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Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated March 10, 2021

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Voice over Internet Protocols of VoIPs are the modern way for communication for both residential and business usage. It allows two users that are using different platforms to communicate. For example, someone using a computer can call a mobile phone. This is done through the internet which is why most users can readily avail of the service. These are very common nowadays because it is much more affordable for most users. This also comes with a lot of unique features such as E-911 integration, unlimited international calls, and more.

Choosing the best service for you will depend on a lot of factors. This is because there are those that prioritize giving plans for business users while some are more residentially inclined. Some also prefer pricing their users by the minutes of calling while some give all-out plans which are generous in minutes. Users should also ensure that the quality of the calls of a company is always good especially if they are going to use it in a business setting. Lastly, in case they want to have specific features, they must review the different services thoroughly.

Our first choice – RingCentral Enterprise and Residential

RingCentral is an easy choice for many businesses because of its cloud-based network. This allows integrations with multiple business apps, making it easier to connect it to the VoIP system. The company was founded in 1999 and is based in California. Their system is compatible with multiple IP phones including Polycom and Cisco. Users can also freely connect any of their softphones and phone hardware into their system as long as it is compatible for VoIP usage. They also offer their own phones and hardware in case users would like it to be included in their pricing plan.

With RingCentral, businesses who plan to pursue a long contract with the company will be assigned with a business representative who will optimize their pricing plans based on the calling needs of the company. They will also make the transition easier to their system.

RingCentral offers a call center option for those who need 24/7 available services. Their business features are also very compatible and diverse to be able to match any business’ needs. This includes unlimited conferencing, faxing, analytics, and more.

Although their plans may be more expensive than usual residential plans, they make up for this with their features that allow homes to have access to small business-capable tools. This can be seen with their affordable plans for their international calling, toll-free calls, and more.

RingCentral is our best option because of its flexibility in terms of the usage of the users, ranging from businesses up to residential usage. Their features are also innovative and useful for a lot of users. Their pricing plans are also flexible depending on the number of users, the plan you would like to use, and the specific features that you will use. The only downside to their service is the lack of unlimited international calls for the residential plan.

Our second choice – takes a high place in our reviews because of its easy accessibility. In fact, users can enjoy a 30-day free trial upon signing up to test the different features of the company. This may also let you check if their services are compatible with your location of usage. is one of the most customer-friendly services which can be seen with their affordable pricing plans. They also offer to ship the hardware that you will order from them without shipping costs. Aside from this, their features are helpful for most users which include toll-free numbers and voicemail transcription.

With, users are given access to different tools that can make calling easier. Business users are given features such as auto attendants, call transfer, and call routing. Their conferencing tools are also good, offering high-quality tools. They have conference bridges that can support up to 300 users which is more than enough for most. With their menu, users can easily see details about incoming calls as to control their calls better. Transitioning to their service is easy as users can port their numbers to their service. Users can also pay for additional features such as call recording and voicemail transcription if needed.

Their pricing plans differ in terms of the minutes that you will need along with features. They also have an unlimited calling feature.

As seen in these plans and features, is an easy choice for those looking for an approachable service. Transition to their service is also very easy. Their pricing plans are very friendly. The fact that they offer free service for the first 30 days is also a good way to know if their services are for you.

Our third choice – Nextiva

If RingCentral is packed with a lot of features aimed towards targeting almost all possible needs of a user, Nextiva is focused on giving the most affordable prices for their target customers which are mostly small to medium-sized business. They offer quality service that rivals other services that gives it its high place in our list. They also offer several tiers for their plans, ranging from residential, small business, and up to enterprises. They boast ten servers all around North America which makes it easier to respond to customer needs and for back-up. Nextiva has one of the best qualities for calls among other VoIP services.

Nextiva uses the NextOS management system which contains all of the features of the service. It has a streamlined and accessible interface that makes it easy to configure settings and to accept and make calls. It also allows easy call routing for users. Nextiva requires its users to have a hardware IP phone along with conference phones. These can be ordered from them. You may also use your own hardware if you have the ATA adapters for it.

The service has a notable feature which allows up to five call routing options involving regular, circular, uniform, simultaneous, and weighted which is especially helpful for remote sales and for customer support. They also have an auto attendant that makes it easier to entertain multiple callers. They also have good conferencing tools which can run multiple conference bridges. For CRM integrations, the service uses the Tenfold platform. They also have integration with office applications such as ZenDesk and Cloud. They also have an extension for Internet Explorer and Firefox. They also have a mobile application for iPhone, Windows mobile, and Android.

Our fourth choice – Axvoice

Axvoice is the option for those looking for a service that is suitable for both business and residential use in terms of features. The service is based in the US and Canada and offers multiple plans for users. The prices for these depend upon the needs of the user. One of the standout plans for Axvoice is their pay as you go plan that charges 1.5c per minute. This plan is sought-for by many especially those that will not always need to answer or make calls but still needs the service.

They offer affordable plans for those who plan to make calls for US and Canada along with international calling. They even offer unlimited minutes for calling in these areas.

Their business plans are friendlier for home offices and smaller businesses. They offer generous minutes for calls in the US and Canada.

Their features are useful for a variety of needs. This includes 3-way calling, blacklisting, E-911 support, caller ID, and more. They also have a mobile application that can be used for both Apple and Mobile phones.

Choosing the best VoIP service for you

Our ranking is based on a holistic review of the different services where the higher-ranked ones are more compatible and recommended for generally all users. However, users should still ensure that they have their own priorities in terms of the specific features that they will use. For example, some VoIPs may be more compatible for those looking for residential usage features. Some are also more inclined towards enterprises and businesses which can be seen in their conferencing tools. Lastly, the pricing plans of the services must also be reviewed. We have looked at and reviewed a lot of voip providers, so if you are looking for more info just take a look at who with think is the best voip provider.