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Which are the best e-fax companies on the market right now?

Kelly Avatar By: Kelly | Last updated January 22, 2020

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There are a lot of terms used to describe faxing through the internet: internet faxing, e-faxing, online faxing, digital faxing, virtual faxing and other. However, they are all referring to the same thing: online faxing is the technology used to send and receive faxes via the internet, instead of using the PSTN.

What are the advantages of e-faxing?

Online faxing works with or without a fax machine, which is a big advantage this technology has over traditional faxing. You can use a computer, your smartphone or a conventional fax machine, it will work either way. That reduces your costs a lot, since you are no longer forced to invest in fax machines. Same goes for paper, because online faxing is a paperless technology (which is also great news for the environment/fewer cut trees).

  • fax services usually support all the major text/image formats, from TXT, PDF, RTF to JPEG, PNG, GIF and more.

Most online fax services have mobile apps, too, and they are usually compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

The fact that it uses internet protocols to send and receive faxes makes e-faxing a versatile technology. You can send and receive faxes no matter where you are located on the globe, as long as you have an internet connection.

Which are some of the best e-fax companies to consider?

RingCentral is without a doubt among the most popular and appreciated internet fax services on the market. This cloud service is budget-friendly, it has a mobile app, a rich set of features to offer and great security tools. There are 4 plans to choose from, with the most affordable one starting from only $12.99/month (for 750 free fax pages/month).

eFax is another great service to consider. eFax has more than 11 million customers worldwide and has mobile apps (compatible with iOS and Android devices). The mobile apps work flawlessly and have a straightforward interface. eFax has 3 available plans, with the cheapest one starting from $16.95/month. However, this plan is a bit limited in number of fax pages included (only 150 per month). eFax offers free local, international and toll-free numbers. Customer support is available around the clock.

HelloFax. HelloFax is a great option especially for businesses with lighter faxing needs. HelloFax has a generous 30-day free trial and 5 plans to choose from. The service gives you the option to pay as you go, charging you 99 cents per fax for up to 10 pages. Additional pages will cost you 20 cents per page. HelloFax is characterized by user-friendliness and it offers international faxing at no additional cost.

MyFax is a great option to consider regardless if you are an individual or a business. This e-faxing service offers local numbers, international numbers and toll-free ones. It is among the most versatile internet fax services on the market when it comes to supported formats, with support for almost 180 file formats. Their cheapest plan starts from $14.72/month and includes 100 sent pages and 200 received.

MetroFax. MetroFax might be the most affordable online fax service you can find. It has plans starting from just $7.95/month and the offer is really generous in number of pages included: 500 pages per month. MetroFax comes with a user-friendly mobile app, integrations with Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and a free 30-day trial.