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TrustFax – What is it and how good is it?

Kelly Avatar By: Kelly | Last updated March 27, 2020

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TrustFax is an internet fax service offered by J2 Global, an American company that specializes in internet services such as business cloud ones and digital media. The company has been on the market for more than 24 years and online faxing is one of the many services it offers.

There are several subsidiaries of J2 Global and in addition to TrustFax, this company also owns other internet-based fax services such as MyFax, eFax, MetroFax.

TrustFax is one of their most popular online fax services, because it has a simple pricing scheme and it offers international faxing.

What is the price of TrustFax?

TrustFax is a subscription-based plan and there are two options to choose from: a monthly plan and an annual plan.

The monthly plan costs $12.99 per month.

The annual plan will cost you $10.83 per month ($129.90 per year).

TrustFax offers a free 30-day trial as well, which gives you the opportunity to find out how the service works.

What do you get with TrustFax?

TrustFax offers local numbers (in all US states), toll-free numbers and international numbers. International faxing is billed per minute and there are over 200 international destinations where you can send faxes.

This company offers 300 total fax pages (sent and received) per month. If you exceed your limit, you have to pay an extra $0.10 per additional page.

One useful feature of TrustFax is the fact that it includes cloud fax storage for a period of 30 days. You can leave them there for longer if you want, but after the 30-day period expires, you have to pay $0.03/message/month if you want to keep them stored. However, if you sign up for the annual plan, you get free cloud storage for your faxes for an entire a year and you don’t have to pay extra.

In terms of supported file formats, TrustFax supports all the common ones such as PDF, docx, JPEG, PNG and more.

TrustFax also offers digitized signatures, which are an important feature.

The only drawback (but a major one in our opinion) is the fact that TrustFax doesn’t have a mobile app.

All in all though, this service does cover all the basics and it is simple and affordable.

Why should you use an internet fax service?

Traditional faxing as we’ve been familiarized with is a technology developed over 170 years ago, so you can’t expect it to have remained unchanged. The traditional way of sending faxes can get expensive and is just not convenient anymore. You have to invest in hardware and consumables: fax machines, paper, ink, toners and so on. Fax machines can be bulky and will take up extra space in your office. Not to mention the never-ending paper need that is anything but thoughtful and responsible towards the environment.

Internet faxing works via internet and it is as easy and quick as sending an e-mail. You don’t necessarily need a fax machine in order to use it and it is way more affordable.