Oral-B Genius X Limited Review

Mitch By: Mitch | Last updated February 25, 2021

Black Oral-B Genius X Limited beside box with case
Oral-B Genius X Limited battery lasts two weeks
Oral-B Genius X Limited gum protection app
Icons of the Oral-B Genius X Limiteds cleaning modes

6.8 / 10


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  • Built-in Timer and Pacer
  • Multiple Cleaning Modes
  • Pressure Sensor
  • Travel Case
  • Nice finish and appereance 


  • AI and Bluetooth 
  • Not budget-friendly
  • Extra features aren't worth the price
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The Oral-B Genius X Limited is an electric toothbrush that works well for people on the go. Whether you're on a long trip or a 2-week vacation, this toothbrush is worth including in your backpack. It is sturdy, waterproof, and elegant on the outside and has many quality features to take your brushing to the next level – multiple cleaning modes, a pressure sensor, a timer with QuadPacer, and quality bristles. 

While it enjoys praise from many customers, it has its drawbacks. Some examples would be the quality of the accessories, which are lower than other Genius X variants, and their mobile application needs an improvement in the graphics department to educate their user.  

Overall, Oral-B Genius X Limited is a pretty good toothbrush, but practically speaking, there are better electric toothbrushes out there with the same functions but more features that don't cost as much; so it is a good toothbrush but compared to others its value just isn’t there. As far as the ranking goes the features and quality of this toothbrush are very high, but we also judge the price against what you get out of the toothbrush for the price aka the value. And as far as dollar to output we have to rank other models above this one.



Look/Toothbrush at a glance 

After you buy the Oral-B Genius X Limited you'll get it in a simple but refined cover to protect the electric toothbrush from any dangers. After opening the box you will see right away that it is a very nice and well polished toothbrush. Included in the box you will get  1 handle, 1 CrossAction brush head, a travel case, and a charging stand. 

Prior to buying you will want to take a look at the different colors that are available which include  White, Midnight Black, and Orchid Purple.The colors are great and very appealing to the eye, which you would expect for the price.

Now to the hands-on experience, the electric toothbrush handle is extra sturdy, so it won't break while you're gripping it as you brush your teeth. As you take a closer look at the product, you'll see a power indicator and nice buttons for cleaning modes. It's also worth noting that the Genius X Limited is resistant to water, so you can brush without worrying about your toothbrush getting wet.

Brand Quality

Oral-B's Genius X Limited is a one of a kind rechargeable electric toothbrush that definitely deserves a spot in your bathroom and backpack while you're on the go. This highly-reliable toothbrush oscillates, rotates, and pulsates to thoroughly clean even in the most hidden area in your teeth where plaque and tartar may occur. This product is one of the many variants of Genius X, which may confuse newcomers in the world of the electric toothbrush. Technically speaking, all variants have the same quality features and only differ with what is included in the box. 

  • Overall Amazon Reviews

One of the first things we do before adding an item to the cart is reading trustworthy reviews made by previous buyers. This lets you have an overview of what to expect about the product once delivered or to know if people are actually enjoying the item. Genius X Limited is currently enjoying many praises in the Amazon market, with 500+ reviews and a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. 

Despite being praised for its long-lasting battery life and mobility, we don't want to sound one-sided, and we want to discuss the negative reviews we have read to you. Most users complain about the product having less accessories but a higher price than comparable electric toothbrushes.


Oral-B lets you enjoy Genius X Limited for three reasonable prices depending on the color:

  • Midnight Black - $157.00
  • Orchid Purple - $141.99
  • White - $135.00

We have seen it go on sale throughout the year so if you are still stuck on this model, we suggest you take your time and see if you can get a deal on it.



For many portable electronics to function, the conventional Lithium-Ion battery is the standard as it provides a very high charge capacity and charging rate. One charge should last you two weeks of brushing your teeth twice a day. Once your battery's power is near low, it will flash a red light, which indicates the need for charging. 


  • Multiple Cleaning Modes

When it comes to your cleaning style, Oral-B's Genius X Limited makes sure you'll get all the best you deserve depending while meeting your standards. With this convenient electric toothbrush, you'll have six different cleaning modes: Daily Clean, Gum Care, Pro Clean, Sensitive Care, Tongue Clean, and Whitening.

The Daily Clean option is your default mode, where it removes plaque and dirt hidden in your teeth good for three minutes.

If you have existing gum problems and want a gentler treatment, you might consider switching to Gum Care to massage your gums and promote blood flow.

On the other hand, Pro Clean is a bit more aggressive as it turns up the speed but some users have found that it increased gum irritation so it is best used at your own discretion.

If your teeth or gum is not in good condition, then you might consider Sensitive Care mode.

Another mode you can switch is the Tongue Clean, which essentially makes your tongue healthier.

Last but not least is the Whitening mode. As the name says, it whitens your teeth. They don't guarantee instant results, but they say with consistent use it will lighten your teeth.

  • Pressure Sensor

The Oral-B Genius X Limited is equipped with a pressure sensor to make sure that you're brushing without inflicting pain to your delicate gums and teeth. This is essential to avoid unnecessary force and bleeding.

  • Battery Life 

One of the best reasons why Genius X Limited is your toothbrush on the go is because of it's extended battery life when compared to other standard competitors. Once fully charged, you'll get to use this electric toothbrush good for two weeks' worth of vacation or travel.

  • 2-minute Timer with QuadPacer

Two minutes is the suggested time by dentists to brush your teeth. The QuadPacer helps you make sure that you have brushed your teeth for long enough.

  • Small Round Brush Heads

Oral-B Genius X Limited has fine bristles to remove dirt and plaque for up to 500% more and allow you to have crystal clear teeth.

Unique Features

  • Travel Case

If you're the type who loves to travel the world, Genius X Limited got your back. The compelling electric toothbrush has a travel case included in the package, ready to use.

  • Smart Coaching and Bluetooth

Oral-B's most unique offer is their unique mobile app, which guides you to clean more efficiently and precisely in your toothbrush session.


Whether you have an inquiry to make or an issue to discuss, Oral-B is reachable and has reliable and very responsive agents. You can talk to them through their provided email address, telephone number, or live chat found on their website.

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Our editorial staff evaluates products and services independently, but Best Review Guide may earn money when you click on links. Read our advertising disclosure.


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