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What are the best internet faxing services of 2021?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated February 8, 2021

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Online faxing is considered the future of exchanging documents for offices. This is the modern version of the traditional faxing machine which incorporates cloud technology. Through this, users can use their computers or smart devices to send documents online. This can be sent to another computer, smart device, or even a traditional faxing machine. It can also receive it from these. With the technology, any office that has the necessities of the internet, a computer, and a reliable camera or scanner can successfully send and receive fax documents.

Why is internet faxing popular?

The main benefit of using online faxing is the convenience it provides users. Instead of having to use the old faxing machine, which is prone to having issues, users can instead use the gadgets that they already use for their other tasks. Aside from this, the use of the internet can make sending and receiving documents easier. The fact that it can also be used to send and receive to offices still using traditional faxes also makes it easier to keep the office’s old contacts which allow maximum convenience for all offices.

Next, internet faxing allows users to have more features. Given that it uses computers, it comes with most of the benefits of e-mailing such as being able to send to multiple people, adding texts, and more. They can even add signatures and watermarks in the documents digitally. The most important feature out of all of this, though, is the security that it provides for the documents. Users can have access to reliable encryption services that makes it hard for hackers to read the files sent. The cloud storage where faxes will be stored are also ensured to be secure from being accessed by those without permission.

Our first choice– RingCentral Fax

With online faxing, the best option is RingCentral Fax. It is a service that successfully provides good features partnered with seamless integration among different faxing devices such as smartphones, computers, and tablets. The application is filled with helpful tools which make faxing easier and does not require additional payment to be used. This includes the ability to send faxes to groups of contacts, block all connections with unknown IDs, and instant notifications for incoming faxes in all your gadgets. When transitioning to their service, offices can choose the same number to make it easy to still be connected to old contacts. They support both toll-free and local numbers. 

As with most online faxing services, they are integrated with cloud storage which makes it easier to sort your faxes along with other documents. They support integration for DropBox and Google Drive. These are especially helpful If the office has already purchased subscription for these services and wants to maximize the use of these. 

A good aspect of RingCentral is the fact that they are also a VoIP service provider. This means that if the office is also subscribed to this, the services can be controlled in a single interface. This makes it more convenient to communicate through voice and for exchanging documents. However, there are some complaints about it being a bit confusing for those who are only subscribed to online faxing. This can be solved with allocating more time by using the application to get more familiar with it.

The service is also easy to use along with the Microsoft Office applications as it is often used for the faxed documents. Users are also given a wide range of compatible documents such as tiff, jpeg, pdf, and more.

Our second choice– HelloFax

HelloFax is our second-best option that is mostly catered towards mid-ranged businesses looking for the basic features of online faxing offered at affordable pricing. HelloFax is limited for numbers within the US, UK, and Canada which is more than enough for most businesses. They support the use of old faxing numbers when transitioning to their service for an additional fee. They currently do not support toll-free numbers. 

With HelloFax, users are given reliable and simple features that do the needed job for everyday faxing. They support team management which can be managed through the web portal or through e-mail. Here, users can add additional lines, manage their documents, and more. It is one of the best interfaces we have used because of it designed very simply and intuitively. This convenience is extended with their signing up process. With them, users are simply required to use their Google account for everyday faxing which most offices are already currently using. This also makes it easy to integrate to Google’s cloud storage service.

The main highlight of HelloFax is their online digital signature feature. Instead of having to print the document, sign them manually, and then scan and upload them once more, users can simply sign the documents with their gadgets. Aside from this, users can change the style or generate these from text input. It mixes both simplicity for an important yet time-consuming requirement for documents.

Users will not be disappointed with the quality of their documents. Upon testing, HelloFax provided us with high-quality copies of our scanned documents, with texts and images not blurred and featuring good details. The sending and receiving time are also fast. These documents are then stored accordingly in the online interface where users can sort through easily.

Our third choice– TrustFax

TrustFax is our third option that is best for those with a little more budget. Considering its higher price compared to our earlier mentioned services, it manages to make up for this with its excellent service design that makes sending and receiving faxes a breeze. Users are also given discounts when purchasing for a yearly contract. They are also free to cancel their plans anytime. 

The company offers multiple storage plans. They also have good fees for international faxing.

TrustFax offers multiple familiar features perfected for easy usage for all users. First, it allows easy digital signatures with its web-based interface. Multiple faxes can also be sent at once. It comes with a feature which automatically re-sends documents that have failed to be sent. It also comes with easy integration with online business applications and sends the faxes through these. 

With its high price, users can also expect reliable customer support. They can be contacted through e-mail and telephone. They have good representatives that are informed and knowledgeable about their products. They also have a good FAQ available on their website. 

Although more expensive than other brands, users can expect the best overall experience with the application that makes purchasing it worthwhile if you have the budget for it.

Which service is the best for you?

Out of all of these applications, the all-around best option for us is RingCentral Fax because of its good combination of good features, interface, and pricing. It is also easy to transition to their service. HelloFax is our option for those looking for more affordable services that still have reliable features. Finally, TrustFax is the option for those with more budget that is looking for easy everyday faxing that comes with a seamless application that can guide you through the sending and receiving process every day. We have done many reviews to find the best online fax services for 2021 and you can see our entire list just by click on that link.