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Who has the best online fax for this year?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated September 11, 2021

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Online faxing is the modern equivalent of the traditional fixing that gives it more accessibility with its internet access. It is common technology for most businesses nowadays because of the additional privacy it adds to the messages, its lower maintenance costs, and the wider number of recipients that can receive faxes through this.

While the main selling point of online faxing services is its internet capabilities, users must also look at a number of factors to ensure they will pick the best for their offices. The following are the top 10 online faxing services for 2021.

#1 RingCentral Fax

RingCentral Fax RingCentral takes the top spot in our list with its generous faxing page allotment and their affordable pricing which can allow users to pay as little as $3.9 cents per page. Their service also comes with the best office application compatibility that makes it the best option for office work. They also go the extra mile with their application features and document security protocols. Lastly, they lead the market for online faxing services with their VoIP technology which can be integrated. 


  • Has a mobile application
  • Can offer unlimited page allotment
  • Good prices for the number of pages and quality
  • Compatible with a lot of office apps


  • Unlimited faxing is limited only for USA and Canada
  • Plans are friendlier for bigger businesses
#2 HelloFax

HelloFax – Their service is one of the simplest to operate but still comes with the basics of online faxing and some more. HelloFax’s highlight is their low pricing for international faxes that do not need a separate plan to purchase. They also have one of the best security and payment protocols compared to other services. Being a product of HelloSign, they also have digital signatures as one of their best features. Those who are looking for abundant features even for the most affordable plans will not be disappointed.


  • Has document security and privacy as priority
  • Has a very simple interface which can be learned easily
  • The best app for digital signing


  • On the expensive end in terms of pricing
  • Has no phone support


#3 TrustFax

TrustFax– This faxing service takes a good spot in our list because of its seamless subscription, installation, and usage process. Their service is tightly packed for easy and convenient usage which makes it easy to learn. Their customer support is also one of the most responsive and informative compared to other brands. Their faxing features and online application integration manage to match those of other brands. Their security features are also top-notch. The only downside is their unfriendly price packages which may not be convenient for all users. 


  • Has one of the best customer support systems
  • The transition to and usage of their service is seamless and easy
  • Good set of features and security protocols
  • Permanent uptime


  • Does not have a mobile app
  • Pricing plans are not worth its value


#4 SFax

SFax – This service is the most recommended for offices that deal with medical records as they are one of the few who are HIPAA compliant. Their data privacy and security measures are not rivaled by any other services which also gives them one of the most expensive pricing plans. Aside from the mentioned security features, the service justifies its prices with its abundant reliable and innovative features that makes online faxing a breeze. This comes in the form of easy number porting, office app integration, and many more.


  • The best choice for those handling medical records
  • Has a solid user interface 
  • Has a good customer support
  • Has a mobile application 


  • More expensive than other services

  • Phone support is only for higher priced plans
#5 MyFax

MyFax – MyFax is able to offer a lot of valuable features for a good price that are all contained in one simple interface for easy usage. Users can learn the ins-and-outs of the fox's interface in no time given its simplicity and user-intuitive controls. The service boasts its huge allotment for storage and its good customer service availability. It also has great support for different file formats, accepting up to 178 types of files. This allows for more convenience for both the sender and the receiver. Finally, their system has good customer support that can immediately answer concerns and inquiries. The only downside to their services is their expensive pricing plans.


  • Offers unlimited storage
  • Has an informed and responsive customer support
  • Has a user-intuitive interface
  • Can offer a preview of the fax before being sent


  • On the expensive end in terms of pricing
  • Has separate pricing for sent and receive faxes


#6 Nextiva Fax

Nextiva Fax – Nextiva is one of the most popular and premier faxing services that is also known for their VoIP services. It boasts of high-quality faxing for affordable pricing. The service also has a permanent uptime which prevents two callers from your line from getting a busy signal. Transitioning to their service is also very easy as they allow number porting. In case users want to check out their services before paying, they can also avail of their generous free trial which gives 30 days of free usage. Their security protocols and online encryption is also top-notch.


  • Premier service and features for affordable pricing
  • Has great price to page ratio
  • Friendly for both small and big businesses
  • Has multiple notification features


  • Limited features (no digital signatures, international faxing, etc)
  • Does not have a mobile application


#7 MetroFax

MetroFax – MetroFax’s best selling point is their simple pricing for every page for faxing which is especially friendly for smaller businesses. They also have good pricing plans for larger page requirements, with an offer of 2,500 pages for the price of $35.95 per month. The service offers unlimited storage. Users are also given an interface that has a lot of features but is, however, quite dated in terms of design. They also have great support for multiple major file formats including TXT, PDF, DOCX, DOC, RT, and more. Lastly, their faxes are secured by SSL and TLS to ensure good encryption.


  • Unlimited storage and cloud storage capabilities
  • Friendly plans for all budget types
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Flexible for a lot of file formats


  • Cannot send to international fax numbers
  • Has a dated web interface


#8 SRFax

SRFax – SRFax fills the gap for individual users who would like an online faxing plan that does not give them good prices for a reasonable amount of pages. The service offers pricing plans for as low as $3.29 monthly which is one of the cheapest in comparison to other services. Aside from this, all of their plans except for the cheapest one offers a 60-day free trial for its users before charging which shows how confident they are with their product. The service also covers the basics of a faxing service including a good web interface, nationwide coverage, and abundant file formats.


  • Has affordable pricing plans for both individual and business usage
  • Has a 60-day free trial for almost all of its plans
  • Compliant with HIPAA
  • Good web service design
  • Compatible with most file formats


  • Lacking in some features


#9 eFax

eFax – eFax might be limited in terms of its pricing plans, with only two to offer, but it makes sure that customers will be satisfied with subscribing to them. The faxing service has multiple ways for delivering their faxes including a unique extension for MS Word. The service also has a good mobile application which is one of its highlights because of its simplicity, its intuitive controls, and its overall design.

Users may be disappointed, though, with the setup fees required for both of its plans which make it hard to transition to their service with less budget. Some may also find the lack of more plans too restrictive in terms of pricing and pages allotted.


  • Has a unique extension for sending faxes through MS Word
  • Has a digital signature feature
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Has a 24/7 available customer support


  • Pricing plans are not flexible depending on budget and number of pages allotted
  • Has high set-up fees for both of its plans


#10 – is another faxing service made by J2 Global which makes it quite similar to TrustFax. However, this particular service excels in its mobility with its numerous accepted file formats. Its interface is also very easy to use. The service has good security and privacy measures for its faxes. Its uptime is also quite reliable.

Users may be quite disappointed with the inability to port numbers which makes it hard to transition to their service. It also does not have a mobile application. Lastly, the service offers quite expensive plans.


  • Has good security and privacy measures
  • Good infrastructure that has high uptime rate
  • Has a 30-day free trial
  • Has a toll-free numbers for 50 states


  • Prices are on the expensive side
  • Has no discounts if users will pay annually
  • Only has a few plans and options for users