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8.5 / 10


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  • Fast and thorough cleaning of the registry
  • Creates a restore point so if any changes are made the user doesn't like everything can be reverted
  • Did find a lot of issues that it was able to resolve quickly 
  • Automatic detection and cleaning really makes it an easy program to use
  • Does not require in depth tech knowledge to fix issues it finds


  • Sometimes the marketing of the product can be a bit much
  • Has somewhat limited full system cleaning power when compared to other industry leaders
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RegClean Pro does its job of cleaning the registry well. It creates a system restore point as a back-up which makes it safe to use. It is equipped with various tools that can help in improving the performance of your computer. Made by Systweak, it can also be purchased for a discounted price along with another application for photos.



RegClean Pro is an application that can be considered a total package. It is filled with a lot of features that aid in improving the performance of your computer. It also does its main job of configuring your computer properly. Each of these features is also easy to use and understand at first glance. This is because one of RegClean Pro’s goals is to help those that are not that knowledgeable in configuring the computer. 

Some of the pros of using the program are the following:

  1. System Back-up Feature – The registry is a very sensitive part of the computer mainly because it is responsible for keeping track of all applications currently installed on the machine. Configuring it will do wonders for the computer. However, it can also cause the system to be corrupted if the application you are using to configure it isn’t good enough. This is why it is important to create a system restore point. This is a specific time frame of the software where it is stable and uncorrupted. In the case of a failed registry defragmentation, the computer can just revert to this and resume its normal operations. Without this, having a failed registry optimization will just lead to your whole software failing to load and needing a full system reformat. 
  2. Computer start-up applications optimizing – Whenever the computer starts up, there will most probably be some applications you may notice that opens up along with it. While some of it may be necessary for you, most of these are usually not and may just be running in the background without being used until shut down. Aside from making the performance of your computer slower while you use it, it may also cause a slower start-up process. RegClean Pro can be used to list all of the applications that are currently opening up along with your computer. From here, you can choose which ones to be allowed. Having less of these will result in less time for start-up so be sure to prioritize only the most necessary applications. Some of the common applications that must be least prioritized include communication applications like Skype and Yahoo messenger which will only run in the background if not use and will still take up some of the RAM of the computer. 
  3. Useful and innovative interface – The interface of an application is necessary for it to become accessible for even the most amateur users. Fortunately, RegClean Pro boasts an intuitive design that one can easily master in one use. Upon opening it, important tools such as Scan Registry Tool, Status of the Computer, Defrag Registry Tool, Setting Tool, and Backup Registry Tool is already seen.
  4. Good customer support – RegClean Pro has a customer support system can be contacted 24/7. You can contact them via e-mail or through the application itself. From here, you can ask for any help that may be in concern with the application such as tools that you are finding difficult to use. 
  5. User-friendly tools – RegClean Pro acknowledges the fact that not all of its users are knowledgeable in using a computer. The Scan Registry tool is specially equipped for this type of users as it shows all of the necessary information about the status of your computer that may be related to why it is currently being slowed down. This includes the current amount of software errors it is experiencing, its current statistics, and the level of damage it is currently suffering from (shown either low, medium, or high). This gives the users a better grasp of the current condition of their computer. 


The registry of the computer keeps track of all of the applications that are currently stored in it. It is an important part of the computer as it is required to be in order and pristine condition for a good performance. Every time you open the machine, the processor always go through the registry to keep track of all the applications that must be closed and opened.

RegClean Pro is an application made by Systweak, a company known for creating computer-optimizing software that is aimed towards improving the performance of your machine. It configures the registry of the computer to make sure that all control and management tasks will be done in order. Once this is done, both hardware and software can run at peak performance.

Why should you clean your registry?

As you use your computer, it is inevitable to have a lot of applications both installed and uninstalled. While this makes it convenient for users to constantly cycle through different ones, it may make the performance of your computer worse. This is because an application registers itself into the registry whenever it is installed. Once uninstalled, remnants of junk may still be in it. Collectively, this may cause a registry that is fragmented and cluttered. 

Cleaning your registry is one of the best ways to improve your computer’s performance. Given that it is responsible for keeping track of all data written in your PC, it may experience a reduced performance if more and more data are constantly added and removed from it. RegClean Pro is a good option for a program that does this. 

Windows has a pre-installed application on your computer called the Registry Editor which can be accessed by those who have more knowledge with this. It is not advised to do so, though, as it may result in the corruption of your system. 

Registry cleaners remove all of this clutter and defragmented. The following are some of the benefits of having your registry cleaned:

  1. Less application crashing – The applications of your computer may eventually crash if too much is stored in your registry. This is because the process of loading them may be slower than usual and may even be jumbled with some of the remnant junk of uninstalled applications. RegClean Pro makes your software more stable.
  2. Better system speed – Constantly uninstalling applications in your computer may leave you with gaps in your registry. This gaps can make the process of loading it less efficient as it will need to load parts of the registry that is not usable anymore instead of directly processing what you need to load. Defragmentation of the registry causes the computer to be more responsive and ready to process at every click.
  3. More accurate system notifications – Another side effect of having a cluttered registry is having system notifications that don’t seem to match with current settings. This is because the information currently stored in your operating system may be outdated. These inconsistencies may result in random notifications for the user that are not vital and or outdated. Defragmentation of the registry results in fewer messages like this.
  4. Better registry health – Over time, the registry can suffer from slower speed in terms of loading because of all of the junk and remnant files left by uninstalled files and applications. Using a registry can solve the problem by erasing all of this and shortening the gap in between the registry data for faster loading. 

RegClean Pro is available for purchase through their website. It is currently priced at $69.95. This includes the following features: invalid registry files fixing, system response time improvement, defragmentation and compaction of the registry, improvement of PC speed, fewer computer crashes, and compatibility for Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, Vista, and XP for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. 

You can also avail a discount available on their website that lets you save up to $40 by paying only $29.95. This also allows you to get another product, Systweak PhotoStudio v2.1. The latter application is used for putting visual effects for images, slideshows and presentations, desktop photo capturing, and more. 

They are offering a 60-day money-back guarantee for those that are not satisfied with the product.


For any inquires in regards to their products, Systweak can be contacted through their e-mail: [email protected]. They also offer a premium support system for those that are currently subscribed to their products. They also offer a FAQ on their website which can be used by those who would like to fix their problems by themselves. You can also choose to subscribe to their newsletter for any updates and discounts on their other products which can be done by registering your e-mail on their website. 

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Our editorial staff evaluates products and services independently, but Best Review Guide may earn money when you click on links. Read our advertising disclosure.


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