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Who has the best online fax services now?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated September 17, 2021

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Online faxing is the transition of the traditional method to a more modern interface. Instead of big, bulky machines, users simply need to use their computer, laptop, or mobile phone for sending and receiving faxes. This is made possible with the use of an interface that can be accessed in multiple devices. This technology can also work with the traditional fax machines, allowing you to connect with all offices. It only requires an internet connection, a scanner, and a device where the faxes will be managed. 

What should you look for in an online fax service?

Subscribing to an online faxing service is a great investment. It can make document transactions smoother and more convenient. The following are some factors you should consider before selecting a company for this:

· Features – Online faxing gives you access to tools only available through the use of a computer or a mobile phone such as digitally adding your signature, writing comments, and more. The best companies offer a lot of tools that can greatly enhance the documents and make faxing more enhanced.

· Interface – The interface of the application should be simple yet very easy to use. Its tools should always be readily accessible, your documents easy to sort out, and more. This ensures that day-to-day access of faxes will not be a hassle.

· Pricing – The best companies have a good page to price ratio that ensures a perfect balance between your usage and their pricing.

Our top picks for online faxing

RingCentral Fax

RingCentral Fax is one of the best choices for online faxing due to its good features, interface, and pricing plans. They have an easily customizable management interface. The service gives a digital fax number for users. You can also integrate your old faxing number when transitioning to their service. You can choose a local or toll free number.

First, the service offers flexible and convenient faxing as it can be used in multiple devices such as computers and mobile phones. Users can also scan the documents using these devices which they can then send as faxes.

The service is mainly cloud-based which allows easy transfer of documents. It is always secured with the best encryption to ensure that your documents will be kept private.

RingCentral Fax allows easy access and arrangement of the documents that you send and receive because of their nicely designed interface. This has good features such as blacklists, sending to multiple people, and constant notifications.

Setting up with the service is easy as their representatives guide you through every step. For this, you first need to select a number. After this, you can add the people that will get access to the documents. They offer a free 15-day trial that gives access to 5 users.


HelloFax is another excellent choice. With them, team management is easy. Users can also use their Google credentials to use the service. They can be accessed through the web portal or through an email client of your choices. The service has a lot of helpful features such as digital signing that can be really convenient for when you have to sign multiple documents, integration with office applications, and more. The service allows numbers for the UK, US and Canada.

The interface of the application is one of the best that we have seen. Upon first entering, users can instantly grasp the different tools, view their documents easily, and use the different features. Setting up a profile is easy. To ensure the best security for your account, the service allows two-factor authentication where the website sends a code through SMS or with Google to ensure that it is you who is logging on.

Users can easily view the document before sending, allowing them to edit it by adding signatures, texts, and comments.

It is also easy to connect your current cloud storage service to the service. Users can connect Microsoft OneDriver, DropBox, Google Drive, and more.


TrustFax is the best choice for those looking for a very simple yet reliable service. Entirely cloud-based in infrastructure, users can expect minimal downtime and good quality of faxing. The service can be accessed through its Web interface that is designed for convenience. The service offers international faxing. With them, users can try the service for free within 30 days.

The service allows maximum compatibility with many file formats such as GIF, PDF, PNG, and more. The service can be incorporated into the office apps of Microsoft so that you can directly send faxes through the program.

One of the best features of TrustFax is their very secure interface. With them, users can have HIPAA compliance which makes it safe to transfer and receive medical documents through the service. They also have very secure encryption systems. Finally, their account protection is also very strong.

The service only gets a lower rating from us because it does not allow the numbers it provides to be ported to another service. They also have higher rates when it comes to per-page ratio.

TrustFax, in short, is an excellent choice for those looking for the best interface and ease in terms of usage. They are one of the most expensive options, though.

Final thoughts on online faxing

Online faxing is a very good investment not only for your pocket book, but for your time as well. It allows you to communicate with older faxing machines while having access to upgraded features such as digital signing, multiple file formats, and more. The service can be used through a mobile phone or a computer connected to the internet

Our best choice is RingCentral Fax because of its all-around capabilities that allow good faxing quality, integration of many features, and more. HelloFax is another great choice for good user interface, user management. Finally, TrustFax is the premier choice for those who want the premier features and user interface.