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9.2 / 10


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  • Can download and install drivers with a couple of clicks
  • Has a flexible restore tool
  • Has an interface that is easy to use
  • Affordable pricing plans



  • Free version only allows two drivers to be updated per day
  • Has a limited customer support system


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DriverMax is a driver updater product made by Innovative Solutions. It is available for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10. It is designed to enable users to scan, back-up, restore, and update the drivers of their computer with just a couple of clicks. It is a popular choice for many because of its ease of usage and its user-intuitiveness. The application comes in both a paid and a free version. It was released back in 2007.

There are a lot of concerns about applications that can be downloaded online which claim to be able to fix the computer’s issue. This is mostly attributed to its aggressive advertising tactics that may be quite annoying for some especially if it comes in the form of pop-ups. They may also be everywhere on different websites. Aside from this, some may also be scared of the possibility that these applications are only mere viruses which may infiltrate their computer in the guise of being a computer optimizing application.

DriverMax is a completely safe application that delivers all that it promises. It is capable of updating the drivers of the computer and making the whole process easy for users.



How does it work?

The drivers of the computer are responsible for making the hardware parts and the operating system communicate. It is a set of files created by the hardware’s manufacturers to enable the computer’s parts to function with each other. Without it, parts such as the motherboard, the video cards, and the audio cards will be totally unusable. 

The Windows operating system already has a built-in driver updater that can be accessed through the Control Panel. However, using this may be quite difficult if the user is not that knowledgeable about the computer. This is because it requires the user to manually check all of the drivers of the PC one-by-one, scan for its most recent versions, and then download this. They will also not be given a chance to create a backup version which will be especially useful in case the installation fails.

With DriverMax, users can simply update the drivers with only a few clicks. The application scans for the drivers of the PC, creates a backup of it, downloads it to the computer, and then installs. It is primarily targeted for users who are new with computers and those who want to save time. Users can easily be comfortable with using the app because of its easy interface. 

Aside from this, the application can also help users whose drivers are experiencing issues or glitches. This can be because of a failed update or a corrupted driver. The application can help fix this through its backup feature and its driver restore feature. 


There are a large number of different licensing options available with DriverMax. When we were looking at the purchase process it seemed to be on sales for around $39, but we have seen it drop down when it goes on special. 


System Requirements

As mentioned above, the application is available for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10. This is for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Its minimum system requirements are the following:

  • A processor that is either Intel Celeron, Pentium, or Atom
  • At least 2GB of RAM
  • Any video cards

As seen in its requirements, it can be downloaded by most users. However, users should ensure that they have a good internet connection as the app will need to download files directly from the website of the manufacturers of the hardware parts. 

Unlike other applications, DriverMax first asks for permission before scanning the computer. This is a great difference as other users may not be comfortable with an application gaining access to their data without their permission.

The scan of the computer only takes a couple of minutes to finish or longer if there are a lot of drivers within the computer. After this, the application will notify the user about the specific drivers which need to be updated. Information such as the name of the driver, which hardware it is for, and date when it was updated will be shown. The driver can also show the user their computer’s specifications including their RAM, remaining hard drive space, processor, and more. 

Users will then be asked for permission once again to update the drivers that it has scanned. The number of drivers that needs to be updated will be shown. 

Updating with a free or Pro version

For the free version, users will be limited to having only two driver updates. This includes the download and installation of the files. Although limited in terms of drivers that can be updated, it is still a good deal as the user is given the chance to see the condition of their computer and update its drivers, albeit slower. 

Owners of the Pro version, on the other hand, can update all of these drivers with just a single click no matter how many it is. The application is only required to remain open in the background as it updates the drivers of the computer. The time for the process will depend upon various factors such as the speed of the internet, the number of drivers to be updated, and the condition of the computer. 

Updating the driver is important to ensure that the computer will always be at peak performance. First, it ensures that any bugs and glitches that it experiences will be fixed. These will come directly from the manufacturer’s website to ensure the best quality. Next, the lifetime of the hardware will also be extended. Users will not be required to constantly replace their hardware parts as drivers enable them to run newer applications with higher resource demands. Finally, updating the drivers of the computer can also increase the security of the computer.

Backup Tool

The drivers of the computer are important to ensure that the hardware will always communicate properly. Because of this, users should always be wary whenever updating the driver. This is because there can be cases when a driver fails to fully install and become corrupted. These are failed installations that may cause more issues rather than fix. However, rather than simply deleting the drivers and making the hardware return to its most basic driver, users can simply use a backup version. 

The backup tool of DriverMax allows users to create a copy of the current drivers that are currently installed in the computer. This will be stored in a folder depending upon the user’s option. This folder will then be used by the application in case they want to make a driver return to its former form. 

Restore Tool

The Restore tool can be used by the application whenever a driver fails to update properly and if it is currently experiencing issues. It will look for the backup file that has been stored by the user. This restores the driver back to a specific version which the user prefers.

It has four ways for restoring the drivers.

First, it has a ‘Restore from a system restore point’. This option restores the computer back to a specific set of settings that it had before. This means that all the drivers, system settings, and application configurations will be back to its previous version. In comparison to the other features, this one is the best to use if there are multiple drivers that need to be returned to its previous version due to various reasons such as a failed installation or the presence of bugs. However, users should take note that this completely restores the computer back to its previous versions and removes newer-made and newly downloaded files from the PC.

The second is the ‘Restore from a previously created backup’. This tool is for those who want to update only a couple of drivers in the computer. Users simply need to select the drivers to be configured with and select the version that they want it to revert back to. Only drivers which they have a backup for will be available for this tool.

The third is the ‘Restore using a driver rollback’. This feature allows the user to select a driver which will be reverted back to one version. The files that will be used for this will come from Windows. 

The last option is the ‘Restore using a previously downloaded driver’. This tool allows users to restore a driver back to an old version that the user has downloaded before. This means that they can still backup certain drivers even if they do not have a backup stored for it. 

Aside from the advantages when installing a driver, Pro users will also be able to have an instant download start for their drivers. They can also have hourly driver checks to see if their drivers have been updated by its manufacturers lately. They will also gain access to download priority, signed driver update only, customer support, simultaneous driver downloads, and automated driver installation.


The interface of DriverMax is built to be easy for all users to use. From downloading, installation, and updating the drivers, the application guides the users. The icons used in the application are also helpful for users to know its purpose. Lastly, all of its features are arranged in a neat way in a minimalist interface.


DriverMax’s customer support is quite limited. They only offer an FAQ that can be seen through their website. The questions answered here include those about billing, features, and installation process. Users can also submit a customer ticket support, with the date of reply varying. The application also has a list of drivers that the application can download to the computer’s system, with information including the version of Windows it is for and its manufacturer.  

The application does not have a live chat support system which can be quite helpful for immediate responses.

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Our editorial staff evaluates products and services independently, but Best Review Guide may earn money when you click on links. Read our advertising disclosure.


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