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What to look for in a baby crib? Our quick guide has the points to look out for.

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated September 18, 2021

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So you found yourself wanting to buy a new baby crib. Whether it's for your first child, or as a gift to somebody who's about to have a child, one thing for sure is you have no idea what to look for in a baby crib. The only things that you know how to judge are the design and the price. 

If you decide to shop online for the cribs, be prepared to be bombarded with tons of choices. Most of them look quite alright and the price also seems quite reasonable. 

But before you decide to click that purchase button, please read this brief article first. Because there are so many important things that you need to know about baby cribs. And if you get the wrong one because you don't know about this information, then you would put the baby's safety at risk. Keep reading to find our checklist on things to look for before buying a crib.

What to look for in a baby crib?
  • Simplicity. The first is about the design. A good baby crib has to be simple in design. It cannot have any decorations, scrollwork, finials, or any other types of ornamental design. It also has to utilize as many straight lines as possible. The reason for this simplistic approach is because baby clothing could easily be stuck to the decoration of the cribs. When it happens, the result could be life-threatening. To prevent such a thing from happening, you should pick a crib with a minimalist design. The simpler the better and this is one huge aspect as to what makes a baby crib good or not. You don't want a rubiks cube when trying to lay your little one down to sleep.
  • Durability. The next one is about the main material used for the crib. To save cost and lower the price, many brands choose to use compressed chip woods or particle boards. To ensure safety and security, especially as the child grows and gets more active, it is better to get a crib made from solid woods. Every crib that was made using solid woods would be very durable and would easily handle any kind of external pressure.  
  • Construction and workmanship. But great material alone is not enough. It has to be carefully and skillfully assembled. A high level of construction and workmanship is needed to create sturdy, safe, and comfortable cribs. Some of this process might be done by automated machines, but to achieve that high quality, there have to be human hands involved in the process. 
  • Greenguard Gold Certification. Greenguard is a certification that was made to evaluate the levels of Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) in consumer products, particularly for furniture. It is a very thorough and stringent process, especially for the Greenguard Gold certification. So when you see the label of Greenguard Gold Certified products on a piece of furniture, you can rest assured knowing that it is free of harmful airborne chemicals that could harm your child.
  • Mattress. Most people usually use the mattress that comes with the crib that they just purchased while others might buy a separate one that seems to be more comfortable and looks better. No matter which routes that you plan to take, please make sure to find and use a mattress that fits exactly with the crib. As a rule of thumb, if you can fit more than two fingers between the mattress and the side of the cribs then it's not safe.
    And just like with the crib, please use a mattress with a simple design. Any decorative elements could hinder the child's movements and even pose a safety hazard, especially for newborns. One other thing, please make sure that it was made entirely from organic material as well.
  • Value. Last but not least is certainly the value you get for the money you paid. There are lots of companies out there that are willing to sell you cribs that fulfill the criteria that I mentioned above but put a hefty price for it. While every parent surely wants to give the best for the child, you should find a crib that not only satisfies your needs but also has the appropriate price. That way you would get the best bang for your buck.
Baby crib recommendation

If searching for a brand that could satisfy all of those criteria seems like a daunting task to you, then let me ease your job a little bit. When it comes to furniture for children, there's one company that stands above the rest. Both in terms of the quality of their products, and their utmost responsibility to their customers, their employees, and to the environment. They are called Romina furniture and our review placed them in our top spot for all baby cribs.

Romania is a Romanian furniture company that has been in the business since 1991. They started just like any other furniture company and saw a modest amount of success at the time. Somewhere along the years, they found their passion in crafting the best furniture for little kids. And now they've become one of the best in the industry. 

When it comes to baby cribs, Romina easily manages to fulfill all of the criteria above. From using solid woods from the durable European Beech trees to combining cutting-edge machinery with a delicate artisan touch to the Greenguard Gold certification for all of their furniture. 

Not only that, but they also have several amazing looking designs aesthetic for their furniture line up. They have eight different unique styles that range from the classy Cleopatra to the minimalist Karisma and the modern New York. All of them are designed with simplicity in mind yet still manage to look great and stylish at the same time.

If you are currently looking for a new baby crib, then Romina is one of the best and safest cribs for your child in the market right now.