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Who has the best online fax services right now?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated September 11, 2021

Sending a fax on a mobile device


Online faxing has gained a lot of popularity lately because most people are forced to work from home,  so more and more people finally see online faxing as a proper alternative to the conventional way of sending faxes. 

Compared to the conventional way of sending and receiving faxes, online faxing services are way faster, more convenient, and most importantly, it is more cost-effective. So it's no wonder why more people begin to seriously consider trying an online faxing service. 

The only problem is which one to choose. There are lots of companies out there that claim to be the best online faxing service but surely not every company is created equal. This brief article would talk about the top online faxing services to help you make a decision on which one is the most suitable for you.

How does online faxing work?

Online Faxing services are an alternative way of doing faxes. As the name implied, online faxing services send and receive faxes through the internet. When you sign up for an online faxing service, you would be given a fax number, and depending on the company, you might even get a toll-free and a local number as well. 

You could then share that fax number with everybody, just like with a regular fax machine. Whenever people send some documents to you through that number, it would immediately appear on your online faxing account. If you are looking for the best online fax services we have done in depth reviews to rank the best and... not so best online faxing options on the market right now.

Some companies even let you synchronize your faxing account with your preferred email account. That way, you could view the incoming faxes through your smartphone. And likewise, you could also send faxes using your email account as well. 

Other complementary features include converting documents to PDF, digital signing, cloud storage, and lots of other useful features as well. The main benefits of using online faxing services compared to the conventional faxing machine are its convenience, cost-saving, and scalability. 

Online faxing service allows you to send and receive faxes no matter where you are. It also would save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars of upfront and monthly cost of owning a fax machine. And finally, an online faxing service would also enable you to scale your business easily because of the wealth of options that you could choose from according to your particular needs.

The best online fax services

1. RingCentral fax. If you're a business, no matter the size, then RingCentral is the best option for you. Their services are tailored specifically for the high demand, high volume, and ever-growing nature of a business. That's why if you're an individual who only uses faxes occasionally, then it might not be a good fit for you. 

Other than the usual features, RingCentral also has one of the widest local number selections that you could choose, a wide variety of files that you could send and receive, an encrypted account for enhanced security, and finally pricing plans that are created to suit the kind of needs and growth of your business. 

2. HelloFax. Contrary to RingCentral, HelloFax is suitable for both individual and business users alike. They have a free plan that is more than enough for your occasional faxing purposes. They also have plans that are appropriate for a growing business. 

Just like other online faxing services, they also boast a lot of features. But their most stand-out feature is the HelloSign, a digital signing service that is recognized as one of the best in the industry. This feature is what prompted DropBox to finally acquire its services. 

3. TrustFax. Even more so than RingCentral and HelloFax, TrustFax is geared towards individual users who might only need to do some faxes from time to time. TrustFax thrives in its ease of use and zero downtime. Sending a fax with TrustFax is as simple as sending a regular email.

Not only equipped with all the features that you need and want from an online faxing service, but TrustFax also has the ability to send faxes internationally. Unfortunately, it is a bit pricey for individual users, but if you don't mind paying a bit more for all the extra comfort and convenience, then TrustFax is one of the best options for you.

4. SFax. SFax was originally created specifically for medical institutions and healthcare organizations. But as the years went by, SFax started to expand and offered various plans for regular consumers. Since it was first intended for sending and receiving sensitive and important documents, there are two things that SFax excels in more than its competitors. 

Those are security and customer services. SFax goes above and beyond to make sure that every fax that goes through its system is highly secured and encrypted. And if customers encounter any problems or have any questions, their excellent support team would be ready to assist 24/7. But keep in mind that premium services also mean premium price tags.

5. MyFax. MyFax prides itself in its intuitiveness and wealth of options. Unlike other online faxing services, MyFax truly strives to provide the best options so that the users can do whatever it is that they need to do with their faxes. 

That's why MyFax created a very user-friendly app so that the users could easily take advantage of all of its features. Users also have the ability to easily port their assigned fax numbers. Not only that, but you could also port any local, toll-free, or even international numbers with a small fee.

6. Nextiva Fax. Among other online faxing services in this list, Nextiva offers one of the most affordable pricing plans and flexibility. As an all-around internet communication company, they also offer lots of attractive bundles for their fax plans. 

One of their most popular options is the online faxes and VoIP bundle. You could enjoy their excellent faxes and VoIP capabilities at a low price. And you could also connect an existing fax machine to their services for extra flexibility if you want. 

7. MetroFax. Now that we begin to enter the affordable territory, MetroFax is one of the best options in this regard. They have plans that are exclusively tailored to your faxing activities. That way, you won't have to pay for something that you might not need. 

And when it comes to individual users, MetroFax also offers one of the most affordable pricing in the market. But if you own a business, there's also a corporate business that could suit your needs as well. Not only that, but they also have the ability to automatically save documents into their unlimited cloud storage.

8. SRFax. Even more so than its competitors, SRFax focuses on the individual users with a small number of faxes needed each month. This very targeted approach makes SRFax have one of the best per page values than other online faxing services in the market.

To make their basic plans even more desirable, SRFax also offers a 60-day trial for all of their new users. That is double the usual 30-day trial that some of its competitors offer. Unfortunately, there's a clear lack of features especially for those in the lowest pricing plans.

9. eFax. Just like SRFax above, eFax also thrives in the individual users' segment. But eFax also tries to create flexible pricing plans similar to that of MetroFax and Nextiva Fax. If you choose the plans carefully based on what you actually need, then you can save a lot with eFax.

Unfortunately, just like SRFax, in order for it to be affordable, there are also limitations and hidden fees scattered around all of its features. It is not a bad online faxing service by any means, but as mentioned before, you should look carefully into what you need to do if you want to use SRFax.

10. Even though it sits in the last place, is by no means a bad online faxing service. On the contrary, it's actually quite good. And since it shares the same parent company as TrustFax, which is J2 Global, it also shares similar features with it. offers great functionality, tons of useful features, and it is also easy to use. It has so many similarities with TrustFax that it started to look like a cheaper imitation of its big brother. That's why most people who like what has to offer end up using TrustFax instead.


Faxes have been around for decades and they likely would still be around for decades more. But as the technologies advanced and human needs also evolved along with it, the conventional way of doing faxes has become somewhat too rigid.

Online faxing services are born out of the necessity to evolve from that huge piece of equipment that always seemed to be broken when you needed it. At least until some kind of new technology that is better in every way comes along online faxing seems to be the best choice for work and home. But for now, especially when most people don't have access to a physical fax machine, online faxing services are the best way to go.

The ten brands in this list are the top of the line when it comes to online faxing services. Even the last place in this list is still better than other brands out there. That's why you won't go wrong with any brand from this list. That being said, if you're looking for the best, then the top three brands are absolutely the ones you should go for.