. The travel kit can be used anywhere such as on a trip, vacation, or wherever you may go! For $130, you’re set to get all these fantastic features and take advantage of them to maintain quality oral health care.

Overall it has all the bells and whistles you woudl expect at this price point and does a great job cleaning teeth. However, when we compare it to the other models as far as what you get for your dollar we had to leave it out of the running for best electric toothbrush today.



The Oral B 7000 is the top of the line toothbrush and you will see this as soon as you see the box. It includes a lot of accessories that are very high quality. Once unboxed you should expect to see:

  • Braun-powered Oral-B Pro 7000
  • Brush Head Storage
  • Charger
  • Four distinct Brush Heads (2x Cross Action, 1x Floss Action, 1x 3D White, and 1x Sensitive Gum Care)
  • Premium Travel Case
  • Item Manual
  • Wireless Smart Guide

There is a lot to get from the package, which justifies the price of the Pro 7000. However, let’s set aside the price for later and take a closer look at our electric toothbrush.

Starting with our elegantly-designed brush handle. It’s thick and a bit bulky, painted richly based on your preferred color, but still comfortable to hold. At the brush handle’s middle part, you will see a pressable button to switch into your desired cleaning mode. There are no icons for different cleaning modes, so you’ll have to memorize them in order. 

Slightly above the cleaning mode button is the Pro 7000’s power button. Look further below the modes button, and you’ll see more icons, namely Bluetooth and Battery Status.

Now let’s take a closer inspection of our brush heads. An oddly familiar thing about the brush heads is their design. For instance, we have the black-colored Pro 7000 here; it doesn’t make sense that the brush head’s color doesn’t match that of our handle. The same goes with Rose Gold which is unfortunate as the matching colors would really take the look of this product to the next level. If you are choosing it in your favorite color this is something to keep in mind.

Honestly, this is only a minor issue and will not affect the toothbrush’s performance. But for people who have a keen eye even on the tiniest details, it might be a problem.

Brand Quality

Oral-B is an oral hygiene company that serves quality oral health care to lots of people worldwide. With their excellent efforts on thorough research, they have manufactured countless unique electric toothbrushes. Although prone to cheaper rip-offs, its work will always be unrivaled, thanks to its unique features.

Overall Amazon Reviews

Oral-B Pro 7000’s reputation on Amazon is generally positive, and most people are even recommending the product to others.  Some people have found that they have downsides that created negative feedback, but as always, there are lots of helping hands in the online retail shop; that’s why we think those issues are not worth sharing. Since its release, Oral-B Pro 7000 has garnered 4.7 stars out of 5 from 10,000+ customers which is an amazing score overall.



Black - $128.25

Rose Gold - $139.99

White - $139.99

With two replacement brush heads

Black - $214.96

Rose Gold - $139.99

White - $139.99



The Pro 7000 model is powered by one piece of Lithium-Ion battery. According to Oral-B, the battery grants 14 days of cleaning time. However, we found out that it only lasts for ten days, which is one of the product’s downsides.

Regardless, you can still recharge the drained battery life of Pro 7000 with the charger it comes with . Just plug the electric toothbrush in, sit back, relax, and wait for about 24 hours to charge. You don’t have to worry about checking it every now and then, as you can leave it while charging.


  • Six Cleaning Modes

Unlike the Pro 500, which comes with only the Daily Clean mode, the Pro 7000 has more to offer. While it is always  nice to have more options it’s not for everyone, and there are more inexpensive models out there that offer a straightforward cleaning. We found ourselves using the same cleaning modes that the cheaper models offered so found no real value in the additional settings.

Prices aside, here are the cleaning modes and their function:

  • Daily Clean

The classic but offers more incredible brushing performance compared to any manual toothbrushes. The Daily Clean mode works best for people experienced and comfortable enough to use an electric toothbrush.

  • Deep Clean

For more efficiency and more punch than the standard cleaning mode, go switch to Deep Clean. This cleaning option is your best bet if you’re highly-comfortable with using an electric toothbrush and want a more intense brushing.

  • Sensitive

Like the name says, the Sensitive mode is ideal for people who want a gentle brush while retaining the same quality. Dentists usually recommend this cleaning mode for newcomers.

  • Gum Care

This dedicated cleaning mode for swollen or bleeding gums is the perfect brushing option if your gums aren’t in good shape.

  • Whitening

Desiring a brighter smile? Switch to this cleaning mode and pair it with the 3D White brush head to get your desired results in no time.

  • Tongue Clean

Oral-B’s Tongue Clean mode is used to get a high-quality cleaning of the tongue or inside the cheeks after brushing with any cleaning modes. This was one of the modes that we felt could be missing and we would never notice it.

Additional Features

  • Visible Pressure Sensor

Toothbrushing occasionally results in enjoyment, so much that you’ll eventually start hurting your delicate teeth from excess brushing – this is when the pressure sensor intervenes. This electric toothbrush feature alerts you by flashing its light to stop you from over brushing.

  • 2-minute Timer and QuadPacer

Oral-B Pro 7000’s built-in timer and QuadPacer comes in handy if you want to clean all mouth areas correctly while maintaining the recommended 2-minute brushing time by oral health experts.

  • Water-Resisting Properties

Great news! The Pro 7000 model is water-resistant, meaning you can take it to the bathroom. But be extra careful as we don’t recommend you making it exposed to water for too long.


Unique Features

  • Premium Travel Case

Charge on the go with Oral-B’s Premium Travel Case. This particular feature is indispensable as you can plug your electric toothbrush into the travel case while you’re on a trip. This was one of the things that we were up in the air over, as there weren't many times that we could think of that we couldn't charge the toothbrush at our destination, or that we really needed it to be charged while travelling. So although it is a great feature, it is a luxury for sure.

  • Brush Head Compatibility

It’s good to know that Oral-B Pro 7000 is compatible with almost every brush head made by the company. In this case, we’re here to fill you in about the provided brush head in your package.

  • Cross Action

Equipped with angled bristles that help remove dirt and plaque even on the most awkward areas of your mouth.

  • Floss Action

A brush head made to loosen and speed up the removal of plaque and dirt.

  • 3D White

Specially made for people who want a whiter smile while maintaining quality oral health care.

  • Sensitive Gum Care

The perfect Oral-B brush head recommended for people who want uninterrupted quality brushing without hurting inflamed or sensitive mouth areas.

  • Smart Wireless guide

When you buy Pro 7000, you’ll get an awesome portable clock and timer, which encourages you to brush even more and monitors how well and how long you are brushing.

  • Connection to Oral-B App

With the power of Bluetooth technology and the innovation of Oral-B, you’ll get the Pro 7000 model into your Smartphone and lets you use the Oral-B software. This helpful program is designed to track your brushing experience and essentially guides you like a real dentist.

  • Amazon Dash Replenishment (Amazon-exclusive feature)

Every three months or once your brush head has worn off, you’ll need new replacements. With Amazon’s Dash Replacement, Pro 7000 will automatically place an order for brush heads to avoid running out of the required heads. Although it isn't a feature of the toothbrush itself we thought it was nice as it was one of the things you wouldn't have to keep reminding yourself to do.


Whether you have questions or concerns feel free to go to Oral-B’s official customer care website. In there, you can talk to their reliable customer care agents via telephone, live chat, or email. As always, we assure you that you will be happily served.

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Our editorial staff evaluates products and services independently, but Best Review Guide may earn money when you click on links. Read our advertising disclosure.


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