Top 10 Extended Car Warranties

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated September 26, 2020

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Intro to extended auto warranties

Extended car warranties are recommended for those whose original car manufacturer warranties are expiring. These plans reimburse users whose vehicles suffer from mechanical breakdown. They range in terms of features, coverage, and pricing. 


Autopom! – Their service tops our list because of their comprehensive plans and generous benefits. They are a popular choice as they offer good rates for both newer and older vehicles. They are based in California and currently has a rating of A+ in the Better Business Bureau. Customers have 20 plans to choose from that differ in terms of mileage, pricing, and benefits which allow flexibility for customers. 

Toco Warranty

Toco Warranty – Based in California, Toco Warranty is known for their good customer service and easy subscription process. Their plans are grouped into 4 simple categories, each with a comprehensive set of features. They offer unique packages for technology including electronic high tech, modern features, and more. Their plans can be cancelled any time which makes them an easy choice for many. 

AA Auto Protection

Their service has one of the most diverse set of plans offered with more than 20. They are one of the few to offer nation-wide coverage. Signing up to their service is fast and easy because of their knowledgeable customer service. They offer a 30-day money back guarantee in case users are not satisfied with their service. 

Endurance Auto Warranty

This is one of the most popular choices because of their good coverage length, flexible payment options, and knowledgeable customer support. With only 3 plans offered, they still manage to satisfy most users’ needs because of their plans’ coverages and features. These plans are generous in terms of mileage, with the maximum for coverage being 160,000 miles. They also let their users use any car repair service.  We have done a full review of Endurance Auto Warranty and found them to be a top tier choice.

Warranty Direct

They offer nationwide services for cars used up to five years or up to 100,00 miles. They offer an average set of plans, with 9 in total which covers engine, transmission, and minor components. They have a generous 60-day money back guarantee. Users will be required to pay $100 for down payment and another for deductible if the vehicle ends up in the shop. 


They are one of the most known extended car warranty services because of their flexible contracts and coverages.  They offer nation-wide coverage to vehicles up to seven years of age and 150,000 mileage. Their plans average for up to $1,500 for five years. They offer plans from powertrain up to exclusionary (bumper to bumper).  

USAA Auto Insurance

This is available for the members of USAA which are mainly active Armed Forces members, retired ones, and their family members. As such, their plans are made friendlier for them, with benefits that range from unlimited days of rental car coverage up to contract extension for those who will be deployed. They offer plans for standard coverage and exclusionary ones. 

American Standard Auto Protection (ASAP)

They offer three plans that range from basic part coverage up to exclusionary ones. They are known for their lengthy and generous coverages. Included in their features is rental car coverage which reimburses users whose cars will be sent for repairs. 


They offer coverage that lasts up to five years or 120,000 miles. They offer nationwide coverage. The only downside to their service is their strict car acceptance process which makes it hard to be eligible. 

Protect My Car

They offer flexible payments which can reach up to 42 months. They offer both 24/7 roadside assistance and rental car reimbursement. They offer up to 3 service plans.