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What are the advantages of an adjustable crib?

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated June 13, 2021

Setting up an adjustable crib


A baby would spend around 18 hours a day sleeping. Most of that sleeping time would happen inside their crib. So it's no wonder why every parent would spend a considerable amount of time and expenses to find the best cribs for their child. 

That being said, those cribs would only be useful for the early years of your child. Once they are old enough and could happily move around, their old crib would no longer be suitable for them. As a result, you would need to buy a new one. 

Or at least that's how it used to be. Nowadays, people tend to use what is known as an adjustable crib or a convertible crib. This one special kind of crib alone would last your child for years to come. So what is an adjustable crib? And what are the advantages of using one instead of the conventional crib?

What is an adjustable crib?

As the name suggests, an adjustable crib, or sometimes known as a convertible crib, is a crib that could be adjusted into a different kind of bed for your child. It consists of convertible and moveable parts that could easily be taken apart and assembled for different purposes. That being said, it still requires basic tools and a working plan but the process as a whole is quite straightforward. 

An adjustable crib usually can turn a conventional crib into a toddler bed, daybed, and even a twin/full-size bed. Some brands offer their adjustable as a 3-in-1 crib while others combine all of them into a full 4-in-1 crib. There's also a 5-in-1 that could change into a small sofa. To change the crib from one form to the next, especially into the full-size bed, you would need a conversion kit that is usually sold separately. 

The key to an adjustable crib is to find one that is not only sturdy but also each adjustable part is rigid enough so that your child won't be able to accidentally pull it apart. Also, keep in mind that an adjustable crib could be several times more expensive than the conventional one. That is even before you take into account the conversion kit. But with such a hefty price, comes multiple benefits that you could reap for years to come.

What are the advantages of adjustable cribs?
  • Multiple beds in one. The first and most obvious advantage is the fact that when you purchase an adjustable crib, you get three to four different beds for the price of one. When the time comes, you could simply transform the cribs into their next form to suit your child's needs. There's no need to buy new ones and hope someday you get the chance to use the old one again.

  • It could last for a long time. If you pick an adjustable crib that was made with a sturdy material, then it would easily last for a lifetime. Some cribs could last just as long, but your child would grow while the crib stays the same. With an adjustable crib, however, the crib would grow at the same pace as your child. A proper adjustable crib could be used since your child was a baby as a conventional crib until he'll become a high schooler as a full-size bed. 

  • It won't go out of style. Similar to the last point, it certainly depends on the kind of adjustable crib that you pick. If you choose one with a minimalist aesthetic, then it would certainly look fresh and timeless. Whether it served its function as a crib, a toddler bed, and even when it transforms into a full-size bed, it would still look classy and elegant years after you purchased it.

  • It is cost-effective. One of arguably the most important advantages of an adjustable crib is certainly how cost-effective it is. As stated before, your child would need different kinds of beds as they grow older. A great adjustable crib could last for decades. So you could purchase one when your child was born and you won't need to buy another bed until he's done with high school. Sure, it is a rather expensive upfront investment. But when you add the cost of all other beds that you'd need to buy throughout the years and how the old ones are no longer fit to use, you can see how much money you save by getting an adjustable crib in the first place.
Adjustable cribs recommendation

As you can probably notice from the previous section, some of the advantages of an adjustable crib depend highly on the kind of crib you choose. The most obvious point is the fact that it needs to be made with sturdy material and it needs to look timeless. Different brands made their cribs differently, so looking for the right one would certainly be a daunting task. Well, not really.

One of the leading brands in the world of furniture for children is a company called Romina Furniture. Romina is a Romanian company that has been making furniture for close to three decades. So the knowledge and experience are certainly there. What's more, their products also have earned the prestigious Greenguard Gold certification, which means their furniture is safe from harmful chemical emissions that could endanger your child.

Their furniture has eight different design aesthetics that you could choose from. And one of their pride and joy is their adjustable crib lines. Also available in eight different styles, and all of them have timeless looks. The solid woods from the European beech trees provide all the durability that you'd need in a crib. So if you are considering getting an adjustable crib, then the ones from Romina are certainly the best option for you.