IONPA DP Ionic electric toothbrush Review

Mitch By: Mitch | Last updated July 31, 2021

IONPA toothbrush beside box and on charging stand
How IONPA works
Clean your teeth without toothpaste
Ionic cleaning benefits

8.7 / 10


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  • One, if not the, best cleanings we have felt in our tests
  • WaterProof
  • Nicest looking toothbrush we have reviewed
  • Lighter than comparable sized toothbrushes
  • Wireless charging station
  • Ionic Technology


  • It is a bit lighter so if you want weight in your toothbrush might not be best choice
  • The handle takes a bit getting used to 
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If you don’t know what an Ionic Toothbrush can do for you and your teeth then I would suggest reading up on it. IONPA is our first Ionic Electric Toothbrush that we are reviewing and we are really impressed.

Overall, this is a great toothbrush that packs a lot of features into its body. It has all the modes and cleaning timers you will need, with an added tech advantage over most electric toothbrushes; which is their Ionic Cleaning which basically gets rid of the bond between plaque and your teeth. This leaves you with an even cleaner than normal feeling after you are done with the IONPA DP. For a company that we had never heard of before , to be at the top of our choices we must say that this is a product worth checking out if you are in the market for an electric toothbrush.

Even before you rip into your new box the one thing that you notice with IONPA is that their packaging is very nice and that doesn’t just start with their box but every aspect of their electric toothbrush set. The tones of colour are vibrant and have a great contrast that are not only eye catching but useful, more on that later.



When you get the delivery of your IONPA DP toothbrush to your house you will quickly race to open the box. As mentioned above the packaging that came from IONPA was very nice, clean, and protected the contents of the kit.

Within the kit you get the following:

  • Charging Base
  • Two toothbrush heads
  • Body of electric toothbrush
  • Manual

We will break down what each of the pieces does and why they’re great

-Charging Base

The base that is used has a unique design where it pretty much has a little saucer to be placed on top of the charging base. This is unique because unlike Sonicare or Oral B, the base is in two parts. The light little saucer can be easily picked up and washed off, while the rest of the base stays on your counter. It isn’t a huge thing, but it's a nice thing that designers get to show customers that they are actually thinking about what is best for them. In line with the charging of the unit itself, you will also note the clear LED panel display which has a battery level and a charge needed reminder.

-Two toothbrush heads

IONPA uses proprietary toothbrush heads to ensure the flow of ions gets to your mouth and breaks those bonds keeping the plaque on your teeth. These heads are pretty soft, which could be great or not so great and just depends on you. I loved them as their fine bristles got into the spaces that I was having issues with while using my Sonicare.

-Body of electric toothbrush

This is where IONPA really blew expectations out of the water. The base of their toothbrush sets usually come in two colorways, the first is white with rose gold accents and the one we got was navy blue with rose gold accents. These bodies are just amazing, and the longer you look at them the more impressive they are. The colour and shade of the blue are a beautiful matte colour, while the rose gold is shiny and reflective. Hands down the nicest looking toothbrushes I have ever seen.


Now this might be a silly thing to be pointing out but take my word for it, this is one of the few times where not reading the instructions really got me. In order to get everything out of the IONPA that you should be, there are special instructions to be used. Here is a tip, for full Ionic charge usage you should wet your hands a little. This ensures the charge is the most optimized it can, so the plaque can be removed efficiently .

Brand Quality

If you have never heard of IONPA before, I don’t blame you as before finding their toothbrush I had never heard of them let alone an Ionic Toothbrush. IONPA was originally founded in Japan, and to date has sold over 2 million ionic toothbrushes. As one of the leaders in ionic tech in toothbrushes this brand has been one of the most referenced companies in this field while investigating ionic toothbrushes, and for good reason. Their products have a beautiful finish where you can tell the designers have a passion for making the right product for the right people.

On top of the awesome products, this has got to be mentioned that this might be one of the few times where someone from a company has actually responded to several questions about the products. You might think this is odd, but the reality is for the most part that we get a product and if we have questions we go through customer support and sometimes don’t even get answered. With IONPA, we sent several questions off and got great responses with full explanations. So by far the #1 customer experience that we have had, maybe in the whole time this site has been up.

Features of the DP

Several cleaning modes - From Cleaning to Whitening, there is a setting for every user to get an amazing clean feeling. 

High frequency vibrations - Although the strokes per minute isn’t as high as Sonicares I actually found the IONPA level to be just perfect. It wasn’t shaking so fast that you could hear it through your jaw bones, but high enough that it was a far superior clean to any manual toothbrush. 

Beautiful appearance - Have you ever gone into a bathroom and just been blown away by the design, colours, layout or other features? Then you know the type of bathroom where the IONPA DP belongs. It is truly a beautiful addition to a bathroom, where you can tell an eye has been kept on design as well as functionality.

Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery - Although this is usually standard with most electric toothbrushes we found that the charging station was just as nicely designed as the DP unit. The battery can be fully charged in 4 hours and lasts almost a full month with twice a day brushings.

Waterproof body -The Waterproof rating of IPX7 means it can go up to one meter underwater for 30 minutes, which should be more than enough for anyones usage. 

Due to the ionic cleaning technology you actually don’t need to use toothpaste with this unit. In all honesty I tried it without toothpaste for a couple days and could note that the teeth felt very clean. However, I noticed that (through no fault of their own) I still missed having that minty flavour after brushing. If you are going to use toothpaste you will also notice that you can cut back on how much you use because the power of this unit really gets the toothpaste foaming up.


The IONPA DP is available on Amazon right now for $109. Which is an amazing value , as it does a great job at cleaning, look amazing, and overall has a good value proposition when we looked at the options it has versus the competitors. 


Performance -The very first thing that has to be discussed is the number 1 thing that sets IONPA apart from every other toothbrush on our list. That is the ionic cleaning power that the unit provides for your teeth. For some people this might be the first time ever hearing about it, and sure to raise some eyebrows. However, I have actually done a lot of research and there are published studies that prove it has a positive impact on your teeth so let’s get right into it. 

The ionic power that is used basically provides a charge to the head of the toothbrush. This is then attracted to your dirty teeth as plaque carries a negative charge. What does this mean? Imagine trying to push two heavy duty magnets together with opposing charges. They don’t want to be around each other right? Same as plaque and the charge provided via IONPA . Once that charge hits the plaque/saliva they are actually repelled by the charge and don’t cling to your teeth any more. It is very hard to empirically prove that this is happening, so I did take an extra week to cycle between Oral B, Sonicare, and IONPA( almost a month total, which is longer than any other review we have done) and I can truly say that when I switched off of IONPA I did battle some inflamed gums. While it is nearly impossible to prove it was that change that caused it, when I switched back to IONPA the inflammation was greatly reduced.

Battery life:The battery life on the IONPA DP is listed at 25 days, which is one of the top ratings we have seen. The unit relies on a Li-ion battery which is charged via a usb powered wireless charging dock.

Cleaning modes/ RPM : The IONPA DP comes with 4 options which are : Clean, Gumcare, White+, or Hi Clean. The biggest difference between the modes is the RPM that you will notice when switching between the different options. The rate of RPM varies between 22,000 to 26,000 which some might notice is less than Sonicare. However, I truly believe there is very little difference between the IONPA DP and a competitor that does 10,000 more RPMS. And in fact, it was a preferable level of movement compared to the Sonicare, as it was much more relaxed. There is a point where too much power is possible, and I feel IONPA really nailed down the balance between enough power and not overdoing the RPMs for no real reason. White+ was usually the mode that I used as it does have the highest RPMs and I found for my teeth it was the sweet spot as mentioned above.

Charging: Usually we don’t talk about charging, but IONPA is really leading the way on this one. Every other bigger name uses a hole in the bottom of the base that aligns with a hole on the charger. The IONPA , on the other hand, uses a flat bottom that fits nicely onto a wireless charging deck. The great thing about this is the piece that holds the base actually is its own individual piece, so instead of needing to take the entire base to the sink to clean you can just lift up the plate and give it a rinse. 

Toothbrush head: The IONPA DP comes with 2 black heads to try out. Initially there was a bit of a learning curve on how to move the unit so it hits the teeth in the exact way needed, but this is to be expected with any new product. The fine bristles of the heads are used to pass the Ionic charge through to the surface of the teeth and are soft enough to avoid irritation but firm enough to leave your teeth feeling clean.

Appearance: IONPA is head and shoulders above the competition as far as looks go. This toothbrush has actually been commented on by visitors by how beautiful it is. In all honesty I wasn’t sure how the gold/navy combo would work. But after getting it, I was really impressed. It has a nice balance of a matte body and a metallic grip area, which works well as the metallic part is needed to move the ions. The one thing that did throw me for a bit is that the IONPA DP is a little bit more streamlined than other toothbrushes. The profile is a bit thinner, and the weight a bit lighter which took some time getting used to. However, I also received a message from another tester that she loved it. She said it wasn’t bulky like the other brands they’ve tried and this was from a dental technician, so someone who has lots of experience with electric toothbrushes.

Unique features: As mentioned a couple times above, this is the only toothbrush we have reviewed that uses ionic power to clean teeth. And although it might raise questions, the answers are out there and credible. It is one thing for a company to make claims, but it is another thing to have studies done that prove what they are saying is true. It just seems that right now there isn’t enough info about ionic toothbrushes out there, but hopefully people will be introduced to IONPA and get to see the power of their technology in action.


As mentioned above, the ease of communication with IONPA has been truly amazing. Not only was there an answer to every question I had, but there was an explanation and even more info that I never knew to ask about. Without a doubt, I would say that the interactions between myself and the brand were by far the best out of any product reviewed here.

IONPA can be contacted on their contact us page at :

Their support of the product and responses to questions about the features was one, if not the best experiance we have had so we can give thumbs up for their support team!

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Our editorial staff evaluates products and services independently, but Best Review Guide may earn money when you click on links. Read our advertising disclosure.


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