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WinZip Registry Optimizer error red text in binary code 0 and 1 system optimizer

9.0 / 10


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  • Fast and easy to clean issues that are found in the scan
  • Did make a noticeable difference on our system
  • Found a lot of issues and resolved them in one scan
  • Made a big difference on startup times, as computer booted up faster


  • Overall a fast and efficient program, but sometimes with speed you sacrifice the depth of issues identified 
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WinZip Registry Optimizer is a registry cleaner and registry optimizer developed by WinZip Computing. WinZip Computing is a utility software developer that has various useful programs to offer, for both Mac computers and Windows PCs. 

The program comes in two versions: you can download the free version of the program or purchase the paid, more complex version.The free version lets you test the software, get familiar with the settings, run a scan and fix up to 15 issues. The paid version gives you full access to all the features of the program. 



WinZip Registry Optimizer aims to find all of the items that are planted deep in your registry in a safe way as to prevent system corruption. It is guaranteed to organize and clean your registry to keep it in peak performance. It can also be used for a faster startup time of your machine.

Some of the pros of using it include:

  1. Boost the performance of your computer – The computer’s performance is greatly affected by the registry. This is because it keeps track of all the applications inside it. WinZip Registry Optimizer uses specialized algorithms to clean the registry. It seeks out any part that is not considered usable anymore and will only contribute to its slow performance. This makes it able to work in the long run.
  2. Make your startup time faster – Whenever you open your computer, it will first run through a process of checking all of the applications currently stored in it. This is a part where the registry comes into play as it keeps track of all of this. Having a lot of files in there especially those that are unnecessary and are considered junk may result in slower startup time. Using WinZip Registry Optimizer can make this process faster by deleting all of these. You may even have a speed boost of up to 5 seconds lessened from the startup.
  3. Simple and user-friendly interface – WinZip Registry Optimizer takes simplicity and usability into priority when it made its application. They acknowledge the fact that most of their users may not be knowledgeable in using the computer. This is why their application is designed to display all of its necessary tools and features to be available with a single click. Aside from this, their design is also intuitive and can be learned instantly at first use.

Upon opening the application, the options Home, Scan, Options, Utilities, and Register will be shown. Each of these corresponds to different features that are easily learned. The utility option is handy as it allows you to access the StartUp manager. This tool shows you all of the applications that open alongside with windows. You can then select to either turn on or turn off a certain application as for you to prioritize only those that will be useful. 

The registry optimizer and scheduling tool are also shown in the utility tab.

  1. Has safety features – Configuring the registry can be a dangerous job. This is because it is a sensitive part of the computer that may result in the corruption of the whole operating system if configured incorrectly. WinZip Registry Optimizer considers this and has created a backup system that creates a restore point for the computer. This is a specific point of time in your computer where your settings allow you to use it as usual. In the case of a failed configuration, the application can just return your computer to this state and let you continue to use it like normal.
  2. Trusted and recommended – According to their website, WinZip Registry Optimizer is a fully trusted application by industry experts. This is an important fact as you should only allow an app to configure something sensitive in your computer if it is fully trustworthy and capable of doing its job. It is also made by WinZip which has made a reputable line of products for computer optimization. 


The registry of the computer is responsible for keeping track of all the low-level settings of the operating system for those using Windows. It can be used by the kernel, services, and accounts manager of the computer. It plays a huge part in ensuring that your computer continues to function normally. 

How does it affect the computer’s performance?

The registry is responsible for keeping track of all of the applications that currently installed on your computer. Once you install one, some of its registry entries may still be left inside it. This is because most of the time, the uninstallers of applications are not as effective as they claim to be. Because of this, some of the space in the registry may not be available for newer ones.

Registry entries allow you to connect an application completely to your computer. For example, it is used by additional hardware such as a printer to configure its settings to your machine. This is why it is important and especially sensitive compared to the other parts of the computer. 

Why should I use a registry optimizer?

A registry optimizer cleans any additional files and entries inside it that are not important anymore. Some of the files included in this are type libraries, missing shared DLLs, unused file extensions, fonts, applications, application paths, help files, run at startup files, obsolete software, unused installers, sound events, windows services, and start menu ordering. 

Upon using it, a registry optimizer will scan your registry for any of these mentioned files. It will then list this out for the user to review the specific parts which are necessary and will be spared from being deleted. This will be listed depending on its importance. After this, the registry will be cleaned from any unnecessary files. 

You can also do this manually with the use of Registry Editor that is a pre-installed application in your computer by Windows. It requires some knowledge with software, though, which makes it inadvisable to be used by amateurs. 

Here are some of the benefits of using the registry optimizer for boosting the performance of your computer:

  1. Remove all the unnecessary junk in your computer – It is inevitable for users to continuously install and uninstall applications as use your computer. While highly convenient, it may take a toll on the health and performance of your computer in the long run. This is because some of the parts of the uninstalled applications may be left in the registry or your hard disk may remain and take up some space. This leads to a registry that is cluttered. This can even affect the performance of your PC in the long run as it will take longer for applications to open. WinZip Registry Optimizer is focused on solving this particular problem with a sensitivity for your files. 
  2. Better system speed – Using a registry cleaner is almost ensured to improve the performance of your computer. This is because there will be fewer entries for the registry to process each time you open an application. Every processing will then be more efficient. 
  3. Less application crashing – A registry that is filled with remnant junk from uninstalled applications may lead to more crashing from your applications. This is because of the slower time for processing what is currently stored on your computer. WinZip Registry Optimizer fixes this and allows your computer to have more stability. 
  4. Fixes your system notifications – Having a registry that is not stable may result in system notifications that are not accurate. This is because some of the remnant files of the applications that are uninstalled may be programmed to give system notifications. This will be no longer needed once they are deleted. 
  5. Better registry health – Having too many entries in your registry may result in the lower speed of it. The reason for this is having too much unnecessary files and entries. WinZip Registry deletes all of these unnecessary files to ensure better registry health.

WinZip Registry Optimizer is available for purchase for the price of $29.95 per year. 

This can also be upgraded to WinZip System Utilities Suite for an additional $5. This upgrade lets you have the whole WinZip Registry Optimizer application along with 20+ other system tools for an additional speed improvement of the computer. It provides a solution for any type of problem that a computer usually faces that causes slower performance. It promises a simple and intuitive interface that lets continuous use. Its main aim is for the improvement of computer speed and system issues fixing.

The application can be paid either through Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or through Paypal. 

It also offers a free trial for those who may want to try its features first before buying it. The free version allows you to scan your registry for any current issues inside it. 


The customer support for WinZip Registry Optimizer can be accessed through their e-mail, [email protected]. They also have an available FAQ on their website for many commonly asked questions. You can also subscribe to their newsletter for any updates regarding their products. 

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Our editorial staff evaluates products and services independently, but Best Review Guide may earn money when you click on links. Read our advertising disclosure.


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