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What makes a good crib?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated May 19, 2021

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Buying a baby crib is a hard task for many parents, especially new ones. There are a lot of these products sold both offline and online. These promise a lot of different features and designs that all sound enticing. After all, every parent would like the best for their babies. With the abundance of products being sold online, parents should shift their thinking to reflect what they would actually need and are capable of purchasing. By assessing their personal needs instead of trying to take every possible advantage with baby cribs that are available in their market, you can easily narrow down your options to ten or less.

Different types of cribs

The main category that you should review before buying a baby crib is its type. There are a lot of these in the market. The main difference between them is the type of lifestyle of the parent that needs to be matched. There are those that can be stored strictly inside one room, those that have wheels to be carried around the house and outside, those for trips, and more. Since not all parents have the same method in taking care of their babies, baby companies have adapted to them while still retaining the safety and utility of the product.

The first type is the standard crib. As the name implies, its design is the most usual one we see. These come with two sides of slats that have gaps in between to allow adequate air circulation and light to enter the crib. These are usually steady in its place but secure. These also have smaller forms called mini cribs. Both of these are recommended for those living inside smaller apartments and those who will be planning to put the crib steadily in one place.

The next common type is the convertible crib. This is popular among those who are willing to shell out a few more money to get better value in return. With this type of crib, users can get up to 3 more furniture aside from the base crib. This is because the crib can be converted into a daybed, toddler sofa, and even a full bed. This is very easy to assemble and comes with high-quality materials that allow it to last for ten years or more. This makes it a very popular choice for many nowadays.

There are also the baby bassinets that are designed with more flexible walls. These can be wheeled around the house and locked into place wherever. Most of these also have a design nowadays that allows it to be attached safely beside the bed of the parent. This allows them to instantly respond to sudden needs of the baby during the night. 

There are also the travel cribs which are made to be lightweight and secure at the same time. Its parts can usually be folded into a bag which makes it easy to carry around during trips. These are usually made of mesh. 

What makes a safe crib?

After choosing the type of baby crib that you like, you should then look for the safest unit in your budget lane. A shocking information that most parents may not know is that baby fatalities occur even while they are inside the baby crib. This mostly happens as a result of asphyxiation brought by having a mattress that changed its shape to accommodate the baby’s head or by having too many pillows inside the unit. Because of this, users should always ensure that their crib is very safe for their baby.

First, the baby crib must have adequate mattress space for the baby to have enough moving space within the unit. This can also ensure that many mattresses can be compatible with the unit. Next, the mattress must have very secure parts that can safely lock into place even when the height setting is adjusted. It will also be better if the parent will have no difficulty in doing this because of intuitively built design.

A GREENGUARD certification is also a big help in deciding for baby furniture. This is given to companies who have been thoroughly tested by the organization. They ensure that harmful chemicals are not present in the products and that it is safe for the air quality of the home. This is usually done by using organic materials for the adhesives and finishing of the furniture. 

Lastly, the type of wood also plays a big part in ensuring the durability of the baby crib. Aluminum is also a good choice especially for travel cribs and for bassinets. Make sure to read reviews about the crib online to see if it is safe to use and if it is not easily damaged under pressure.

Designs of a crib

The design of the crib is also good to consider. After all, you may already have a certain motif for the nursery or wherever the unit will be stored. Most baby cribs nowadays go for a minimalist look which can easily adapt to the room. This is also done to be easily paired with the simple framing of the unit. 

Most of the finishing options for baby cribs come in wooden tones, minimalistic colors, and muted ones. This gives it a simple look.

Other crib features

The features of the baby crib can also be a great help for parents. There are those that come with their own changing stations, storages for basic necessities, toys, and more. While they may cost more, these small additions can lessen the stress of keeping up with the needs of the baby. 


In the end, there are going to be many different cribs that can fill yours, and your babies , needs. Your lifestyle must match with the unit for them to feel at ease while taking care of their baby. These, when paired with the best safety, design, features, and budget all make the best type of baby crib for you.