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Mitch By: Mitch | Last updated June 6, 2021

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10.0 / 10


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  • Huge DataBase of drivers ensures 100% matches
  • Great 24/7 customer service 
  • Easy to use for any computer user


  • Nothing found that was worse than other products
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DriverFix is a great program that has been in development for several years. We can say that the amount of effort put in is evident when using the program. It will quickly and efficiently scan your system for out of date drivers, and then find the right ones in your database to update your system to use whatever you want. If you are tired of searching the internet just as you plug in your new digital camera, get rid of the delay in using your new equipment and with DriverFix. 



Updating drivers on computer systems might be one of the most annoying things to do . We have all been in the same situation where you get a new phone, camera, keyboard, monitor or any of the new pieces of electronics that are coming out. It won't connect for some reason, and just won't work. Usually it is due to a driver being out of date, as most times drivers are updated in between the initial creation of the software and the time you get your product home. Now the fun begins where you type in the model of the equipment you have and drivers. Everyone claims to have a recent driver, so you download the first one which isn't what you need. Then you download another one but it's for a 64 bit operating system and not the one you are running on your system. 

This is where driver updating products come in handy, and where DriverFix really shines. We spoke to the creator of this product and they let us know that there are years of development and refinement that went into not only ensuring the program works for as many people as possible, but that the program works well and finds the right drivers for the right system. 

DriverFix is a really light program and is super easy to install. The scan ran very quickly and found all of the drivers that we made out of date on our test machines, and even some that were very recently out of date to the point we hadn't even marked them in the test bunch. The efficacy of the database was also very impressive as many times we will test a product and find that it will find all the drivers that are out of date but their suggested updates are not the most current ones. We have found that the DriverFix database must be updated by a pretty big team as they seem to have everything covered. To get rid of the worry of ever needing to find the right drivers is gone, because for the price of DriverFix we think that it is worth it to find that one initial driver that is out of date and also keep you updated for the next year; so no more issues should be encountered. 

And, if there is any reason that it isn't working for you, DriverFix offers 24/7 support and even has live chat. These customer support reps really knew their stuff when we contacted them which was very impressive. So really you are left with a good product, good support and a good experience. This is why we have them in our number one spot for all automatic driver updating programs.

Features of DriverFix

  • Quick Scans. When you boot up DriverFix for the first time, it would automatically perform the driver scanning process. It would find every driver installed on your computer and find out the ones that need to be updated. This whole process would only take a few minutes at most. 

  • Detailed reports. After scanning, DriverFix would provide very detailed reports regarding the drivers in your computer. The reports include the version number, release date, etc. And it would also display the appropriate updates for any drivers that need them. All you have to do is simply click the download button. 

  • Massive driver database. DriverFix has a massive database of downloadable drivers for numerous devices from multiple brands. And if there are any new updates available, they would automatically be added to the database. This way, you would only need to access their database, rather than having to check multiple manufacturer's websites for new updates. 

  • Direct-download. DriverFix has the ability to directly download the update files from within the application itself. Thanks to this useful feature, you could simply click a button, and then DriverFix would directly download it for you instead of having to open your browser and navigate to the download page. 

  • Bulk downloads. Another useful download feature is the bulk downloads. You could choose to download your driver updates one at a time. But you could also download everything at once if you want. Thanks to its advanced download manager, DriverFix could download numerous update files at the same time.

  • Driver backup. This is one of the most important features of DriverFix. A driver backup makes it possible for you to back up your driver before you decide to update them. So in case something wrong happened, you could always easily refer your drivers back to their initial state.

  • Schedule Manager. DriverFix also has a schedule manager that allows you to create a schedule of when you want certain functions to be initiated. Whether it's the scans, the downloads, or even the backup, you could create a schedule for it and let DriverFix do the job for you.

  • Lightweight. DriverFix is a very lightweight software. The total size of the software is just around 20 MB, so it will take seconds to download. It would also take little to no time to set up and with such a small size, it also takes seconds to boot up. Once you open it up, you won't even notice the difference in your overall performance. Unless you decide to download lots of updates at the same time, then it might have a small impact on your performance.

DriverFix comes with a yearly license program as most software titles do now. Their plans are pretty reasonable for amount of frustration it can save. 

As the prices change for your geo location to your currency you can expect to pay around $19.99 USD for one computer and save money with the more license keys that you purchase.

They have a family plan as well as a corporate plan if you need to add more systems. The more keys you purchase the cheaper the price.


DriverFix is both a light and effective way to keep all your drivers up to date. It had one of the quickest installs and scans of all the programs we tested, and when we looked at the results of the scans we were really impressed. They were able to identify drivers that weren't even causing us issues. Out of all the planted out of date drivers we installed we found that DriverFix identified them and then a bit more with the drivers we didn't even know were out of date.


DriverFix offers 24/7 support and you can contact them via email , or Live Chat which is amazing as there is nothing more frustrating than having issues without anyone to help.

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Our editorial staff evaluates products and services independently, but Best Review Guide may earn money when you click on links. Read our advertising disclosure.


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