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What is the best online fax service?

Tamara Avatar By: Tamara | Last updated October 18, 2020

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What is online faxing?

Online faxing is a modern digital tool that allows you to send, receive, store, and search fax messages on your PC. Some of the main advantages of online faxes are: 

  • Accessibility – You can use it anywhere because it is possible to integrate it with e-mail or mobile device with internet access. 
  • Searchable – Easy to search and find faxes in time and date order, by the sender or receiver. 
  • Connection  Integrated devices with many different apps or platforms. 
  • Cost-Effective – Lower prices for international calls, paper-free, affordable monthly subscriptions.  

Online fax service can significantly help small businesses and enterprises, as well as startups, to lower their costs, easier and faster communication – think bigger productivity, and with improved safety measures to control its expenses. 

Take a look at our reviews for the following VoIP services. 

RingCentral Fax

Ring Central is a provider of software-as-as-service solutions for small businessesfe, enterprises, service providers, and developers with a headquarters in Belmont, CA, USA. The company was founded in 2003. Since then, Ring Central made it easier and convenient for many companies to achieve their professional goals.  

How to use  Ringcentral

Since Online faxing is mobile and offers better accessibility, Ring Central offers two different ways of sending and receiving fax online: 

  • Through RingCentral mobile or desktop app 
  • Via email 

You can receive faxes online with your private fax number or you can add a fax number. The best flexible way to receive online faxes is in the form of an email attachment because you can easily store, print, or forward them.  


Ring Central Fax offers a free 7-day trial period. If you are interested, you need to fill out the form on their official website and a sales person will contact you in order to make a personalized demo just for your needs.  

Ring Central Fax offers 2 types of subscriptions: 

  1. Fax 1500 with the following features: 
  • 1500 fax pages per month at no charge. The additional page will cost you 4.9c 
  • Local fax number  
  • RingCentral mobile app 
  • Cloud integration ( Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Microsoft Outlook) 
  • Web support 
  • Phone support  
  1. Office plan ( Fax + Phone + Video): 
  • Local fax number 
  • RingCentral app 
  • Cloud integration ( Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Microsoft Outlook) 
  • Web + Phone support 
  • Multiple users feature 
  • Business phone number 
  • Unlimited: calls, texts, conference calling, video meetings, team messaging, and file sharing 

Both plans offer an additional number for $4.99/month. Also for the US and Canada Reasonable use policies will apply to all plans.  

For all international rates table offered by Ring Central, you should check out their official website.  


HelloFax Company has three different main sectors: HelloSignHelloWorks, and HelloFaxHelloFax is an online platform for document signing and sharing, with provided digital workflow and fax online solutions. HelloFax was founded in 2011, with Joseph Walla as their CEO with a headquarters in San Francisco Bay Area, West Coast, Western US.  

How to use HelloFax 

HelloFax service is very easy to use because you don’t need a fax machine, it all goes through your PC. You need to upload the file into the selected section and fill out and sign the document. You can sync it with Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, Dropbox, and Evernote 

Once you do that, you need to enter a fax number or port number and add a recipient(s). There is also a possibility to send HD quality and color versions of the fax.  


  • Local number or port your current number
  • Adding or removing users 
  • Configurable routing 
  • Unlimited file storage 
  • Integration with G suite 
  • Email to fax 
  • eSing and eEdit faxes
  • Multiple recipients simultaneously  

Depending on the Pricing plan you choose (Free, Home Office, Professional, Small Businesses) you will have up to 1,000 pages/month and up to 20 senders. All plans include: 

  • International coverage 
  • Integrations 
  • Edit and Sign faxes 
  • Secure Cloud Storage

TrustFax is a company that has two divisions: Business Cloud Services and Digital Marketing in order to provide internet services. The company was founded in 1995 and located in LA, California. 

How to use TrustFax 

TrustFax allows you to send or receive faxes online, by email and on mobile devices. Once you register for an eFax account you can send and receive faxes through any devices. All you really need is an internet connection.  

Features of TrustFax

TrustFax made sure that all your transactions are fast and reliable. The company offers a 14-day trial period. Free trial must be canceled to prevent additional fees. 

Access features include: 

  • Fax online 
  • Fax by Email 
  • Fax by mobile or PC 

TrustFax offers three membership options: 

  • Plus 
  • Pro 
  • Corporate 

Every plan includes the following features: 

  • Free local or Toll free number 
  • Multiple users 
  • Unlimited storage 
  • Edit and sign faxes 
  • Email to fax 

If you own a business with larger volumes for more than 5 fax numbers, you can consult their eFax Corporate. The additional features with this package are: 

  • Regulatory Compliance 
  • TLS Encryption 
  • Complete Audit Trail 
  • Configurable Storage Retention 
  • Detailed Reporting 
  • Multifunction Printer Integration 
  • Dedicated Account Rep SAP Certified  
Final Thoughts with Online Faxing

Based on our reviews, one of the companies stands out as the best when it comes to their services, features, and software integration. Their customer support is available 27/4 and they offer 100 minutes for toll-free calls. They offer many advanced features, the software is easy to set up, and several pricing options can make this business collaboration very interesting and convenient. If you want to make your business sustainable, speed up workflow, and get rid of papers and mess, you should definitely check out RingCentral