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What to look for in a Voip solution for your office

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated September 11, 2021

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No matter what kind of business that you're in, you will certainly need to make lots of phone calls. Either it's for customer service, marketing, or even some important calls to your clients and suppliers. And that is why phone calls could be one of the most substantial expenses to your business. 

The solution for that particular problem is by using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) which allows you to make phone calls through the internet. VoIP is not a new technology, but decades of refinements and improvements has made it more than capable of replacing a landline phone.

There are lots of great VoIP providers out there, but the following brands are some of the truly best and most recommended ones. You will find something that would truly fit with what your business’ needs in this list. If you are looking for more in depth VOIP reviews we do have an entire list that breaks down the features and benefits of all the top VOIP providers. 

Best VoIP options for workplace
  1. RingCentral 

RingCentral is one of the best VoIP providers that you could get right now. From the ability to integrate with existing software like Microsoft Words, to RingCentral's own mobile app, and even packages with different sizes that would surely suit whatever it is that your business needs. And the fact that RingCentral also has contract-free options with easy to customized plans makes it one of the most customer-friendly VoIP providers. And although it might seem hard to believe, we really couldn't find any fault or bad experience when using RingCentral.


  1. Nextiva

If you're a small to medium business that needs the VoIP solution that would rival those of big corporations, then Nextiva is the perfect VoIP provider for you. The plans that Nextiva offered are highly customizable. It is possible for you to pick the services that you need and only pay for that. And as you might expect, premium features also come with a rather premium price. But if you truly need all the advanced features that it has to offer, then you would certainly get the best bang for your buck with Nextiva.


  1. Ooma

If you're a small to medium business who wants a better and more cost-effective phone call solution, then Ooma is one of the best VoIP that you could get in the market right now. Because while they are fully cloud integrated, they also have their own proprietary tools and devices in order to improve the overall VoIP quality. But if you have any issues with their service or simply have something to ask, it will take a while before Ooma's customer's services can get back to you.


  1. Grasshopper

One of the most interesting features that Grasshopper offered that would certainly be beneficial to any small to medium business is the pay-as-you-grow option. This plan allows you to adjust your VoIP expenses as you slowly scale up your business. The fact that Grasshopper has a dedicated mobile app and unlimited extensions is just another cherry on top. The most noticeable downside, on the other hand, is the user experience. Grasshopper could be quite hard to set up.


  1. Vonage 

Vonage is the VoIP provider with one of the biggest market shares in the industry. They maintain a high presence in the market through their customer-friendly policies. One of which is the ability to customize the plan to suit the particular needs of your business. There are also lots of contract deals that would certainly save your business from unnecessary expenses. Unfortunately there's a rather steep learning curve that needs to be overcome when using their services.


  1. 8x8 

Similar to Vonage from the previous entry, 8x8 also employs a customize your own plan model to maximize the customer's experience. And the fact that 8x8 also utilizes the cloud technology makes it possible for you to use their services with just a computer and internet connection without needing any specialized devices. On the other hand, there are features that are usually included in most brand's basic plans but you need to pay for them as optional extras here.


  1. is also another great selection for every small to medium business. It is relatively easy to use and also pretty quick to set up the whole thing. What's even better is the fact that is quite affordable when we take into account all the features that they offer. Not to mention a great international call rate as well. The only downside that you have to know is the downtime that would happen from time to time. 


  1. Freshdesk Contact Center

There are lots of great features that you'd get from Freshdesk Contact Center for their listed price tag. It could easily be the best bang for your buck when it comes to VoIP providers. Unfortunately, all of those features are heavily focused on product-oriented business with lots of call center operators. If that sentence perfectly describes your company, then Freshdesk would be the best VoIP solution for you. But if that is not the type of business that you run, then you'd be paying for lots of stuff that you won't use. 


  1. Mitel

Mitel is hyper-focus on trying to deliver the best VoIP solution for small to medium businesses. It provides high-tech services with lots of advanced features and expert-level support as well. Not only that, Mitel will also provide pre-configured IP phones specifically to meet the needs of your business. But once again, all of those great features have a premium price tag that might not fit within the budget of most businesses in their target market.


  1. Microsoft 365 Business Voice

Microsoft 365 Business Voice is an additional feature for Microsoft Teams. And as you can read from the reviews of those who have used it, Microsoft Teams is one of the best team and project management solutions for businesses. And Voice adds the ability to make voice calls to any kind of phone that you could think of. But since it is simply an add on, you won't find some of the advanced features that are available to other brands here.


VoIP is one of the most obvious cost-saving solutions for your business. And with all the great features that it could offer, you could make your work flow even more streamlined and effective than ever before. And since most VoIP providers also offer lots of nice additional features beyond simple phone calls, you would definitely get more value for your buck.

All of the best VoIP providers in this list are the top brands in the industry, so you can expect great services from each and every one of them. All you need to do is simply choose the one that is most suitable to the particular needs of your company.