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8.2 / 10


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  • User-friendly features
  • Cloud technology which is versatile and easily accessible
  • Secure service
  • Flexible pricing


  • None
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Sage is an online business accounting and bookkeeping software catered towards different businesses. From small, medium-sized, or even corporates, Sage has features that can be used by each.



Accounting can now be easily done online. Instead of having to do all your bookkeeping and finances in an office, you can now store everything through a cloud server. This new system is called online business accounting.

Sage is a known provider of applications dedicated towards enterprises (ERP software). It was found in 1981 in England. Aside from this, they also offer applications for human resource management, inventory management, customer relationship management, and others which are tailored towards businesses.

How is it used in a business?

The application of Sage is catered towards convenience for its user. Even with its simple interface, it is still filled with features to make accounting and financing easier.

The main purpose of availing Sage is for its user-friendly application and its cloud-connection.

The application of Sage can create data reports, view your current finances, manage taxes, and look at the current financial data of your company.

Its integration to the cloud technology allows its users to manage and view all of their finances online. This removes the need to be stationery and can make it possible for you to manage home businesses with all the tools still present.

What is cloud technology and how can it be used for my business?

Cloud technology is the integration of files which you can access through your computer and other gadgets to an online server. This creates an online folder where different people can access your files as long as they are given the access for this. Once you are connected to the internet, you can gain access to these files.

This is especially handy for those which will handle their business with fewer employees. Since your time may be divided to managing employees, meeting potential customers, and doing something else, you can leave the rest of the work to others or for later once you find a comfortable spot. You can then manage it later once you have time to do so.

What are the benefits of using cloud technology?

If you use Apple technology, then this might not be new for you. This is because cloud technology is used for storing additional images and files that you may want to access if you do not have enough storage left. It is very accessible and easy to use as long as you have access to the internet.

Here are some benefits of using cloud technology:

  1. View all the financial information wherever you are in real time – Since the cloud technology can be availed by anyone with access to the internet and with security access, you can now view important financial information wherever you are. As long as your gadget allows (tablet, computer, or smartphone), this is accessible almost anywhere.
  2. Easy to access to and to use – One of Sage’s main goals is to ensure that the otherwise complicated system of accounting and finance can be done easier. Aside from its easy accessibility, its main features are also easy to use. Important information such as trends, invoices, unpaid dues, and overdue numbers are also stated upon opening.
  3. Easy sync with bank – To ease transactions with money, Sage can be connected to the bank of your choice. This removes the need to manually type your details with every detail. Because of cloud technology (with all of its information stored online), this part is especially necessary.
  4. Better insight of your current financial data – The application of Sage gives a good graphical representation of your current financial data. Upon opening it, you can instantly see tables and graphs that shows current trends. Their application also uses a minimalist and user-friendly interface, with crucial information written in bold for easier viewing.
  5. Additional security for your financial information – Printing your financial information in paper is more secure because you can easily grind those which will not be used. This is why Sage has additional security protocols to make sure that your online information will not be easily accessed. This is done by putting additional protocols for your servers.
  6. Advanced mobile application – Upon reviewing Sage’s application, we can say that is excellently made and catered towards accounting and finance use. From its easily accessible features to its simple design, users will not have a hard time in learning and getting used to the application.

This particular highlight of the application does wonders for its users and is definitely recommended. From its added convenience to its easy integration of current data, business who want to achieve a paperless condition should avail of their services.

Security of Sage Accounting

One of the main concerns for Sage is users who may be wary of its integration to the internet. This is especially highlighted by one of the most notorious incidents of the Apple cloud being hacked back then.

Sage acknowledges this and ensures its users that it takes extra caution in handling their information. Given the sensitive nature of the data they handle, they work hard in order to make sure that their security is impenetrable by any third party. Financial documentation is ensured to be safe with them.

Highlights of Sage

Aside from its use of cloud technology, Sage also promises the following highlights that makes them stand out from over 35 years of experience in the business application industry. Their accounting software is ensured to have:

  1. Affordability – Sage’s prices depend on the number of features that will be accessed, therefore being accessible by any business no matter the number of users. Their monthly subscription plans will be discussed later.
  2. Intuitive and simple design – Once you are subscribed to the application, you can easily start and manage an account. From here, you can use their accounting and finance features. This is guaranteed to be done without delay.
  3. Accessibility – All of the information about your finances is listed in a simple and accessible manner. This is because these can be viewed as long as you are connected to the internet no matter your location.
  4. Easy business communication – One of the handy tools of the application is its capability for collaboration within a team or the accountant of your company. This allows better communication for any complaints and suggests one may make while viewing the data. It can also serve as a medium for giving out instructions.
  5. Constantly updated – The application is constantly updated to be compliant to any legislative changes made. This can include anything about tax and the likes. This is especially handy whenever balancing books.
  6. Tailored interface – The application easily displays all of the important information including reports, scorecards, finances, and key metrics.


    Overall, Sage is a very recommendable accounting application. Its main highlight is its integration to the cloud system which makes the information in it very accessible for its users. It also enables better collaboration for each user. It is rich in features that make it easier to manage accounting and finances. It also has a pricing scheme that is flexible depending on the size of the business which will be using it. Its interface is easy to follow and to use. It tells the current real-time events that are happening in their business through comprehensive graphs and charts that provide important data. Those who are having doubts about its security given its online integration can use its free trial to decide whether it’s worth it or not.

Sage can be availed monthly.

It offers two plans: Accounting Start and Accounting.

The accounting start plan is available for $14. It promises instant online quoting. This plan is catered towards sole traders and for those handling micro businesses. Included in its features are cloud integration, product tracking, product and service selling, and easy invoicing. Through this, you can also track what you are owed. You can also connect to a bank for easier flow of money.

The second plan is Accounting which is priced at $30. This more upgraded than the earlier plan as it is especially catered towards start-up businesses and small established ones. Included in its features are book balancing, payment receiving (multi-currency compatibility), additional security, and accounting collaboration. Also included is bank connecting, real-time reports, quote generation and estimating, invoice purchase records, and cash flow statements.

This variation in terms of price allows users of all types of businesses to avail for their service. It matches the exact features that smaller businesses will be using and the amount that they may be willing to pay for it.

For those looking for more features that are more specific in terms of use, you can use also try Sage 50cloud service which has more to offer for accounting purposes.

They also offer a free trial for those who may want to try their services.


Phone: 1 (866) 996-7243

Social media: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube


There’s also a very comprehensive training and support section on their website.

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Our editorial staff evaluates products and services independently, but Best Review Guide may earn money when you click on links. Read our advertising disclosure.


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