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Online Fax Services Comparison for 2021

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated February 1, 2021

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Online fax services have gotten popular in the past couple of years. With its unique features and affordable pricing plans, more people have decided to transition from the conventional fax that required a big and bulky machine to its digital counterpart.  

But with so many different companies that offer roughly similar services, it becomes nearly impossible to choose one over the other. That's what this article is all about, helping you find the most suitable digital fax solution for your needs based on some key metrics from a selection of the best online fax services currently on the market.

What to look for before buying an online faxing service
  • Basic Fax features. The first thing that we will compare is how robust each company's core fax feature truly is. How easy it is to send and receive faxes, different options on sending and receiving faxes, document archive, and other basic features that you'd need on an online fax service. 

  • Price and monthly pages. The next thing that we should look into is the relation between the monthly price and the number of pages. The most ideal solution is the combination of affordable price with a reasonable number of pages.

  • Numbers. This category is for all things related to the fax number. From the availability of local numbers to toll-free numbers, to custom area codes, to international numbers, and also about one of the most important features of online fax services, the number porting. 

  • Complementary features. This category is for the features that enhance the core function of the service, such as mobile and desktop apps, integration with cloud storage, digital signature, etc. These are the features that would certainly be nice to have but in most cases, you can make do without them.
The best online fax services for 2021
  1. RingCentral Fax. This is a part of the overall RingCentral's digital communication solutions that also include online calls, texts, and the newly added video call and video conference. 

  2. HelloFax. An affordable digital fax solution with rich features that would certainly be a great option for those who try digital fax for the first time.

  3. TrustFax. With its unlimited fax storage that could send faxes from unlimited email addresses, TrustFax is the best solution for those who regularly send and received a huge quantity of faxes.

  4. SFax. For customers that care deeply about the safety of their faxes, SFax equips their cloud-servers with military-grade encryption so that every fax that you sent and received would always be secured.

  5. MyFax. A digital fax service that is geared more towards individuals who occasionally use fax, so the features and the price also reflect that direction.

  6. Nextiva Fax. This is a dedicated digital fax service from a larger Nextiva's communication solution line that boasts bountiful features with affordable pricing plans.

  7. MetroFax. This is the digital fax service that caters to the needs of small businesses with its combination of robust mobile app and affordable prices. 

  8. SRFax. One of a handful of digital fax services that could proudly claim that the customers could send their sensitive medical records through their service because of its full HIPAA compliance.

  9. eFax. Not only does eFax offers above-average features at a competitive price, but their award-winning support team also available 24/7 to help the customers.

  10. With generous pricing plans and a 30-day free trial period, is one of the best services that you should try if you are still new to the whole concept of digital fax. 
Online fax services comparison
  • Basic features. All of the company listed here has quite robust core features for sending and receiving faxes. Sure, there are differences in some aspects, like speed and ease-of-use, but overall, all of them could reliably do their main job rather well. That being said, one variable that stands out among the rest is HIPAA compliance.

    Not many companies could earn this certification. There are several companies in this list that have a HIPAA compliant but only for one of its more expensive plans, such as the case with RingCentral, eFax, and Nextiva. However, SRFax is the one company that has full HIPAA compliance as a default feature on all of its plans. And that's why SRFax is the best in this category. 

  • Price and monthly pages. For the sake of comparison, this article would only compare the basic plan of all of these companies. The standard in the industry on prices and pages for the base plan is around $10 for 300 pages per month, which translates into around 3 cents per page.

    Sure enough, there are companies in this list (HelloFax, MyFax, Fax.Com) that charge that exact price. The most expensive plan is SFax with around 8 cents per page, while the cheapest is MetroFax with around 1 cent per page.

    To be fair, several companies manage to hover around 1 cent per page, such as RingCentral Fax, Nextiva Fax, and the aforementioned MetroFax. That being said, RingCentral has a base price of $17.99 for 1500 pages per month. That is the most expensive base plan on this list.

    Nextiva Fax fares a bit better with $8.95 for 500 pages per month. But the best bang for your buck is MetroFax with $7.95 for 500 pages per month and that makes MetroFax the best in this category.

  • Numbers. All of the companies in this list offer local numbers and toll-free numbers, so if that is the feature that you looking for, then any one of them is great for you. There may be a slight variation between each company, but for the most part, they are all equal in this category.

    On the other hand, not all of them can port an existing number into the digital fax account. Even among those that do offers number porting, some charge a fee, while some others would do it for free.

    The companies that don't have the option to port existing fax numbers are TrustFax and The companies that require a small fee for that service are HelloFax, MyFax, MetroFax, SRFax, and eFax. The ones that would do it for free are RingCentral Fax, Sfax, and Nextiva Fax. 

  • Complementary features. Unlike the previous categories, when it comes to complementary features, the companies in this list are all over the place. Except for the cloud storage integration. Every company here has that one feature. But for other features like mobile apps, ease-of-use, digital signature, etc, they all adhere to different sets of standards.

    We start with the mobile app first. Out of ten companies, only five of them have a dedicated mobile app, RingCentral Fax, eFax, MetroFax, SFax, and MyFax. That being said, MetroFax has a very outdated app while SFax only available in iOS, so that leaves us with three options.

    Out of the three, only RingCentral Fax and eFax has the digital signature feature. Unfortunately, adding a signature to RingCentral is quite a laborious task that involves scanning and editing with image editing software. On the other hand, eFax gives the customer two options for creating a digital signature, and both of them are quite easy to do.

    When it comes to complementary features, other companies are better at certain features than eFax. RingCentral is easier to use and the UI design is also nicer to look at, HelloFax has the best digital signature capabilities in this list, etc. But eFax is the only company that has all of those features under the same roof.  

As you can see, the result of the comparison above varies between each category. Certain things are best suited for certain companies. If there's any category that you think you'd need more than others, such as price, basic features, etc, then you should pick the best company in those particular categories.  But from our point of view we found that Ringcentral got the best review out of all Digital fax providers for 2021. With their great features and pricing it was hard to pick a better provider.