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Ronbei adjustable bassinet features

Mitch Avatar By: Mitch | Last updated May 25, 2021

Ronbei bassinet with baby laying down


For parents who think that the size of a regular baby crib is simply too big for their newborn, a bassinet is the solution for you. Also, you might want to sleep with your baby but please never let your newborn sleep with you in a bed made for adults. That is downright dangerous and could lead to fatal consequences for your baby. 

This particular Bassinet model from Ronbei is the epitome of portability. Not only that, it even has various methods of adjustability. Read on to find out all the great things about this Ronbei Adjustable and Portable Baby Bassinet. 


Ronbei is a brand of furniture for children from a Chinese company called ZHONGSHAN Bobie Baby Co., Ltd. Ronbei was created in 2015 as a brand that focused on the American and European market. Although they are relatively new to the industry, the quality and the innovation of their products have proven to be quite stellar. 

Throughout the years, they also have garnered thousands of loyal customers that are more than willing to spread the word about their excellent products. This Adjustable and Portable Bassinet is another addition to their innovative products. It was made not only for the comfort and safety of your little ones but also for your convenience and peace of mind as a parent

Why you should get RONBEI Adjustable And Portable Baby Bassinet

Based on the features, the ratings, and the review from thousands of happy customers around the globe, it is clear that this Adjustable and Portable baby bassinet from Ronbei is one of the best in the market. 

Since it might be the first piece of furniture that your little one would use for the foreseeable future, you should always choose something that is not only good on paper but also has proven itself to be the best based on what its customers stated. 

In that regard, it is clear that the Adjustable and Portable baby bassinet from Ronbei is the one you should get for your child.

About the Ronbei Baby Bassinet

Those looking for a unit that is comfortable and snug to sleep in will be happy with the Ronbei Baby Bassinet. The product is known for both its comfort levels and its safety design that allows the parent to lessen their worries about their baby. The crib can also be attached to your bedside for you to be able to instantly meet their needs even in the middle of the night.

The Ronbei baby bassinet is recommended for those who are looking for a unit that allows them to sleep beside their babies during their early months. Aside from this, it can also stand on its own in the nursery with its base mode.

Ronbei Features

The bassinet has complete features that makes it a worthwhile buy. First, the unit can be attached to the side of the bed. To do this, the bassinet has a sturdy base support attached to the floor. It is then attached to the frame of the bed reliably. Upon testing, the unit did not wobble even when twisting and turning in the bed which ensures that the baby will have a good sleep every night.

The bedside crib has a total of 9 height adjustment options to make it easier to pair to any bed. Its parts are also very intuitively made for parents to have no difficulty in attaching, detaching, and adjusting the crib. Once adjusted, its parts are also very solid and safe for all babies. 

One of the best parts about the baby crib is the materials used for the sheets and side fabric. Given that accidents are bound to happen while the baby is sleeping, these are made to be easily removable and machine washed. These are also breathable which prevents the baby from having skin rashes. It is made from high-quality microfiber which allows it to be flexible yet durable at the same time. 

The bassinet has side panels that are made from breathable mesh. This allows good air circulation to enter the unit to cool the baby. 

Users are also given a music box and a detachable toy which they can display on top of the baby to entertain them. This also adds serenity and ambiance for the baby if they are awake. 

Its parts are certified by CPSC and ASTMF2906 safety standards which ensures that it is safe to use for any baby.  We found that in our Ronbei Baby Bassinet review that it was a great bassinet filled with lots of features, just as a stand alone crib ; or crib to grow into it fell a bit short.

Ronbei Bassinet design

The baby bassinet has dimensions of 26 x 32 x 15 inches which means that most babies can fit inside it. It can also fit inside most rooms without much problem. 

The bassinet is designed mostly with grey and simple tones that gives it a clean look. It has a very comfortable design that gives the baby the best sleep. The mattress is firm yet comfy to use which is important to avoid having it adapt to the shape of the baby’s head which can cause issues.

Advantages of getting the Ronbei baby bassinet

The Ronbei baby bassinet has a lot of pros that make it a good purchase. First, the unit is very light which makes it easy to carry around in the house. Even with this, its parts are very secure and sturdy to ensure the best safety and comfort for the baby. The abundant adjustable height settings of the bassinet also make it compatible with many bed types and sizes. 

The size of the bassinet is just enough for the room where it will be stored. It also provides adequate space for the baby to sleep in. Even when attached to the bed, it does not wobble or shake that much even if the person on the bed moves a lot It can also be inclined to help babies have a better sleep and for them to avoid discomfort and reflux

The toys provided for the baby are helpful for keeping them occupied while you are not near. 

Users will not have any difficulties in setting the unit up and adjusting it depending on their preferences

Disadvantages of the Ronbei baby bassinet

The only con for the unit is the lack of wheels. This means that parents need to carry the whole unit around every time they need to switch rooms which may be a big inconvenience for some.


The Ronbei baby bassinet is an easy recommendation for all parents who want to keep their babies close to them during the early months. It has all the features for this to make it very easy and comfortable, including a bedside attachment tool, a sturdy base, and easily washable fabrics. The design of the crib makes it easy to pair with any room of the house and even the bed because of its muted colors. Aside from this, factors like adjustability and sturdiness is ensured for all users. Just keep in mind that this is a product for a very specific need and small timeframe of a babies growing months, so if you are looking for something more long term you should review one of our convertible cribs as a more permanent choice.