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Guide and checklist for buying a baby crib

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated May 25, 2021

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Nowadays, when you want to buy something, the first thing you would do is search for it online. Looking at the products through several online marketplaces and perhaps reading or watching some online reviews of it as well. Shopping for a new baby crib is no different.

While the internet certainly makes it easier to purchase things from the comfort of your couch, the downside is you would be bombarded with tons of options. Looking into hundreds of baby cribs and choosing only one of them could certainly be overwhelming.  

That's why you should know what to look for before you even begin shopping around. There are several crucial criteria that every great crib must possess. This brief article would lay out what it is that you need to look for when crib shopping.

Things to look for before you buy a crib
  • Simplicity. The design of a baby crib needs to be simple and minimalist. Not because it's in line with the current design trend, but because of safety concerns. Baby's clothing could easily be stuck on any decorations, scrollwork, finials, or any other type of ornaments. When it happens, the result could be dangerous and life-threatening. To prevent such a thing from happening, it is better to choose a baby crib with a simplistic design instead. 

  • Durability. To save manufacturing costs and lower the price for the customers, most companies decided to use compressed chip woods or particle boards as the main material for their cribs. While such material certainly would make it lighter, it would also make it easy to break. A good crib has to be made with solid woods. That way, it would stay durable no matter what gets thrown to it. 

  • Construction and workmanship. Other than a sturdy main material, the next important aspect of a good baby crib is the construction and workmanship. To make a durable baby crib with perfect structural integrity that could withstand not only the weight of the baby as he grows older but also any other kind of external force applied to it, the manufacturer needs to implement impeccable construction and workmanship. 

  • Greenguard Gold Certification. Greenguard Gold certification is a higher version of the Greenguard certification. Greenguard is used as a way to evaluate the level of harmful chemical emissions from consumer products. It is well established that the level of such dangerous airborne chemicals is higher in an indoor space than it is in an outdoor environment. So Greenguard Gold certification is a way to announce to the customers that a product won't negatively affect the indoor air quality and therefore is safe to use.

  • Mattress. When you buy a crib, it would usually come with a mattress. You can use it or get a new one from elsewhere. But no matter what you decide to do, keep in mind that the simpler the mattress the better it is for your baby. The reason behind it is the same with the cribs, a simpler design prevents the baby's clothing from stuck on any decorative elements. One other thing, the mattress also has to fit perfectly into the crib. If you could put two fingers between the mattress and the side of the crib, then it's not good enough.

  • Value. The last important thing that you should consider is value. It is easy for the manufacturer to compile all of the features above and then charge an absurdly high price to the cribs. All in the name of premium products. Before you decide to purchase such products, you should look around the web for a better alternative. There are brands out there that would offer the same high-quality products but have a reasonable price tag. Always look for the one that could give the most value for your money.
Baby cribs from Romina ( one of our top picks)

When it comes to high-quality baby cribs, one brand stood out among others, Romina Furniture. All of their cribs have fit all of the criteria of good and safe baby cribs that I've laid out above. 

And while the price might be higher than that of their competitors, it is certainly a reflection of the time and hard work that they've put into their products to make sure it has the highest quality possible.

Romina Furniture is a furniture company that was founded in 1991. They sell all kinds of furniture in their early years, but somewhere along the lines, they've found a true passion for making the best furniture for children. Fast forward to the present day, almost three decades after their foundation, they've become one of the leading names in the industry with millions of customers around the globe.

They have eight distinct design aesthetics for their furniture. Each differs in style but similar in quality. All of them are high-quality furniture, and most important of all, Romina is a Greenguard Gold certified brand. That means when it comes to cribs and other furniture for children, they've taken all the necessary steps to ensure your child will feel comfortable and protected with their products.

Most of their cribs are designed in a simple and minimalist way, with clear lines and unassuming looks. But they manage to craft it in such a way so that all of them look timeless and elegant. Given how durable their cribs are, you could keep it for a decade and it still looks fresh and good.

So if you intend to shop around looking for the best and safest cribs for your child, then look no further than Romina. Not only that they've managed to fulfill all of the criteria of a good crib, but they also go above and beyond to make it extra comfortable and look great as well. There is a reason when we did our Romina crib review that it was our top choice. It was the most expensive, so if it is too much for what you are looking to spend take a look at our second and third ranked cribs.