ZOTA 21mm Long-Throw Orbital Buffer Polisher Review

Mitch By: Mitch | Last updated June 16, 2021

ZOTA Polisher with 30' Cord
ZOTA Polisher with 30' Cord features
ZOTA Polisher on red roof of car
ZOTA Polisher with 30' Cord paint polishing
ZOTA Polisher with 30' Cord kit
ZOTA Polisher with 30' Cord size

8.1 / 10


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  • Excellent pricing.
  • Pretty good build quality
  • 30 foot power cord
  • Suitable for beginners and professionals.


  • Overall design leads to issues
  • Uncomfortable to hold.
  • Same issue with speed dial and power seen in this design
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Are you looking for an budget-priced entry-level car polisher? Then the ZOTA 21mm  Long-Throw Orbital is your go-to polisher if you are trying to save a few bucks without comprising the performance you desire. Built with quality Chinese craftsmanship, the uniquely build ZOTA 21mm  has a straightforward goal: completely eradicate existing paint imperfections to make your car stand out visually.  Although that is generally the goal of all polishers, we can’t give a thumbs up to Zota on this polisher.

While we can’t compare it to the Rupes LHR 15ES Big Foot Random Orbital based on their prices we can compare it to other budget options. Read our full review to find out why we suggest taking a look at a different model rather than this one.

Their starter kit isn't bad for $99 as it includes:

  • Orange pad – best for scratches.
  • Yellow pad – used for polishing.
  • Blue pad – very ideal for fine polishing and waxing.
  • Cleaning towel.

But compared to SPTAs bundle we just can't suggest getting this one.



Although it may have a very awkward speed dial and power button placement, but it still offers promising features to satisfy your car care needs. This low priced unit offers the following features:

  • Different Speeds to Choose. Take complete control of the ZOTA 21mm  buffer polisher’s speed by adjusting the easy-slide speed dial, and you will get 2000 – 4800 rotations per minute (RPM).

  • Guaranteed Garage Productivity. Got an old polisher and tired of the noise and vibration it produces? This model did a pretty decent job at balancing price , and irritations from vibration feedback and sound.

  • Full Polisher Control. Everybody has their preference when it comes to holding their car polisher. ZOTA offers two ways of gripping: either to the head or the detachable handle even a left-handed person can hold.

  • Correct More Surface Area. With the ZOTA 21mm  long-throw orbital buffer polisher, you can remove more car imperfections at a larger surface area which lets you get your desired results in no time.

  • Wide Variety of Attachments. Enhance your polishing experience with ZOTA’s generous extras that are included in the product on Amazon. There are pads of different colors with different purposes that you can use while having the Velcro backing plate keep it in place for an uninterrupted polishing experience. 

The company may still be new to the detailing world, but it has received overwhelmingly positive reviews on Amazon with over 460 customer ratings, generating 4.7 stars out of 5. But we still keep coming back to the same issue that is found on this style of polisher related to power buttons being to close for comfort.


  • RPM

Customize your polishing experience with the ZOTA 21mm  long-throw polisher’s 6-speed dial on top of the polisher’s tail. Clicks can be heard as you adjust the dial, and you will get 2000 – 5200 rotations per minute (RPM).


  • Distance of Throw

As its name says, the ZOTA 21mm  buffer polisher is long-throw – meaning you can cover more surface area, speeding up the removal of any car imperfections you spot.


  • Ergonomics

As we inspect this seemingly reliable car polisher closer, we have made a firm conclusion: the ZOTA 21mm ’s overall design fell short. Like many customers have mentioned, these are the ergonomic issues that we found:

  • The power button is hard to push, and you need to keep your thumb in place while gripping the machine.
  • With the speed dial’s placement, you are most likely to switch speeds unintentionally – which is annoying on our part.

Who would not get disappointed if a machine you paid for does has a very unideal design? We appreciate the effort of ZOTA, but the 21mm  polisher’s design reflects the short-time investment of their engineering team.

Regardless, this car polisher is pretty bulky, weighing 7.54 lbs., but not too much. 

Although handles are grippy, we do not find the ZOTA 21mm  buffer polisher comfortable to hold.


  • Handle

The ZOTA 21mm  buffer polisher offers you two ways of handling the machine: either grab the head or grip on its handle. Go and follow your preference, and you will see no difference as you control it.


  • Attachments and Extras

Despite its economical pricing, the Jinhua-based ZOTA has a lot more to offer than its 21mm  buffer polisher – and these are the free extra pads.

Polishing pads are the main stars in the world of detailing. Without them, you will not be able to remove any imperfections that ruin the shiny look of your vehicle.

Needless to say, here are the attachments and extras that you will get once you purchased the ZOTA 21mm  long-throw orbital buffer polisher:

  • Orange Pad – perfect for removing scratches.
  • Yellow Pad – best used for polishing.
  • Blue Pad – for fine polishing and waxing purposes.
  • Cleaning towel.
  • Velcro backing plate
  • 10ft power cord.
  • User manual.
  • Wrench.

 Brand Quality

Many detailing businesses bloom throughout the world, most notably in the American and European regions. But as years pass by, the competition has expanded to Asia since there is nothing dynamic about the market.

The China-based ZOTA (formerly known as Jinhua Zhuote Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd) is one of the cutthroat car care companies that step into the world of auto detailing. They currently sell measuring tools and polishers and seeks to add more to their Amazon inventory.

Does the company ring a bell to you? No? It is because ZOTA is entirely new to this type of business. Unlike the car care giants Griot’s Garage and Rupes, the ZOTA has no established website on the internet where they could talk about themselves or give a brief company history.

Regardless of its age, ZOTA has made impressive rounds on Amazon, where many people expressed satisfaction with their performance. 

It takes time to see the growth of a company, and as car detailing enthusiasts, we will wait for the time when ZOTA gets the spotlight it deserves.


At 99.97 it is in the same ballpark as other lesser known brands, and that being the case there just wasn't anything that made this model stand out against all the other Rupe styled clones.


There is nothing fancy about the performance of the ZOTA 21mm  long-throw orbital polisher, as it is not the type you would expect to perform well. It is low-priced, so expect some shortcomings on this polisher. 

But we assure you that it can still make your wheels look new if you can handle its ergonomic issues.

Firing up the ZOTA 21mm  buffer polisher is hard. Unlike other models like the Porter-Cable 7424xp, this thing has no slide button. Look on the handle, and you will see a pressable button that you need to hold as you polish. 

Slightly above the power button is the 6-speed settings dial. As we try to use this polisher against a highly-oxidized car, it is a matter of inches away before our fingers come into contact with the speed dial and changing the speed undesirably.

The rubberized handles do help when we first tested the ZOTA 21mm  buffer polisher. However, the distraction caused when our fingers come near the speed dial made us somewhat uncomfortable with it.

A commendable feature of the ZOTA 21mm  buffer polisher is its lesser noise and vibration production, ideal for people who love to work quietly. However, we cannot totally recommend this product because of its ergonomic issues that other people may not like.


Support is provided via the point of sale as Zota has no website.

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Our editorial staff evaluates products and services independently, but Best Review Guide may earn money when you click on links. Read our advertising disclosure.


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